Wednesday 10 October 2012

News roundup: Section23 January releases

Well, this was going to be a post about the first episode of Magi, but it never materialised. The reason is likely because of the TBS leak I mentioned the other day. In place of Magi, To Love-Ru (Toraburu) Darkness finally appeared on Anime On Demand today; I have far better things to do with my evening than watching To Love-Ru so this miscellaneous news post came about.

First up, Section23 announced their January 2013 releases today. I've often wondered why Americans refer to the monthly anime solicitations as a "release slate", without having been curious enough to try to find the doubtlessly boring original reason the term came into parlance. Anyway, here's what the US is getting from Section23 in January:

Saiyuuki Gaiden (DVD)
Fate/stay night TV Collection 1 (BD)
Persona 4 Collection 2 (BD/DVD)
Bodacious Space Pirates Collection 1 (BD/DVD)
Mardock Scramble: Second Combustion (BD/DVD)

I'll be picking up Saiyuuki Gaiden, and then the BD versions of Mardock Scramble: Second Combustion and Bodacious Space Pirates Collection 1. I'm content with the DVD version I already have for Fate/stay night, and Persona 4's diabolical release can get stuffed.

For the purpose of this blog it's going to be necessary at some point to settle on one name for the former ADV. Accidentally alternating between Sentai Filmworks and Section23 gets confusing.

The other exciting piece of news from the US was that Nagai Go's Cutey Honey and Mazinger Z will be receiving English-subtitled DVD sets next year courtesy of Discotek. It's strange seeing longed-for older series popping up more and more these days, when newer ones are still struggling to be profitable. I'll be preordering both series as soon as they're available!

It's time to resume my vigil, reloading the Anime On Demand website desperately. To finish, here's an exceptionally cute animated Panda Hero video from earlier in the week:

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