Saturday 4 July 2015

News roundup: More suitcases, website updates and another short video

I've been away for two days so this is a rather belated general news bulletin as I catch up on all of my Twitter and website info.

The latest new Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi video clip

Yesterday's new Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi video was (Approximately) 10-second Theatre: Dojo Challenge. More specifically, it's a type of challenge often shown in martial arts stories where someone enters a dojo and defeats the members before taking or destroying the dojo's sign board as the ultimate show of power.

Naotora is clearly shown to be the one attacking the Takeda dojo. We'll get another new video on Monday morning. If you've missed a video, there's an official playlist with all of them here.

The official website updates, adding more character profiles

Capcom's Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi website updated on Friday and the character profiles for several characters were added. These have caused a lot of amusement due to the silly descriptions. There are also a few pictures and voice samples (Masamune's quote has a small spelling mistake, which a number of Japanese fans have pointed out).

Date Masamune: Bilingual Dragon
Ishida Mitsunari: Stoic Toyotomi
Shima Sakon: Latin-style Gambler
Shibata Katsuie: Negative Thinker
Sanada Yukimura: Hot-blooded Young Man
Tokugawa Ieyasu: REVOLUTION of Tanuki and Bonds
Ii Naotora: Fastidious Maiden Hero
Yamanaka Shikanosuke: Boy Detective of the Land of Deer
Gotou Matabee: Crazed Hitman
Maeda Keiji: The Festival Kabuki-Man
Katakura Kojuurou: Mastering the Path, the Right Eye of the Dragon

Ieyasu fans are very confused. Kojuurou's incorporates two kanji used to denote yakuza and is probably a pun on a series called Gokudou Meshi ('Gangster Food'), hence its awkwardness.

A few additional details from today's Dengeki PlayStation Premium Event

There was a special event today in Japan for 100 fans selected by lottery, giving them a hands-on preview of the game and a stage presentation with producer KobaP. Dengeki posted a couple of articles about it. The rules against taking photographs and videos of the footage seem to have been enforced less strictly than usual so there are a lot of fan reports from the people lucky enough to attend. Here are a few points I personally found interesting.
  • KobaP remembers how the first game performed well, which meant they had a really hard time making Sengoku Basara 2. They had just nine months to prepare more than 20 characters, as well as adding stories. It was a rough time.
  • As for the future, YamamotoD wants to keep trying out brand new things. The Sengoku Basara series has become a media mix project with things such as anime and stage plays on top of the game series, but there are still plenty of things out there they haven't tried yet.
  • KobaP would love to see a live action Sengoku Basara movie one day, or an anime adaptation of Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi.
  • A self-proclaimed Setouchi fan asked a question about why the Toyotomi characters had so many updates, wanting to know what Motonari was getting (lol). KobaP said it was a difficult question and the storyline of Sengoku Basara 3 made it necessary to expand the Toyotomi side. He said that Motonari had received some special treatment as well in terms of improvements to his moves and getting an anime scene (the way he said it still didn't really clarify whether it's Motonari, Motochika or both getting the anime route).
  • Characters can now be levelled up to level 999 in Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi.
As well as all of the text reports, an official clip of footage from the event has been posted on YouTube. The Q&A was a lot longer in the video clip.

There are more interesting points of note in the video. Musashi appears in a new (Approximately) 10-second Theatre: Pursuer, Miyamoto Musashi at around 22:29.

They start showing previously-unseen Tenka Medal costumes at 24:20, including Shinsengumi-style Kingo and Mitsuhide (who is still wearing Tenkai's mask for some reason).

The confirmed costumes continue - I like golden Yoshitsugu and I really like Magoichi's new look, even if it does seem to resemble a maid outfit.

Another new video played at around 29:05, this time showing off the first three sets of tie-in costumes with short gameplay clips. This is the video which was shown to fans at the in-store demo events a while back. It's taken a long time to become public! I like how they showed Ieyasu on a boat as a tribute to the famous HOT LIMIT music video.

It's missing from the official footage but the game's opening sequence was also shown at the event (and a couple of the play testers let their game play it again so they could take pictures). Most of it has found its way online now, and if you want spoiler pictures you can check these tweets. One fan even took a low quality video in two parts (thank you to alica for the alert).

Two new Sengoku Basara suitcases can now be preordered

Two new 31L Sengoku Basara carry cases will be joining the Masamune one released some time ago. The Mitsunari and Yukimura designs will each cost ¥30,000 before tax, and the planned release date is 24th September 2015.


  1. Have a few comments on the opening but in the interest of those who don't want spoilers, I shan't say anything. I guess what I can say is... I'm more disappointed by the opening not being in the special high quality CGI. It's been such a long time since we've seen a few of these characters in that style, and it's improved significantly since they have been in one. But that's a personal gripe, given 3 out of those 4 characters are personal favorites, heh.

    A live action movie would be amazing, just as long as it's not like Moonlight Party. Nothing wrong with it, from what I've seen! Just not what I was expecting. Something like a Jidaigeki but with the main characters in their canonical outfits would be humorous to say the least.

    1. We'll just have to hope that Sengoku Basara 5 is in the works to give us that CG opening (and all of the remaining missing veterans) :)

      A high budget movie which manages to convey the spectacle of the stage plays would be incredible. I'm not too sure about a proper jidaigeki-style film with a Capcom twist; it would be awesome and I'd love it but the general cinemagoing public would probably be very confused (hahaha).

  2. Level 999? >:V How hard does Heaven Mode intend to be?

    1. Yh what the hell that's crazy, it's gonna keep me busy for days. Now we only need some online mode or leaderboards xD

    2. Fan OneSanitarium has done some testing on this and it looks as though it won't be much harder to get to the maximum level than usual. Given the number of characters it's still going to take a reasonably long time though I guess, especially if you do it the normal way instead of farming experience points.

  3. About that Mitsuhide/Tenkai outfit, seeing as Mitsuhide isn't playable but Tenkai is, it's more likely Tenkai is wearing his old outfit (which would make it the outfit with the most drastic change in the character), rather than the other way around.

    1. Yup that's how it is and it's also the second time he has gotten his old clothes back as his bonus outfit. I guess that makes Mitsuhide sort of a playable character in a way uhhh with minimum effort.

    2. It doesn't make a huge difference when playing but it's sort of weird not to have a traditional (non-mask) Mitsuhide costume for Tenkai. Unless they decide to make it bonus DLC, like the Jumbo Xavi-kun outfit in the previous game...

  4. The anime opening just looks way epic like whoa even from just those low quality pics.
    I’m really excited here OK!!
    It’s blatantly obvious that if they want to do more SB projects it should be a SB4 anime (by Production IG) not something experimental like a live action movie.

    Also level cap 999 what no. No. Help.

    1. A new Production I.G. anime would definitely thrust the series back into the spotlight, if the studio even has time in their schedule in between animating smash hit sport shows. I don't think I managed to watch the whole OP sequence from the illicit clips on Twitter so I'm excited to imagine how it all looks in proper sequence with the music blaring over the top (and with me squealing in the background instead of the crowd at the event).

    2. It's not everything, based on my prior experiences with Basara OP's, which are usually two minutes long and include at least the first verse. The video cuts to the refrain of the song, which is highly suspect.

    3. In that case I have set my expectations much higher :)

  5. Upon closer inspection, Tenkai's Mitsuhide outfit clips near the collarbone, showing Tenkai's robes instead of Mitsuhide's armor.

    holy crap is motochika wearing ieyasu's colors

    the homolust begins XD

    1. Nah that's hair. It's such a minimum effort bonus but at least it's not that level of crappy.

      Also pretty sure the homolust has been going on for quite a while...


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