Wednesday 15 July 2015

News roundup: The newest issue of Weekly Famitsu reveals a whole bunch of details about Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi

Weekly Famitsu magazine came with a Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi supplement this week which collected all of the previous coverage to date. In addition, there was a 9-page feature article with a few more interesting details about the game.

41. Play on the most stages in the series' history

A preview of the game's new stages confirmed the following new ones:

StageJapanese NameEnemy CommanderSub-Bosses
Once in a Lifetime一期一会Sen No Rikyuu
Azure-Crimson and the Demon King蒼紅ト魔王Oda Nobunaga(Unconfirmed: Date Masamune, Sanada Yukimura)
The Two Arms of the Toyotomi豊臣双腕Totoyomi Hideyoshi(Unconfirmed: Tokugawa Ieyasu, Ishida Mitsunari)

The article only confirms one boss per stage (even though we already know there are two on one of the other stages featured) so I've added logical assumptions for sub-bosses in my table above.

There are also short descriptions.

Once in a Lifetime: An encounter with Sen No Rikyuu, who is fleeing from the Toyotomi army on suspicion of trying to assassinate Hideyoshi. Break through the powerful attacks from Wabisuke and Sabisuke.

Azure-Crimson and the Demon King: In the blaze of Honnouji, Masamune and Yukimura challenge the Demon King, Oda Nobunaga. Intruding upon the dangerous battlefield with these three warriors, defeat them all and become the true victor!

The Two Arms of the Toyotomi: Ieyasu confronts the player as a member of the Toyotomi army, together with Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Ishida Mitsunari!

42. Weapons exist to make the warriors' abilities stronger!

The main news in this section is the formal reveal of the Personal Inscriptions we've known about for a while. It includes descriptions of some of the effects.

Personal六爪Six ClawsStarts the battle in six claw style, which won't be cancelled through a time limit or by taking damage. It's possible to cancel it using WAR DANCE.Date Masamune
Personal凶王Dark KingSkills and his R2 special Zanmetsu (Execution) can be activated more quickly. In addition, Kyoukou (Reverence) can be used with no time limit and is at the highest level from the start. No effect if the applicable skills have not yet been acquired.Ishida Mitsunari
Personal四層Four LayersCharging up Sessou ('shear plane') once will now go straight to the highest level, which won't be cancelled by taking damage. However, Sessou will still disappear as normal once the time limit is reached.Shibata Katsuie
Personal熱血Hot-BloodedStarts the battle in Nekketsu Daifunka (Fired Up) mode, which won't be cancelled through a time limit or by taking damage. It's possible to cancel it using Nekketsu Daifunka (Fired Up).Sanada Yukimura
Personal東照Light of the EastStarts the battle in hood mode, which won't be cancelled. The time taken to charge skills and specials is shortened.Tokugawa Ieyasu
Personal女尊Respect WomenDeals double damage against men, but half damage against women.Ii Naotora
Personal家守Guardian of the HomeAnimal attacks deal double damage.Matsu
Personal謀神Scheming GodCannot be staggered when attacked while setting up traps. In addition, the duration of traps is doubled.Mouri Motonari
Personal最強StrongestTime limits are removed from his R2 specials. In addition, his HP is no longer depleted in Denji Keitai (Electromagnetic Mode). No effect if the applicable skills have not yet been acquired.Honda Tadakatsu
Personal休狐Resting FoxTaunting becomes 'playing dead', during which time his HP and Basara Gauge are refilled. However, if HP and Basara are full a normal taunt will be performed instead.Mogami Yoshiaki
Personal渡烏RavenMagnum shots become rockets, the range of the shotgun is extended and the machine gun increases hit count. In addition, the number of grenades in Kadan: Hirenjaku (Fire Bullet: Waxwing) is increased. No effect if the applicable skills have not yet been acquired.Saika Magoichi

A few more miscellaneous medal rewards are also confirmed.
  • Naotora's alternate hairstyle costume is called the Ii-style Maiden Hairstyle.
  • Muneshige's Jumbo Xavi-kun Ver. costume is coming back - for Sourin this time.
  • Tadakatsu is getting a Defence Mode Ver. costume with shields.
Magoichi's skill revision shows the full version of her (very nice) medal costume. Magoichi causes an explosion by firing a grenade. It can be used as a ranged attack.

43. Not just the tie-in campaigns! A variety of DLC is revealed all at once

They've only talked about the six major tie-in DLC costumes up until now but there's much more planned. The first goodies will be available from the Japanese PSN store tomorrow!

They have also confirmed the availability for the six major tie-in campaign costumes, for those who want to buy the costumes they like from PSN rather than getting the full set with the special edition of the game. The bad news is that it looks as though they're only available in bundles for now.

NameDescriptionTypeReleasedCost (JP ¥)
戦国BASARA4 皇 カスタムテーマSengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi custom PS3 theme (individual)PS3 theme16/07/2015100 each
戦国BASARA4 皇 カスタムテーマ 8武将セットSengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi custom PS3 theme (set of 8 characters)PS3 theme16/07/2015300
戦国BASARA4 皇 武将アバターPS3 character avatars (individual)PS3 avatar16/07/2015100 each
戦国BASARA4 皇 武将アバター 8武将セットPS3 character avatars (set of 8 characters)PS3 avatar16/07/2015300
戦国BASARA4 皇 スペシャルテーマSengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi special PS4 themePS4 theme16/07/2015200
特別衣装 「テイルズ オブ ゼスティリア コラボ4武将セット」Tales of Zestiria collaboration set of 4 costumesCostume23/07/20151,800
特別衣装 「新日本プロレス コラボ4武将セット」NJPW collaboration set of 4 costumesCostume23/07/20151,800
特別衣装 「バイオハザード コラボ4武将セット」Resident Evil collaboration set of 4 costumesCostume23/07/20151,400
特別衣装 「ストリートファイターIV コラボ4武将セット」Street Fighter IV collaboration set of 4 costumesCostume23/07/20151,400
特別衣装 「モンスターハンター コラボ4武将セット」Monster Hunter collaboration set of 4 costumesCostume23/07/20151,400
徳川家康 特別衣装 「T.M.Revolution HOT LIMIT Ver.」Tokugawa Ieyasu (T.M.Revolution HOT LIMIT version)Costume23/07/2015500
銘付き武器(小)Weapon with inscriptions (small)Boost23/07/2015100 each
銘付き武器(大)Weapon with inscriptions (large)Boost23/07/2015300 each
銘付き武器・11種類フルセット(小)Weapons with inscriptions: 11 types, full set (small) - includes the inscription packs Attack, Maximum Style & Basara, Defense, Healing, Coins, Experience, Hit Count, Whetstone & Tamahagane Steel, A Card Played, Extreme, and ChangeBoost23/07/2015500
銘付き武器・11種類フルセット(大)Weapons with inscriptions: 11 types, full set (large) - includes the inscription packs Attack, Maximum Style & Basara, Defense, Healing, Coins, Experience, Hit Count, Whetstone & Tamahagane Steel, A Card Played, Extreme, and ChangeBoost23/07/20151,000
武将テーマ曲 〜DISCO BASARA mix〜 (全10曲収録)Character theme song ~DISCO BASARA mix~ (includes 10 tracks)Music pack06/08/2015500

The eight characters featured in the PS3 avatars and themes are the newly-playable characters. Everyone else already got avatars and themes when Sengoku Basara 4 came out.

I'm not sure about the full details for the two 'weapons with inscriptions' sets. Perhaps the large one contains enough weapons for all of the characters?

The article also confirms that the DLC costumes from Sengoku Basara 4 will be available too. If you already bought costumes for Sengoku Basara 4, you can download them again for free.

44. The design of the Sengoku Basara 4 21 Costume Hobby Box is revealed!

This is already on display on the official website so this news item isn't very interesting.

45. Transfer your save data from Sengoku Basara 4

If you have save data from Sengoku Basara 4, it's possible to transfer the following to Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi no matter whether you're buying the PS3 or PS4 version:
  • Your character levels, weapons, inscriptions and costumes.
  • All types of Play Books.
  • Your Sengoku Creation Mode progress (however, the status of partially finished campaigns will not be transferred, so finish any story modes which you haven't completed first if you don't want to lose that progress).
  • Stages that you have unlocked in Free Battle Mode.
  • Fugitive Bingo progress.
The article doesn't mention it but a previous report also noted that unlocked difficulty levels will also be included. As previously stated, the content which is specifically not going to be included in the save data import is your accumulated money, unused experience points and consumable weapon upgrade items. The consumables will be converted to Tenka Medals.

The additional reward for transferring your Sengoku Basara 4 save is that you will start with some skill revisions already unlocked right from the start without having to buy them with Tenka Medals. The number of skills will depend on the state of your save data.

All of this will be posted on the official website shortly along with proper instructions; the magazine article is just giving fans a head start.

46. Looking back with amazing guests, the tenth anniversary special live broadcast

I already posted all about this here.


The PS3 version of Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi is currently ranked in 35th place in the magazine's chart of most wanted upcoming games.

There will be another big 12-page feature in next week's issue to celebrate the game's launch, as well as a DLC code for Maria's 'Cat paws to suit the lovely me' weapon. It's described as a unique weapon which can send enemies flying with paws - like a rocket punch. It also changes her element from wind to light. Maria is wearing cute cat ears in the pictures.

(Please note that as with Sakon's weapon from Dengeki PlayStation, there is no mention of the weapon being completely exclusive to the magazine. It might be available as paid DLC later on.)


  1. Aww snap, I'm going to have to re-buy the DLC from Sengoku Basara 4 because they're on my brother's japanese PSN account. Thankfully my SB4 save file is linked to my main PSN account so at least I get to keep my progress. :)

    Thanks for noting the magazine tie-in DLCs! I'll keep an eye out for them on Bookwalker.

    1. I think you can still use the old DLC if you can persuade your brother to let you log in as him on your PlayStation just to download once :)

      Having Bookwalker providing at least two of the new DLCs is great, much easier (and cheaper) for people outside Japan!

  2. I wonder if DLC-stuff is a cross-buy for both consoles. I mean They're saying you could transfer your DLC from vanilla to PS4. If this includes all the DLC that was bought previously why wouldn't it include the new one as well? Anyway I'm looking forward to check how this works as I'm purchasing both versions of the game but only one of these is packed with DLC costumes.

    Also I wonder if that save transfer works both ways and multiple times for PS3 version of the game (like SB3-SB3U did) or it's a one way trip :) Still have to complete the vanilla so.. yeah)))

    Why is that when I post sometimes my comment end up being in completely different blog section? o_O

    1. I posted this very message before and it went to Dengeki Playstation Sacon's DLC weapon comments. But as i deleted it recent comments section says it was right here in the right topic. And same thing happened before on different occasion I recall. What the hell? Lol.

    2. I have no idea what's happening with Blogger's comments but it's ok to leave comments on the wrong post (lol). The DLC seems to be cross-buy (other than the themes/avatars, of course) which is useful. I would guess that once you activate the costume bundle on your PSN account, you'll be able to download the full set via PSN on your other PlayStation too.

      (I also bought both versions. This series makes us crazy, doesn't it?)

  3. Say raindrops, can i preorder the game through the asian PSN?

    I know you can do it in the japanese PSN, but i can't seem to find it in the asian psn

    1. I can't see it either. They've added the new avatars and themes so it must be coming soon; perhaps the Asian stores are only going to add it on release day?


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