Tuesday 28 July 2015

News roundup: A few Sengoku Basara updates and an attempt to clarify the DLC situation

Amazon posts the cover artwork for the Complete Works book

The Amazon Japan listing for the Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi Official Complete Works art book has updated to show its cover illustration.

I can't wait for Amazon to list the next V-Jump so I can place my order for both together!

Japanese fans can prove their Sengoku Basara knowledge with a unique picture

A preview of the special illustration available to those who pass the Sengoku Basara Qualification exam this year has been published. Surprisingly, they're using the Sengoku Basara Judge End style for the picture.

A live viewing broadcast is planned for the upcoming crossover stage play

Now that Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi has been released, the next big upcoming event will be the Butai Sengoku Basara vs Devil May Cry stage play which starts its run three weeks from now. Fans of Sengoku Basara or Devil May Cry who will be in Japan on 30th August 2015 but unable to make it to the AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo can book tickets to see the finale closer to home, as a 'live viewing' broadcast has been announced for cinemas across Japan. Further details are available on the official website.

Park Romi (Uesugi Kenshin) was at Otakon in the US last weekend

Seiyuu fans may be interested to read this report by fellow fan Mewshuji!

The latest official Sengoku Basara 4 promotional video

Monday's special video was (Approximately) 10-second Theatre: Hungry General. It's Toshiie's turn for a closer look at his special moves.

The official stream for the episode where Yukimura appears in Q Transformers

In case you missed it, the episode of the Q Transformers anime with a guest appearance by Sengoku Basara's Sanada Yukimura is available on the official DLE channel on YouTube. It's nothing to write home about but it's fun to see the series appearing elsewhere.

How to claim your four 'early reservation' weapons, if you registered for them

I'm still waiting for my physical copy of the game to arrive (it's being held in UK customs waiting for my expensive fines to be calculated - tch!) so these instructions might be incomplete. I'll finish them once I've successfully claimed my weapons.

In the meantime, here's what I know so far about the way you obtain the code for the benefit of those who registered their Sumeragi ID in time and now have their copies of the game. First, you need to visit the Sumeragi ID website and log in with your Sumeragi ID, just like you did before.

Click the new black button above the picture of the weapons as shown above, then check inside the game box for your PSN code for Yoshiteru's special weapon. You need to enter it into the next screen as shown, then click the black button at the bottom.

There may be additional steps but I'm hoping it's straightforward. You should be presented with a PSN code for the four 'early reservation' weapons and a download link for the special bonus wallpaper. I should have my physical copy later this week so I'll be able to confirm any extra details then.

Update: I have now been through the process myself and can confirm that the code and wallpaper details are on the very next page as expected. Be careful not to delete your save after claiming the weapons on PSN as this can sometimes cause the weapon DLC to be lost.

Note: Please remember that the weapon DLC can only be used when playing on your Japanese PSN account. Costume DLC will work on any account on the same console after its initial activation.

There has been some confusion about this so I'll try to explain it clearly.

If your Sumeragi save is linked to a Japanese PSN account...
All of the Japanese DLC will work. When you start up the game it will check for any DLC and the special weapons and costumes will be unlocked in your inventory ready for use. The only thing to be careful about is that if you decide to delete your Japanese save and start over for some reason after redeeming consumable DLC (e.g. the inscription packs and boosts on PSN) you won't have access to them any more. Weapons, music and costumes are permanently attached to your account.

If your Sumeragi save is linked to a non-Japanese PSN account...
You can use costume DLC after activating it on a Japanese account first, but any DLC weapons and boosts (like the inscription packs) will be unavailable. At this time there is no way to access those other than by starting over with a new save on a Japanese account.

If you don't have a save yet (i.e. you are starting the game fresh)...
I recommend using a Japanese account if you can, in case they add more weapons you can't resist later on. It's not hard to level up and gather materials this time around, and it's much easier to start from the beginning with an account set to the correct region than it will be to start over later on.


These rules apply to both PS3 and PS4 users. Future weapon DLC which isn't already on the disc might work normally, but I have personally confirmed that the current weapons will only show up if you use an account from the correct region.

Please note that by 'weapon DLC' I mean the eight element-changing DLC weapons only. The special weapon skins which match the collaboration costumes are not actual weapons; you will see those automatically if you switch to your character's first weapon no matter which account you're on.

Finally, if you have Asian codes rather than Japanese ones - for example, the code for the DLC weapons in some copies of the Asian edition of the game - you may need to activate them on an account from one of the Asian PSN stores rather than the Japanese one. In that case, you just need your save to be on the same account you used for activation in order for the weapon/boost DLC to show up.


  1. Oh wow thanks for the promo! owo
    I wish I could've gotten more out of Romi-san about Sengoku Basara but I didn't wanna take up too much time.

    I wonder if the Sumeragi art works book will have the concept art of the new alts in them or not. I hope so...

    1. There isn't all that much to include so I think there's a good chance! At least the release date isn't far off so we don't have too long to wait :D

  2. Is the account specific dlc completely confirmed? There are a lot of half solutions I have read to the situation in question but as I didn't opt for any of the pre-order goodies this time I haven't had a chance to try any of them. So as of right this moment it doesn't affect me, but depending on how this plays out in dlc to come, I may still have to restart on another account. Would prefer if all the "workarounds" were debunked first.

    1. I have not found a single way around it myself when I test. Happy to try anything on my UK account if you want anything testing - but it seems completely locked to the account which registered the code (which cannot be a foreign one).

    2. The only thing I can think of is trying to log on to one of the accounts and attempting to access the basara shop, then switching users during the process. According to a random person on the internet (how credible right?), at this point closing the app and restarting it on the other account allowed them to access the content (for a similar issue with a different game even). All I can think of as an explanation for this is managing to successfully trip a flag for license checks.

    3. I'm not sure about PS3, but this definitely doesn't work on PS4; the first account 'claims' the game even when you switch, so subsequently quitting it from the second and restarting does nothing. Sorry :(

  3. Replies
    1. I can't answer for the pre-order weapon DLC as I bought the game on PSN but the magazine weapon DLCs have the following expiry dates on Bookwalker:

      Dengeki Playstation - Shima Sakon - 11 Jan 2016
      Weekly Famitsu - Kyougoku Maria - 11 Jan 2016

    2. Thanks ysbryda!

      Rhys, I don't have my physical box yet but the prerelease information indicated that the four 'early reservation' weapons (Masamune/Yukimura/Mitsunari/Ieyasu) have to be claimed on the Sumeragi ID site by 31st August 2015. I thought I'd seen a deadline for Yoshiteru's weapon mentioned before too but I can't remember it now.

      No idea about the code in the first press of the Asian edition, however.

  4. Don't hold me to that but this is what I got on DLC matter so far:

    The costumes DLC are not cross buy between PS3 and PS4 versions of the game. I've used the code for 21 extra costumes on PSN (comes with my 21 Costume DLC Edition for PS3) and I can use it on PS3 but it's still locked behind the paywall on PS4 version (I got standard edition for PS4). So costumes DLC are separate for different versions of the game I suppose.

    Also It doesn't seem that previous DLC costumes (for vanilla SB4) are cross buy as well. I may be wrong on the matter (since I can't read japanese) but I'm still under impression that they were made free for PS4 users. Maybe it does matter if you bought it previously for PS3 version (I got mine with Special Package SB4 rerelease) but it wasn't available in my download library by default (as something that was purchased) but rather I had to click on each costume to claim it for PS4 version. So maybe it's just free for all PS4 users or there's some sort of trigger that makes it free for those who bought it earlier on PS3.

    BTW, that free Muneshige's Jumbo Xavi-kun costume has two versions in PS3 Store now. One for vanilla and another for Sumeragi. At least it appears in my download list twice unlike other costumes.

    Hm, I wonder if music packs from vanilla are cross-buy or if you had to buy it again for PS4 version of Sumeragi... I was looking into purchasing the complete pack sometimes in the future (and it seems compatible with PS4 version since it's available in the Store). Would be nice to know for sure so I can decide which version to buy (if it's separate that is).

    My first print bonus weapon code for Ashikaga seems to expire already (tried the code for PS3, haven't tried the PS4 code). Again, I can't read japanese so maybe I'm wrong but I can see that my code qualifies for DLC weapon (each time I input it) but it doesn't seem so I can actually claim the weapon since it doesn't appear in my download list. Whatever. I wasn't gonna use my japanese account to play anyway. Not to mention I wasn't even interested in weapon DLC.

    1. I'm surprised about the costumes; my LE was the PS4 version and you're right, the new DLC costumes for PS3 aren't available unless I pay for them again. It doesn't make very much sense.

      I had to click each of the old costumes to download them too but I don't think they're free for everyone on PS4. It seems likely they're giving them away for free to anyone who had the PS3 SB4 versions on their account.

      I might buy the Disco music pack later this week so let me know if you still need the music question answering then. I can confirm that Yoshiteru's weapon wasn't in my download list at all (I think it's on-disc DLC), it just appeared in my weapon list when I restarted the game and connected to PSN. If you need any error messages reading please just take a photo and I'll do my best!

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