Saturday 10 August 2013

News roundup: The return of the Sengoku Basara One Coin Grande figure collection?

Kotobukiya to reissue Sengoku Basara One Coin Grande figures with two new characters

Comiket 84 is taking place in Japan this weekend and it's extremely exciting (not to mention jealousy-inducing) watching the reports come in from attendees. I wasn't expecting to hear much worth blogging, especially as Sengoku Basara circles won't be exhibiting until Monday this year.

However, people have been talking about a new Kotobukiya flyer which confirms a revival of the Sengoku Basara One Coin Grande figure collection with a special new set: Sengoku Basara ~Eiyuu Shuuketsu-hen~ ('~Gathering of Heroes Edition~'). Reissues of the popular Masamune, Kojuurou, Yukimura, Sasuke, Shingen, Keiji, Motochika, Motonari, Kenshin and Kasuga figures will be joined by Ishida Mitsunari and the older version of Tokugawa Ieyasu for the first time!

No release date has been announced at this time. The twelve figures will be available as a complete set, with remodelling work promised for the returning characters.

Temporary image taken from Captain_Brother
I already have all of the other characters in my collection. Should I buy them all again just to get Mitsunari and Ieyasu? (Yes.)

Source: Twitter users nami051720Captain_Brother

Date Masamune 'Kagehide' sword chopsticks to be rereleased in October

It looks as though there'll also be a rerelease for the 2010 Sengoku Basara chopstick set. The Date Masamune Meitou Kagehidebashi chopsticks will return in October 2013, priced at ¥1,050.

Sengoku Basara series 'official anthology comic' Gakuen Basara 6 due in September

A large number of websites are tentatively listing a new volume of alternate universe high school parody Gakuen Basara 6, scheduled for release in late September 2013 at a price of ¥1,029.

The sixth book in the series claims to contain more characters than ever and hopes to feature work by Nari, Kyuugou, ENU, Yanagi Batoshirou, Arai Karo, Mikami, Maki, Sanorin, Danbo, Koutake Hiroyoshi, Toriumi Mihoko, Yonata and Sanjou Kiiro. I think this is the first time Sanjou Kiiro will have drawn for Gakuen Basara; the collaboration on the Takedagun Chronicle anthology must have been a success!

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