Wednesday 21 November 2012

Today's acquisitions (21st Nov 2012)

Today's prized delivery was the MegaHouse G.E.M. series Athrun Zala figure. Athrun is of course from Gundam Seed and he'll make a fine addition to my figure collection, which otherwise mostly consists of trading figures, bishoujo and Gintama G.E.M.s.

It's impossible to take good photographs indoors with my phone, in the evening, so please be assured he doesn't look as fuzzy in real life.

Athrun comes with two faces, one with a serious gaze and one with a serious half-smile. I went with the less friendly one of the two. His hand can be rotated to hold one of the two Haro which accompanied him, but I'd rather display him with his hand outstretched to match his pose in the first Gundam Seed opening. Because it's awesome.

The Haro are pictured below. The round one is certain to have rolled off the shelf and become lost behind some furniture by the end of the week.

Separately, I also received some reading material from a variety of sources over the last few days. Furuya Usamaru's Lychee Light Club manga from Vertical, and a humble trinity of doujinshi from Sengoku Basara and Kuroko No Basuke. I impatiently read one of the doujinshi in between taking the photograph and typing up this post. It was very funny.

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