Friday 2 November 2012

Butai Sengoku Basara 3 ~Setouchi Kyouran~ early reports

I'm in the wrong country so I can't enjoy any of this first hand, but here's a small collection of reports from the current new Sengoku Basara stage play which debuted in Japan earlier today. It seems to have been very well received if the reaction from the fans online can be trusted!

Series producer KobaP (Kobayashi Hiroyuki) tweeted a picture of how the empty event hall looked before the fans arrived. The Tokyo Dome City Hall is quite spacious! I bet it looks smaller on the DVD (hopefully there'll be a similar picture of Osaka's Theater Brava when the stage show moves west for comparison). posted some great shots of the staff and cast, also covering the announcements from earlier in a presentation. Muneshige looks pretty good in his costume!

Entertainment website Crank-In has also contributed some pictures, this time of the actual performance. The scene(s?) with Mouri and Kingo look as though they'll be fun to watch when the DVD comes, and the creepy handshake between Tsuruhime and Gyoubu is magnificent.

That's all for now on the new stage play.

To make today perfect, my deputy service finally confirmed receipt of my copy of Sengoku Basara HD Collection this afternoon. I had originally ordered the game back at the start of May this year at Amazon, then I cancelled the order and placed it via a deputy when it was announced that Amazon orders would not be accompanied by the first press bonus CD. The game came out at the end of August - back then I was so excited that I was ready to pay for express delivery - yet days turned to weeks with no sign of it. After months had passed the deputy company agreed it was never going to turn up and two weeks ago they ordered a replacement. It's now looking as though I might actually get to play it before Christmas after all!

I cannot believe how long it has taken; it's been so long that in the interval I've imported and read quite a few lengthy hand-drawn doujinshi based on that first press bonus CD without having being able to listen to the original audio. Relying on deputy services where your order might not be their top priority is tough, but it's a necessity sometimes.

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