Wednesday 16 October 2013

News roundup: Motochika, Magoichi, Tsuruhime and Kanbee join the Sengoku Basara 4 cast

The first leaks from tomorrow's issue of Weekly Famitsu (dated 31st October 2013) have now surfaced and it seems that fans of Motonari are going to have to wait a little longer for confirmation. Instead, the new playable characters confirmed for Sengoku Basara 4 are Motochika, Magoichi, Tsuruhime and...Kanbee!

(Note: I've since received my issue so this post has been updated.)

There's a nice new group shot of all of the new characters accompanied by Masamune, Yukimura, Mitsunari and Ieyasu with a caption declaring that the package design is complete and brimming with energy. Presumably this is the artwork we'll see on the standard edition packaging a few months from now.

The game has moved up to 10th place in the upcoming game rankings and we're treated to a full four page article. A footnote advised that a previous issue of Weekly Famitsu had made a mistake with the game's rating: it's CERO rating B (ages 12+), not 15+ as the older issue stated.

Chousokabe Motochika 長曾我部元親
Character image phrase: 天衣無縫 Ten I Muhou ('Flawless Construction')
Seiyuu: Ishino Ryuuzou
Weapon: Ikariyari (anchor-spear)
Playable: Yes
Description: The supreme commander of the Chousokabe forces who rules over the western sea. He's trusted deeply by his men as their big hearted, considerate 'big brother'. As he continues his voyage in the mobile pirate stronghold 'Hyakki Fugaku' Motochika thinks about the oceans of distant lands. At the same time, he's also considering helping his friend Tokugawa Ieyasu in his conquest of the country.

Caption: Although Motochika's skills are slow, he has a long reach and his attacks cover a wide area.

"Wind blowing over the land doesn't matter at all... Waves! Storms! That's what gets me started!"

Saika Magoichi 雑賀孫市
Character image phrase: 煙鳥翔華 Enchou Shouka ('Smoky Bird Soaring Magnificently')
Seiyuu: Oohara Sayaka
Weapon: Guns
Playable: Yes
Description: The third generation leader of the Saika Shuu, a mercenary group equipped with firearms. Instead of using the value of the reward to select their employer, they're proud people who will only enter a contract with a partner who acknowledges their skill and way of life. In the turbulent times they advance across the battlefield to determine whether any force is worthy of a contract. On the battleground Magoichi specialises in long-range attacks using guns.

Caption: Who has Magoichi recognised as her contractor!?

Caption: Magoichi's normal attacks change depending on the unique ability that was used before them. She has different techniques to suit her distance from the enemy!

"The cloud of gunpowder smoke which drifts across the battlefield...we're there, within it."

Tsuruhime 鶴姫
Character image phrase: 純白可憐 Junpaku Karen ('Pure White And Lovely')
Seiyuu: Koshimizu Ami
Weapon: Bow
Playable: Yes
Description: The shrine maiden bound to the Iyokouno forces who possesses the mysterious power of an oracle. Although she was raised in a shrine with the greatest care, there's a risk that she doesn't know when a person shouldn't be trusted. One day, Tsuruhime heard a voice from the heavens calling itself 'Himiko' and set sail in turbulent times in order to bring the battles being waged across the land to an end. Yet on the battlefield, Tsuruhime specialises in long-range attacks with her bow and shows a great deal of energy as she blasts her enemies away.

Caption: Maintaining the ideal distance is critical when fighting with a bow. In addition, one feature of her unique skills is that she can fire a powerful arrow if the button is released at the right time.

"The seeds of this turbulent age are calling forth a storm, so I'm harvesting them before they sprout!"

Kuroda Kanbee 黒田官兵衛
Character image phrase: 機略重鈍 Kiryaku Juudon ('Heavy, Sluggish Manoeuvres')
Seiyuu: Koyama Rikiya
Weapon: Iron ball
Playable: Yes
Description: The supreme commander of the Kuroda forces. Kanbee was originally a commander in the Toyotomi army, however his capabilities were seen as dangerous together with the ambitions he secretly harboured and he was driven away to the southern lands. He wasn't discouraged even after that incredible misfortune; in the turbulent age he embraced his aspirations once more, setting out a network of underground tunnels spanning the whole of Hinomoto.

Caption: Kanbee swings the gigantic iron ball magnificently to fight. While his movement and skills are slow, this can be mitigated by incorporating some evasion.

"What's wrong with having ambition!? Even my humble self - a nobody next to all of these powerful warlords!?"


The bulk of the remainder of the magazine article is dedicated to more 'combined enemy formations'. I talked about these before here but here's a recap of the older ones we've already seen:
  • Juugyorin ('Gun Fish Scales'): Enemies with guns form a pyramid and fire in unison.
  • Ootatetate ('Huge Shield'): 12 enemy soldiers with spears and shields gather up into a wall.
  • Ookurumagakari ('Great Winding Wheel'): The soldiers stack up like totem poles and then roll around together as a spinning wheel.
  • Kakuyoku No Jin ('Crane Wing Formation'): The enemies connect their spears into a pole and spin to form a tornado.
There are now thirteen additional combined enemy formations with small variations on the originals. Here's the list with the magazine's comments (of course, a lot of the names are silly puns).
  • Enyoku No Jin ('Flame Wing Formation'): A tornado of fire approaches! It's a splendid formation of soldiers clad in fire.
  • Tamagakari ('Winding Bullets'): The soldiers who carry bombs on their backs form a wheel and charge. As they move forwards, they drop bombs into the ground. Are they creating a minefield?
  • Daikikin ('Great Famine'): Another soldier sprinkles a mysterious powder above a soldier carrying a rice ball. Eat the poisoned rice ball and...!?
  • Kin Nobori ('Muscle Ascent'): A formation with the soldiers on one another's shoulders. Acting as a ladder, there's a risk that it will sharply increase the enemy's range.
  • Shinobikago ('Ninja Cage'): The ninja use hand seals to create a closed space, like a kekkai. If you're trapped inside this formation, is escape impossible until you destroy the base?
  • Yumigyorin ('Bow Fish Scales'): A combined enemy formation for archers!
  • Kingyorin ('Goldfish Scales'): A gorgeous formation of glittering gold!?
  • Yariuma ('Spear Horse'): Treating the spears as though they're stilts!
  • Tatetate No Kamae ('Shield Stance'): A more compact arrangement than the Ootatetate. (Note: It uses just four shields.)
  • Kusatatetate No Kamae ('Thatched Shield Stance'): A grass pattern has been drawn on the shields to act as camouflage?
  • Kurumagakari ('Winding Wheel'): A three-man formation capable of sharp turns.
  • Atsugakari ('Winding Pressure'): Crushing with giant hammers!
  • Kagyuu ('Fire Cow'): Cannons(?) on both shoulders blast out fire!!
The new formations are accompanied by extra information about the new 'tactician' units. As well as instructing other soldiers to assemble into the formations above, they have some special 'tactician orders' they can issue to make the enemies work together so that they're harder to defeat.
  • Charge in ranks: The enemy soldiers charge together in rows.
  • Surround the base: The enemies move around their base at high speed to keep it safe.
  • Sack: They pounce on the player in a group, pressing down and crushing them (Note: in other words, it's a dog pile - and the picture of it happening to Mitsunari is pretty funny).
A picture of Tsuruhime with Oyassan has been circulating on 2ch and Twitter. More pictures will hopefully appear after the magazine has been released; in any case, the official website should update on Thursday as usual and the gaming press will post screenshots in their coverage.

Extra pictures from Twitter: Magoichi, Motochika/Tsuruhime, Kanbee, shots from the group picture 1, 2, 3, 4


Of course, that's not the only recent Sengoku Basara news.

More Ichiban Kuji prizes officially revealed

We still don't have a firm start date beyond mid-January, but the official Sengoku Basara Ichiban Kuji website has now updated to confirm more details about the list of prizes in the upcoming ¥600 convenience store lottery. In addition they've posted sample pictures of all five exclusive figures that participants can win.

A rank prize: Date Masamune 'Kyun-Chara' figure
B rank prize: Sanada Yukimura 'Kyun-Chara' figure
C rank prize: Maeda Keiji 'Kyun-Chara' figure
D rank prize: Tokugawa Ieyasu 'Kyun-Chara' figure
E rank prize: Ishida Mitsunari 'Kyun-Chara' figure
F rank prize: Hooded blanket
G rank prize: Japanese-style drawstring bag (four different designs)
H rank prize: Clear file (four different designs)
I rank prize: Set of pins (four different designs)
J rank prize: Design strap (four different designs)

There's no mention of the rumoured S-rank prize of a Sengoku Basara 4 multi-cloth, nor of the Last One prize, which is supposedly a Date Masamune 'Kyun-Chara' figure (drawn swords version). We'll have to wait and see.


Update 16/10/2013 23:20: All of the Weekly Famitsu material has now been translated. Let's look forward to the official website update and gaming website reports in a few hours!
Update 17/10/2013 07:40: The official website has now updated the character page so I've decorated this post. The profiles for Motochika, Magoichi, Tsuruhime and Kanbee will open up next Thursday.


  1. Well, actually I'm happy to see Motochika again. But it would be incomplete if Mouri is not appear...

    I hope he will appear in the next week as a playable character. I love his crazy movesets.
    And also, I want the rest of Xavists + Gallop too.


    1. The Xavists wouldn't be complete without Gallop (much to his sadness) :D

  2. Motonari might be back when they announce Yoshitsugu. Because they a realationship in Basara 3 right?

    1. Yes, I think that either Yoshitsugu or the Xavists could be likely. Either he's plotting something evil with Gyoubu, or he's been kidnapped by Sourin again ^^;

  3. Oh, well would you look at that. Keiji ain't there.

    Par the course of Capcom to shaft the poor guy. Might as well not even call him a poster boy anymore =/

    1. On the other hand, he gets the cutest-looking figure in the Ichiban Kuji lottery... I really want that Keiji figure in my collection!

      I'm hoping Keiji and Yukimura both get good stories (and it sounds as though they will). After 3, they both sorely need some thrilling, hot-blooded stories to make me forget how relatively depressed they were back then ^^;

    2. I'm guessing its because Keiji doesn't really have an official rival yet. Yukimura and Ieyasu are probably being paired in this game, so they have a reason to be on there. Keiji's still been a focus character in a lot of their official spin off works and merchandise so guess they haven't forgottten about him. Let's hope, now that Keiji's actually going for the Shogun seat, that Hideyoshi will remedy that rival problem :D

    3. That gets me excited! Keiji's lack of a rival is the biggest problem, I think; he's on good terms with lots of characters but nobody would name him as their number one rival. If he can build on his past relationship with Hideyoshi in this game it could be amazing *_*

  4. Quite surprised to see Kanbei's design, who unfortunately still attaches to that chain, lol. Since I believe the story will somehow cover that part before he betrayed the Toyotomi, that chain is out of place. But I think I was wrong here.

    But saw the group pic with Yukimura at that corner broken my heart a bit. The theme of Azure Dragon vs Red Tiger had been the signature of Sengoku Basara since the beginning, but now, its gone. The PV, KobaP's interview and this pic pretty much confirmed that we will never get Yukimura standing in the same league with Masamune as a arch rival anymore.

    1. I hope we'll at least see Kanbee leaving the Toyotomi at the start, though watching him clash with Hanbee when they inevitably cross paths after he heads out on his own is going to be amazing. Hideyoshi too, but I bet Hanbee is going to be particularly ruthless in this case.

      I'm actually glad the cover has the 'old' poster boys on it as well as Masamune/Mitsunari and the newcomers. I was expecting Ieyasu and Yukimura to be quietly disposed of like poor Keiji for this game, but it definitely works better with lots of characters and they're still right next to their traditional rivals, which gives me a good feeling. Or maybe I'm just happy because Oyassan got to be in the picture ^^;

      It will be fun if Sakon gets a share of Mitsunari's vote if there's one with the game (since they're a team, after all) and Yukimura gets boosted back in the rankings as a result. It seems that everywhere other than in the new game the azure/crimson theme is still going strong, and I still don't really care for the chemistry between Masamune and Mitsunari. It's good for a few jokes but I don't think their rivalry will ever feel as natural as the one between Masamune and Yukimura.

    2. Yeah, Kanbei Openning cut-scene should be interested. Especially when we get the real Toyotomi key strategist like Hanbei involving here. Having him playable in Basara4 and his life as a main feat in 2014 Taiga Drama should be a good year for Kanbei fan. xD

      But yeah, I have to confess that I'm a bit disappointed with Capcom's decision regarding Azure/Red broke up. In all PVs till now, I have not seen Yukimura confront or even on the same scene with Masamune, not even once. Even Mitsunari is my most favorite character over here, I still do not see the potential in his rivalry with Masamune. Capcom need to do really good job to create the story in order to convince us.

      But Keiji's position is indeed dangerous, as well as Ieyasu regarding their popularity. Joke about their unfortunate ranks in BSR48 is fun but quite bitter as well. It's hilarious to see people teases about Sakon's debut being threat for Keiji's position of "Cheerful Character", lol.

      But on the other hand, its quite pleased for waiting Mitsunari's various story in Basara4, we gonna get the story when he was in Toyotomi Force with Hideyoshi & Hanbei, his conflict with Ieyasu and his past with Sakon. And we will see his rivalry with Masamune as well??? A lot of story waiting for him and I'm so happy. =w=

    3. If anyone is a threat to Keiji right now it's Hanbei. He's been battling Keiji in popularity since they were introduced. And two of the most recent polls has Hanbei beating KG out by a few tens of votes. In other words, unless Keiji does some very special antics in this game to get his popularity up, he's possibly gonna get the boot out of the top ten, especially with Sakon now present and we all know how Mitsunari stripped Yukimura of second the last time around. And I see Sakon taking a share of Mitsunari's votes.

    4. Some of the Sasuke voters might strategically move to Yukimura this time to try to boost the Takeda too (Sasuke's importance rides on Yukimura's shoulders, after all); the rise of the two retainers might have hurt Yukimura a lot more than it did Masamune as he had so many votes to spare. There are a lot of unknowns. I have a pretty good feeling about Keiji; even if he drops in the rankings he's got a much more relevant story this time with strong ties to a lot of major factions.

      I don't dislike Mitsunari, but he's not one of my favourites so it would be great to see the next ranking be a big battle for supremacy. Mitsunari could potentially lose some votes to Hanbee as well as Sakon now that the former is back in the game, so the results could end up quite interesting.

      I love Hanbee very much but I won't be voting for him myself. Actually, I like most of the characters so I guess I'm happy with almost any result ;_;

    5. Yeah, Keiji has links with the Saika, the Uesugi, the Takeda to a lesser extent and most importantly the Toyotomi. So there are a lot of directions his stories can go.

      Mitsunari's always been a favourite for me, but Hanbei (and really the focus trio of SB2 in general) dominate my top 5. So Hanbei in the top ranks has no problems for me. All I want now is Hideyoshi in the top 20 and we're golden XD

  5. YES! It looks like they finally fixed aniki's lips (well at least for the stand-up photo anyways). Now they just need to fix Yukimura's hair. I'm so excited to hear about aniki's Fugaku. I'm hoping that they reverse-imported the design from the anime because its design was so sick back then I wanted it so bad on the games. Thank you for the translations, I can't read a thing on those blurry photos.
    For the group-shot, I translated the caption as that the group-shot was the cover for the game, but I'm assuming it's not definite?

    1. Sorry, my phrasing wasn't clear at all! I agree with your interpretation of the caption and have added an extra sentence to make it easier to understand ^^

    2. By the way the official website updated, in case you wanted to update the article.

    3. Yay! I hate that I am always in bed when they update. A new video?! (*'-')

  6. It seems like Kanbei has some luck after all! Didn't expect to see him instead of Mori.

    Tsuru hears a voice from "Himiko" what, the ancient queen Himiko?! This excites me as an archeology nerd!
    It's as always nice to see everyone back but I really hope Tsuru's moves are improved, only played as her for the story not her gameplay.

    1. Also, I don't understand this teasing where they keep putting up little pics of the character's faces on the site but you can't click on 'em until after a fools me every time.

    2. Yep, it's that Himiko!

      I'm not the biggest fan of Tsuruhime's gameplay either (I don't like archers in general, though Ranmaru is ok as he's quite violent). Her presence should lead to some fun situations though.

      The profile pages being closed for a week makes no sense when all of the Japanese gaming sites reveal the full details on the same day as Famitsu. They could just open them and lock the sound clip instead, surely...


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