Thursday 17 October 2013

News roundup: Sengoku Basara 4's third promotional video released

As well as the character information I posted about earlier, the official website's update this morning also brought with it the third Sengoku Basara 4 promotional video, which can be viewed on YouTube if Capcom's player is too slow. I've embedded the YouTube version but the one on the official website has SCANDAL's Runners high song instead of the background music so it's worth watching both!

The new video has new footage of Shikanosuke and Matabee as well as a lot of little hints so I'm going to watch it more after work. It looks as though Sasuke's Basara-e Giga Basara artwork is a group of monkeys with the two-character title sarumai ('monkey dance'). I talked about Yukimura's already.

I'm not entirely sure what's going on in the Toyotomi one. Hideyoshi's picture appears to be his usual gourd (which I didn't see at all until Balder mentioned it) and the ink splashing from it resembles a map of Japan. The detail in Hanbee's image on the right is difficult to make out but it must be a reference to Inabayama Castle. Anyway, Hideyoshi's two-character description in the middle of the picture is taikou, one of his real-life titles, while Hanbee's seems to be shichisho ('seven writings') which I believe refers to the seven military classics he was said to have mastered.

The video also shows a new female-only formation: Nadeshiko Gyorin ('Carnation Fish Scales').

Lastly, the official cover art is now confirmed below and the final Sengoku Basara Eiyuu No Kai fan club newsletter is shipping. There's a lot of new information to digest.

Coverage is available from Famitsu, 4Gamer, Dengeki and Gamer.


  1. Ha ha, that monkey pic really suprised me. Do you have any ideas to why Sasuke has monkeys as his ink painting?!

    The trailer just had tiny tiny little gameplay glimpse of H&H...sigh. What it did have was a lot of romantic eye gazing between Katsuie and Sakon. Katsuie might need that since his relationship with Oichi looks abysmal...litterally dragging him to hell there!

    Nice cover. I also guess it means no other new player characters will be introduced now...?

    1. Sasuke sometimes directly compares himself to a monkey in his dialogue and has the kanji for monkey in his name, so it seems to be a straightforward animal reference unlike the more abstract paintings. It still surprised me to see the cute monkeys in that dramatic situation ^^;

      I agree with your reasoning about the cover art making it unlikely we'll see any more new playable characters from now on.

    2. Ok monkey mystery explained, thanks! Yeah it's not a very threatening picture...:)

      Now that Oichi has been seen blurrily in the background of two PV's and Nagamasa in one, it'd be really nice if they were the ones confirmed officially next time.

    3. I have a feeling they'll be cruel and save Oichi and Nagamasa right until the end, leaving the questions that everyone has been wondering about since Katsuie's announcement dangling as long as possible. On the bright side, it can't be that long until we get to the end of the character announcements if they keep going at this pace.

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