Monday 9 September 2013

Sengoku Basara 4's Kojuurou gameplay video is now up on Capcom's official site

I'm going to watch it again and again! It's in higher quality than before too. Alternatively you can view it on the official site or on YouTube directly.

I can see a few more NPC names now the quality goes up to 720P without so much pixellation. As well as the guys I listed in my last post, it seems retainers Kawajiri Hidetaka and Ikeda Tsuneoki won't be playable characters in Sengoku Basara 4 either. I wasn't expecting any new Oda/Toyotomi warriors anyway but it seemed like a good excuse to rewatch the video.

Edit 10:51: The Sony pre-TGS conference this morning was recorded and there's a tiny, tiny bit of brand new Sengoku Basara 4 footage to be seen in it just after the 40-minute mark. It shows the enemy formations in motion and the Giga Basara move with Masamune leading Kojuurou this time ('Dragon King Right Dragon'), rather than Kojuurou triggering it with Masamune in the gameplay trailer above. Check this link to get a glimpse.

I just noticed now the quality is higher that it seems to say Right Dragon, not Right Eye...


  1. sweet kojuro's trailer in HD, and nice find on the sony conference vid, cause it also shows that mitsunari can use his R1 in the air like masamune was shown using his L1+Trianlge in air on the kojuro trailer. so looks like there giving characters more airtime to counter the new enemy formations and base stacking.

    great find and thanks as always.

    1. Good catch, I had hardly noticed Mitsunari in it; the clip is way too short! It's great that they've spent time tweaking the existing characters :D

      (I just replaced the video link with one that's slightly better quality - still really hard to see anything clearly in that little window compared to a full video though!)

  2. Kojuurou looked so cool and handsome, and the artistic Giga move is just awesome. That's all!

    Still waiting for my Utage DVD copy, hope it arrives soon, the post deliverers here are prone to mistakes.

    1. I hope your DVD comes soon too! I've been too busy to watch mine so far so it might have to wait until the weekend ;_;

      I agree with absolutely everything you said about the Kojuurou video, haha. It was perfect.


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