Monday 15 July 2013

News roundup: Busho Matsuri 2013 goods on sale, voting results revealed

Now that the Butai Sengoku Basara Bushou Matsuri 2013 stage event has finished there are a few remaining pieces of information to report on.

Voting results for the stage play's 'requested combat' event

One of the attractions at Busho Matsuri was a series of 'requested combat' battles decided by fan voting - attendees at the last stage play, Butai Sengoku Basara 3 Utage, were given the chance to nominate their favourite match-ups to see them performed on stage. The full results of the vote have now been posted online so we can see what other possibilities there were; it seems that battles which have never happened in the stage play are popular along with a few classics. Characters played by actors not scheduled to appear at the event would not have qualified.

The numbers in brackets are the total number of votes received for that combination.

1. Masamune vs Yukimura (838)
2. Masamune vs Kojuurou (746)
3. Ieyasu vs Mitsunari (652)
4. Yukimura vs Sasuke (565)
5. Tenkai vs Akechi Mitsuhide (512) - eh, this one is impossible!
6. Kojuurou vs Sasuke (414)
7. Hanbee vs Motonari (371)
8. Masamune vs Mitsunari (366)
9. Mitsunari vs Hanbee (293)
10. Keiji vs Magoichi (276)
11. Mitsunari vs Hideyoshi (257)
12. Hanbee vs Kanbee (209)
13. Masamune vs Sasuke (191)
14. Ieyasu vs Hideyoshi (175)
15. Sasuke vs Kotarou (174)
16. Hideyoshi vs Nobunaga (148)
17. Motonari vs Sourin (147)
18. Mitsunari vs Yoshitsugu (144)
19. Yukimura vs Mitsunari (133)
20. Nobunaga vs Oichi (127)
21. Tsuruhime vs Kotarou (120)
22. Mitsunari vs Kotarou (103)

I've put the ones which were performed at the weekend's event in bold. Perhaps some of the others will be incorporated into the next stage play's plot?

Busho Matsuri merchandise now on sale

The Dais Shop updated today with some of the merchandise from the Busho Matsuri 2013 event. Of particular note is the DVD preorder listing scheduled for November 2013 as previously reported. The 'Butai Sengoku Basara Bushou Matsuri 2013 DVD' will cost ¥6,000. The remaining event goods seem to be selling out briskly, though the lovely new photograph book is still available at the time of posting.


The next major update, unless this week's magazines have some information, will be via the official Sengoku Basara 4 website, scheduled for this Friday (19th July 2013). We should expect to see the promotional video shown at Busho Matsuri as well as voice samples for Shibata Katsuie and Shima Sakon.


  1. So I go on a vacation and return to this - SB4 info starting to come out, great!
    I'm looking forward to see the game footage so much! Katsuie with his geometrical-looking attacks and connection to the Oda/Oichi (?) is especially interesting among the new characters.

    Some of those battle request were pretty funny like Tsuruhime vs Kotarou - I wonder how that ended, did she manage to hit him with a love arrow?

    1. Jo♪ I thought you had disappeared! Hope your vacation was a good one and you're enjoying catching up on all of the news and pictures Capcom has been teasing us with lately.

      At first I thought Sakon sounded more interesting in terms of play style and personality, but Katsuie definitely has a lot of story potential. I'm looking forward to meeting him properly more and more every time I hear something new about him.

      According to my friends on Twitter, Tsuruhime tried to hit Kotarou with one of her love arrows but he managed to flee; it was 'so cute that the audience could barely handle it'.


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