Friday 28 December 2012

Today's acquisitions (28th Dec 2012)

I was lucky enough to get some more books for Christmas over the last few days, and an order I had placed with Yesasia finally arrived today.

I've almost finished reading Sakuran already. The cover is beautiful with a coloured foil finish which doesn't show up at all in the photograph. Thermae Romae volume 1 is ridiculously large and comes with a clear plastic slipcase dust jacket to 'censor' the statue's nudity and keep the book clean. It's definitely a high quality release.

The Blu-ray recording of the summer Tiger & Bunny The Live stage play event arrived too. The packaging is very low key as far as Japanese BD releases go; a review will follow once I've had a chance to watch it. It was accompanied by the CD single for Nothing's Carved In Stone's 'Spirit Inspiration' - the Zetsuen No Tempest opening song - which I've been itching to own ever since the series began. it's in a beautiful digipak with artwork from the series on both sides and a sticker (pictured separately) as a bonus item. Yesasia also sent me a freebie Saitou Hajime Gakuen Hakuouki keychain to make the delivery even more exciting.

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