Tuesday 18 December 2012

Nico Nico Douga: Come and join us in the church of Zabii!

Today we have a MAD video in the form of a PV for recruiting new followers to the church of Zabii (or Xavi, if you prefer). Zabii Rotation is a lighthearted take on AKB48's famous song Heavy Rotation with some help from Sourin's limitless zeal.

Nico Nico user Mugimugi has put together a beautiful Sengoku Basara MMD video set to the song Akahitoha. It shows scenes from Masamune's life - including his childhood - interspersed with magnificent dancing. Kojuurou is present too, of course, and just as graceful.

A gratuitously sexy MMD video is next featuring Hetalia's Prussia dancing to Koda Kumi's Get Up & Move. I put it after a jump so nobody accidentally clicks it and becomes shocked.

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