Friday 28 December 2012

Nico Nico Douga: The joys of Vocaloid (and Basaraloid)

Nico Nico user moonlight presents a Basaraloid cover version of Rerulili's collaborative song 'Mr. Music'. Various UTAU users participated to make the Basara characters 'sing' the song accompanied by a Miku Miku Dance video made by another talented group of fans.

This week's pickup ranking also brought two new actual Vocaloid videos to my attention for a change!

DECO*27's famous song Mosaic Roll receives a stylish new Miku Miku Dance video. The song is a favourite even though I don't tend to follow GUMI, and Nico Nico user Ahiru@anatroccolo did a magnificent job putting this together.

The second Vocaloid PV which caught my eye recently was the gorgeous official video for DaniwellP's MAYU song Love Logic. MAYU's MMD model is really cute!

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