Friday 14 December 2012

All The Anime: A brand new UK anime distributor

Earlier this week, rumours began to spread about a new anime-related project in the UK going by the name 'All The Anime', associated with a new company called Anime Ltd. A Twitter feed and Facebook page soon surfaced, as did a placeholder website promising more details soon.

Hearing that the insightful Andrew Partridge was behind All The Anime was music to my ears. Andrew is very active in the fan community, having been attached to Beez when they released DVDs over here in the past and more recently to Kaze UK, Anime On Demand and the Loves Anime movie screening initiatives. He knows the market here, he personally listens to fan complaints and feeds them back to the industry, and more importantly, he's got a track record of being able to deliver on his promises. It's directly thanks to his persistence that we've been lucky enough to get some noitaminA shows on DVD over here - including The Tatami Galaxy, which is still unavailable in the US. And it's thanks to Andrew that I've been lucky enough to see some great anime movies in the cinema over here before their DVD release. That kind of thing would have been unthinkable a few years ago.

While the launch date for the project is currently January 2013, All The Anime finally broke their silence today with a lengthy interview with Anime News Network elaborating on their plans. The key points are that they'll be distributing a mix of classic anime and newer content on both physical and digital platforms while also expanding into cinema screenings. Most excitingly, as well as actually distributing anime they're going to be doing so with an eye on the dedicated collectors. Hopefully we can expect some NIS America or Aniplex USA quality releases.

I'm looking forward to what January will bring!

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