Monday 14 July 2014

Today's acquisitions (14th July 2014)

Today was the day my monthly shipment of magazines arrived. I ordered quite a few this time so I'll be covering the Judge End content a bit later in a news roundup.

As well as the magazines, I grabbed the first volume of the Sengoku Basara 4 manga (which looks awesome) and the recent Sengoku Basara 4: Ryuuou-Kamewari-hen novel, complete with lovely illustrations by Haibara Yak. Perhaps one day I'll have time to actually read all of these books I keep buying...

Since I have hobbies outside of Sengoku Basara, I also grabbed Cool-B Bitter Princess magazine for the Jooubachi No Oubou goodies. My copy of Sore Ha Kagayakeru Hachi No Oujou, the bizarre musical based on the Jooubachi No Oubou scenario, arrived this weekend too. The randomly-packed 'bee pot' sticker turned out to be Utsuro.

Finally, a close-up shot of that sticker because it's so cute. I really wanted Ruby but Utsuro isn't a bad alternative.

I'll get started on today's news post later this evening when I'm not tied up with my real world commitments!


  1. Oh my god.. that Utsuro sticker. I can't stop laughing at it; it's so cute!

    1. It would be great if they would release an art book to collect all of the miscellaneous illustrations together in one place. I want to see the other 'bee pot' pictures up close!

    2. Ahh, I thought I replied..

      If they did that, I would have no choice but to buy it. I'm a sucker for art books! And if it had all the bee pot pictures in it.. I just wouldn't be able to resist.

      As if I'd need more things on my shopping list!


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