Wednesday 9 July 2014

News roundup: the official Sengoku Basara Judge End website updates

Keeping up with all of this news is hard work all of a sudden!

The official Sengoku Basara Judge End website updates

Today's update confirmed another round of characters for the Sengoku Basara Judge End anime - though since they all appear in the first episode I'm not sure how secret this was! The full cast list shown on the website now looks like this (everyone is voiced by the same seiyuu as in the game series):

Date Masamune (Nakai Kazuya)
Sanada Yukimura (Hoshi Souichirou)
Tokugawa Ieyasu (Ookawa Tooru)
Ishida Mitsunari (Seki Tomokazu)
Katakura Kojuurou (Morikawa Toshiyuki)
Takeda Shingen (Genda Tesshou)
Sarutobi Sasuke (Koyasu Takehito)
Toyotomi Hideyoshi (Okiayu Ryoutarou)
Takenaka Hanbee (Ishida Akira)
Ootani Yoshitsugu (Tachiki Fumihiko)
Maeda Keiji (Morita Masakazu)
Saika Magoichi (Oohara Sayaka)
Kuroda Kanbee (Koyama Rikiya)
Tsuruhime (Koshimizu Ami)
Chousokabe Motochika (Ishino Ryuuzou)
Mouri Motonari (Nakahara Shigeru)
Uesugi Kenshin (Paku Romi)
Kasuga (Kuwatani Natsuko)
Shimazu Yoshihiro (Ogata Kenichi)
Oichi (Noto Mamiko)
Kobayakawa Hideaki (Fukuyama Jun)
Tenkai (Hayami Shou)
Houjou Ujimasa (Miyazawa Tadashi)
Sakai Tadatsugu (Nishikawa Takanori)

The character profile page has updated too with some of the designs.

If we assume that the layout is meant to be symmetrical, and account for the fact that there will be one space left once all of the characters above are added, I'm guessing we might be seeing an appearance by everyone's favourite Demon King before the series is over.

Details of the Japanese home video release for Judge End

The VAP website has confirmed the first details of the series' Japanese home video release. There will be four volumes to collect in total:

Sengoku Basara Judge End: I
Release date: 24th September 2014
Catalogue number: VPXY-71336 (Blu-ray) / VPBY-14329 (DVD)
Price: ¥5,800 (Blu-ray) / ¥4,800 (DVD)
Blu-ray specification: Colour, Stereo, Linear PCM 2.0, 16:9 1080p HD
DVD specification: Colour, Stereo, 16:9 LB, Dolby Digital 2.0ch
Run time: 70 minutes (plus extras)
Contents: Sengoku Basara Judge End episodes 1-3

Sengoku Basara Judge End: II
Release date: 22nd October 2014
Catalogue number: VPXY-71337 (Blu-ray) / VPBY-14330 (DVD)
Price: ¥5,800 (Blu-ray) / ¥4,800 (DVD)
Blu-ray specification: Colour, Stereo, Linear PCM 2.0, 16:9 1080p HD
DVD specification: Colour, Stereo, 16:9 LB, Dolby Digital 2.0ch
Run time: 70 minutes (plus extras)
Contents: Sengoku Basara Judge End episodes 4-6

Sengoku Basara Judge End: III
Release date: 26th November 2014
Catalogue number: VPXY-71338 (Blu-ray) / VPBY-14331 (DVD)
Price: ¥5,800 (Blu-ray) / ¥4,800 (DVD)
Blu-ray specification: Colour, Stereo, Linear PCM 2.0, 16:9 1080p HD
DVD specification: Colour, Stereo, 16:9 LB, Dolby Digital 2.0ch
Run time: 70 minutes (plus extras)
Contents: Sengoku Basara Judge End episodes 7-9

Sengoku Basara Judge End: IV
Release date: 24th December 2014
Catalogue number: VPXY-71339 (Blu-ray) / VPBY-14332 (DVD)
Price: ¥5,800 (Blu-ray) / ¥4,800 (DVD)
Blu-ray specification: Colour, Stereo, Linear PCM 2.0, 16:9 1080p HD
DVD specification: Colour, Stereo, 16:9 LB, Dolby Digital 2.0ch
Run time: 70 minutes (plus extras)
Contents: Sengoku Basara Judge End episodes 10-12

The first press copies of each volume (both the Blu-ray and DVD editions) will also include an exclusive audio CD with an unbroadcast episode of the new Hoshi Souichirou and Seki Tomokazu's 'Sengoku Basara: Judge End' Radio show. Additional bonus features are to be confirmed.

I've included the Amazon Japan links in case anyone is really impatient, but if you prefer to buy elsewhere I'm sure it will be available elsewhere very soon. Please note that the Japanese home video release probably won't include any subtitles; many fans overseas may prefer to wait for FUNimation's home video edition.

Summaries for the next four episodes of Judge End

As well as releasing the next batch of design sketches, today the Japanese media outlets revealed the stories which will feature in the next four episodes of the show. The reason that the stories are posted in advance is because the mainstream anime magazines publish their television preview guides on the 10th of each month.

Please be aware that these summaries naturally contain spoilers - especially for viewers who haven't played the games. If that doesn't bother you, click below for details of what we can expect!

Episode 2

The news that Toyotomi Hideyoshi was defeated by Tokugawa Ieyasu has spread throughout the land of Hinomoto (Japan). Ishida Mitsunari has returned to Osaka Castle in despair, vowing to carry out his revenge against Ieyasu.

After attacking Hideyoshi, Ieyasu begins an invasion of the Takeda domain of Kai. The defenders engage the enemy, however, while on the battlefield Sanada Yukimura and Sarutobi Sasuke sense that something isn't right within the Takeda army...

At the same time, after losing to Mitsunari the Date army encroach upon Echigo in order to escape the pursuing Toyotomi forces. The land of Echigo is the territory of the 'God of War', Uesugi Kenshin...

Episode 3

The Saika-shuu is the greatest mercenary group in the Warring States. In order to obtain that power, Ishida Mitsunari heads towards the Saika village.

Meanwhile, declaring that the power of bonds will unite the land of Hinomoto, Tokugawa Ieyasu heads to the Saika village as his first step to forming alliances with the other warlords.

Chousokabe Motochika's land of Shikoku has been devastated by the Tokugawa army. Along with Hideyoshi's former friend, Maeda Keiji, he pursues Ieyasu to the Saika village...

Back in Oushuu, Date Masamune regains consciousness, and at the same time Sanada Yukimura struggles with the loss of Takeda Shingen. What will the future bring for the two of them...?!

Episode 4

Having entered into a contract with the Saika-shuu Maeda Keiji begins to search for Matsu, who is currently missing. Over in Kai, Sanada Yukimura hurtles away towards Echigo and the God of War, Uesugi Kenshin.

Meanwhile, Date Masamune moves towards Osaka Castle with his sights set on Ishida Mitsunari. But Yukimura's Ueda Castle is on the way to Osaka...

In the hope of forming a bond, Tokugawa Ieyasu has gone to meet with Kobayakawa Hideaki. As soon as Mitsunari discovers this, he too heads towards Hideaki. With furious emotions stirring again, a clash seems inevitable...!

Episode 5

"Who the hell are you?"

Ishida Mitsunari doesn't even remember Date Masamune. The pair's reunion at Ueda Castle becomes the source of even deeper animosity. Yukimura stops Masamune just before he gives into his rage and lashes out, and the uncontrollable feelings of anger make a battle between Masamune and Yukimura unavoidable. Elsewhere, Tsuruhime is searching for Ieyasu, seeing a great darkness in his future.

At the same time, Chousokabe Motochika and Mouri Motonari have moved towards Kyushu to meet with Shimazu Yoshihiro, Kuroda Kanbee and Ootomo Sourin, having been ordered by Yoshitsugu to take control of Kyushu's strength.

The pace is picking up as the world heads towards Sekigahara...!


Edit 10/07/2014: Thank you to Lenievi for pointing out a mistake which messed up the meaning of one line! It's now fixed.


By the way, the character descriptions confirm that Ujimasa definitely did survive the attack on Odawara Castle in the first episode, and Keiji is said to be looking for Matsu, who has been kidnapped. This means the Maeda couple are very likely to appear in the anime. Furthermore, those who have played the game and remember that storyline might pick up on the clue that someone else from Sengoku Basara 3 could be appearing in a future episode...

And yay, Sourin!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes! I'm sure his role will be quite small but it's nearly time for the anime-only viewers to meet everyone's favourite crazy Xavist :)

  2. Yoshiaki ☆☆☆ Ha! I did miss him from the cast.

    Maeda couple, Sorin, Shimazu, alive Hojo god just how will all these characters have time to appear!? Am super excited about new episodes now that I've watched it again and mostly gotten used to the lower budget/different music and stuff for this.

    1. I suspect that all of the NPCs from the game will only have small roles unless the show is somehow able to keep everything moving at top speed for its entire run. Even though I miss the funny dialogues with the regular soldiers, I'm glad they're focusing on the main characters from the games (I loved the four Date soldiers I.G. created but I'll happily trade them for animated Sourin!).

      Hopefully the simulcast will be finally become a proper 'simul'cast this weekend and the episodes will be available more quickly. I'm still praying they'll create some mini Mame Sengoku Basara shorts or something as an extra for the DVD version to give the minor characters a slightly bigger role.

      The staff are doing a great job with the story even with their limited budget and a relatively inexperienced crew. So excited for Saturday :D

    2. Yes I expect very small roles too but it's still a shitload of people. Nobunaga is going to be resurrected too obviously, I wonder how they will fit that in with the rest of the plot.

      Those Date soldiers added some humanity to the army. Usually SB soldiers exist to be blown up with super arts or be in the background with same-face. It feels kind of weird that they aren't in this but at the same time I like how it's faithful to the game.

    3. I was so damn HYPE after I've watched the first episode of this show yesterday and everything was so truly remarkable indeed! I was so speechless because its too AWESOME!!! If Sourin shows up, then no doubt that Muneshige will be there alongside with Sourin too! I just can't wait for Nobunaga Oda to be resurrected around episode 10 or 11. Imagine All BASARA warriors reunite together to defeat the Demon King once again for the true final battle! Speaking about the NPCs, I am so looking forward to the appearance of Harumasa Nanbu because he is my most favorite NPC character. I don't know why, but when you guys said that he might have a small role in the movie, it got me thinking that he would be used by the villainous Tenkai as his advantage to resurrect Lord Nobunaga Oda? Because Harumasa has the ability to revive the dead people so, Oichi and Harumasa Nanbu both would be the best resources for Tenkai to start the 'Banquet of Darkness'.

      If Utsunomiya Hirotsuna would also appear in the movie, I wonder how it would turn out if they ever meet up each other somewhere. Both have the tiger spirits. He would become a new brother to Yukimura Sanada. Lol XD

      I wonder if Matsunaga Hisahide will be in this movie too. What are your thoughts about it? :D

    4. Hmmm! I wonder whether it would be best if they show Nobunaga for the inevitable demonic climax (which seems to be a definite possibility) but then save the complicated Hisahide/Nobunaga/Mitsuhide stuff for a possible sequel? Otherwise I cannot see how they'll manage to fit everything in! Hisahide isn't really someone that can be rushed given the way he always seems to move at his own pace (hehe).

      I guess the first hint about Hisahide will come with the Date troops heading back to Oushuu. That's an obvious moment for them to give him a subtle cameo if they're planning on him taking a small role, but it sounds as though they are planning for Kenshin to be the main event on the journey home (which I would also be ok with).

      My personal view is that they'll save Hisahide for a potential Sengoku Basara 4 anime (or a direct sequel to this one with his and Tenkai's Utage stories being more important). After establishing the Kotarou-Ujimasa relationship properly in Judge End, fans will understand the ongoing situation with Hisahide much better in future adaptations so there could be quite a few interesting subplots.

      Appearances by the NPC warlords from 3 would be cool. I hope they at least cameo somewhere in the background but I don't think there will be time for any of them to get an expanded role. It would be cool to see them as minor characters like a few of them were in the movie!

      Your Hirotsuna idea sounds a bit like the funny story where he and Yukimura clashed in Gakuen Basara :D

      I can't wait until tomorrow! I really hope the official streams are finally up by then so people can watch on time.

    5. Lumi: That's true; I think after I finish Judge End I'm going to go straight back to rewatch the old anime to see all the missing characters again. I.G. did a fantastic job even if the plot was all over the place; I can't believe we were lucky enough to get an adaptation like that. And even though the new anime has upset some viewers already, I'm finding it really entertaining to watch *_*

      It's amazing that you and that one other Swede (j/k) managed to get a simulcast this time! I really hope they do a decent job with the broadcast even if they had a slow start...

  3. SOOOURIIINNN! Much happiness. I must say, though, this is looking awfully crowded. I understand they want to show most everyone from the game, but... As much as I love Sourin, I'd be happier if he was featured in some funny shorts instead of being what seems like cannon fodder in the main story.

    "But Yukimura's Ueda Castle is on the way to Osaka..."

    For a moment I parsed this as the castle being on its way to Osaka, and I had the weirdest mental image. ^^;;

    1. Hahaha, perhaps if Aniki gets his hands in the castle in a future storyline - living castles are just about the ony thing the series hasn't tried yet, so it's possible...

      It seems impossible to imagine that Sourin will get a very big part in the show, though so long as they can cram in as much Xavi love as possible to lighten the mood then I'm ok with it. He'll have his three heroes (and Tactician) all together in that episode too by the sound of it so I'm expecting mischief.

      While it would make a lot of people cry tears of blood like poor Mitsunari, it would be funny if Sourin suddenly takes over halfway through the series and leads the way to an Utage-style anime-original ending, brainwashing everyone in the cast one by one. It would be incredible to see the reactions online...

      (This is why I am not a scriptwriter.)

    2. I can already see the castle trudging slowly towards Osaka, with Yukimura standing on the highest roof being all "FORWARD! FOR OYAKATASAMA'S GLORY!"

      Sourin hijacking the show is an awesome idea, and I'd pay good money to see it. Nothing they can come up with in this anime could possibly come close to that. :) Now I really want to see everyone standing in a circle singing songs and addressing each other in Xavist names...

    3. Sorin brainwashing everyone would be good bonus material though.

      Oh god I didn't notice that he would be in the same episode as his game converts. This is promising...

  4. I love being proved wrong in my doubts! This is shaping up to look better than I had hoped!

    Hmm... I can't seem to actually find any info about the Simulcast on the FUNI site. I hope they didn't get the rights only to not use them. :/

    1. It's taking the non-Japanese companies absolutely ages to announce their plans, isn't it?

      I'm guessing everything will suddenly come together on Saturday and they'll add two episodes in one day, one for free users and the second for subscribers. It's annoying seeing titles they announced after Judge End already on their schedule.

      I wonder whether the UK licensor will remember to announce they have the rights before the series ends >_>;

    2. It especially hurts things since a lot of people I know in the fandom are already abandoning the idea of using Funi and instead going a less industry-supportive route specifically because of the lack of any info. I hope things suddenly update tomorrow or I'm scared I'll be the only one in my little "group" of Basara fans using an official source. :<

    3. Yeah >_< then when it doesn't get a sequel or future games don't get localised because only three people 'watched' it overseas and there's no audience, we'll be in trouble...

      Speaking of which, it would be a fine time for Capcom to cross-promote the game on PSN in the west to capture a few new fans who might be intrigued by the darker tone this time around. I hope they try to give it a push before it's too late to make the most of this opportunity.

    4. Yeah. :( It can't be helped, or at least I can't help it. When I try talking about why watching stuff through official channels is good, I always come off as preachy and and annoying and stuff.

      It WOULD be, but I highly doubt Capcom actually will. I wonder, though, if it would be possible to talk one of those localization companies like XSeed into wooing Capcom and letting them take on localizing the games they don't want to localize.

    5. As a fellow annoying person I appreciate your stance ^^

      I do feel that the industry needs to give preachers like us a chance by making titles available worldwide; it's very hard to tackle the problem of people making content available without permission when the media companies are shooting themselves in the foot so comprehensively by greedily forcing region locks on everything. Foreign fans then distribute the series amongst themselves, and in the end even fans in countries with adequate streams just default to the unofficial methods. The weird silence we're getting about the stream starting up doesn't help, either; it's natural that fans want to see the show before risking having it spoiled.

      I get around the problem in a way I'm morally comfortable with, but even then I'd much prefer to support FUNimation's stream too as that's the most important one for the future of the series in the English-speaking world.

      Capcom giving their less marketable titles to niche companies in the west, even if it was just as a test, would be wonderful. Imagine a world where people could pick up a special edition Samurai Heroes + Judge End set in the US after watching the stream on Hulu or Netflix and end up as fans of the whole Sengoku Basara universe one day...

  5. It's really concerning now that we're just like 3 hours away from roughly when the episode should be ending. :/ Like I checked the Funi blog, said to check the "Samurai Kings" page, nothing about simulcasts or even the new series. Like, no, it's not going to get as many hits as Free! (nothing against Free! mind you! o:) or One Piece or what have you, but c'mon, show a little respect for Basara? ;_; For us, please? I imagine things aren't too good with the European or Australian streams either.

    I admittedly watched a... less than official raw shall we say of the first episode but I'm going to watch it again on the Funi site a few times to make up for it and I'm definitely gonna get the home video release so hopefully I didn't sabotage anything too badly 'cause if not then drat. ;___;

    Sadly, I think it may be a pipe dream to live in a world where westerners have easier access to the series, but it's an admirable one. Maybe one day!

    Side note, what I really am curious about is if Capcom totally shot themselves in the foot by localizing the first on as Devil Kings or if that's just a scapegoat excuse the fandom applies. I mean the first Samurai Warriors sold pretty well stateside, so I imagine bringing Basara over (maybe adding the priming since apparently the first game was kinda poor without it) mostly if not completely unchanged beyond the text and dubbing would have made it successful without pouring more money into it than needed to revamp the whole thing.

    1. I'm not that familiar with how the FUNi system works but it looked like they just suddenly dumped their other simulcasts online with no advance warning, so I'm checking this page for news. Still no movement from any of the European broadcasters either so there seems to be some kind of universal hold-up.

      I don't think you sabotaged anything by taking a peek when there was no official version available yet - so long as enough fans visit the real simulcast too then there's no harm done!

      I wish they'd dabble in PSN releases for relatively 'unlocalised' versions of the game (or even just pop the Japanese versions up as an experiment, with a warning of course) to see whether it's worth adding a translation patch. There are so many opportunities in this digital age but everything seems stuck one step behind ;_;

      Ok, dashing now as the episode is about to begin in Japan and I'm anticipating excitement ^^;;


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