Tuesday 1 July 2014

News roundup: it's almost time for Sengoku Basara Judge End

Title announced for the first episode of Sengoku Basara Judge End

It's proving to be an exciting week with Sengoku Basara Judge End premiering at France's Japan Expo event tomorrow then making its formal television debut in Japan at the weekend. The first of the series' twelve episodes now has a confirmed title: Ketsubetsu ('Parting'). It sounds as though some of the sad moments hinted at in the trailer will be taking place...

The first wave of Judge End merchandise is on the way

Technically we've already had a ceramic mug with the key artwork, but this merchandise from Movic is the first that will be available to a wider audience.

Four glasses priced at ¥800 each, released on 31st July 2014:

Two sticker sets priced at ¥200 each, released on 17th July 2014:

There will also be a ¥350 clear file released on 24th July 2014. The design hasn't yet been revealed on the Movic Store.

Sengoku Basara 4 Rubber Strap Collection to be launched

Fans who liked the previous rubber strap sets can now rejoice as there will soon be more warriors to add to their collections! The two new sets each contain six characters from Sengoku Basara 4, focusing on popular characters who were missing from the older sets, brand new characters and a few old favourites in alternate costumes.

The blind-boxed straps cost ¥500 each or you can buy a set of six for ¥3,000. They're due for release in September 2014.

More details surface about the Sengoku Basara Judge End radio show

The Chou! A&G+ website has posted a news story explaining how the radio show will work. Its full title will be Hoshi Souichirou and Seki Tomokazu's Sengoku Basara: Judge End Radio. The two seiyuu will team up to present information about the anime and fans are invited to submit messages by e-mail to which they can respond on air. Yukimura is going to have a segment called 'Oyakata-samaaaaaa!' where he relays all kinds of military intelligence and silly observations provided by the listeners (oh dear!) while Mitsunari's will be 'Ieyasu! I won't forgive you!'. They want to hear about incidents which annoyed the mild-mannered listeners so that Mitsunari can go into a fury on their behalf. There are some sample messages too, such as this one: "The other day I was walking outside a tobacco shop when I crashed into a telegraph pole. My rage maxed out at this 'telegraph pole by the tobacco shop'! Please, execute it somehow."

The broadcast will take place online from 24:30 to 25:00 every Sunday from 13th July 2014.

The Gift x Algernon Product plushies for Yukimura and Sasuke can now be ordered

The next two plushies from Gift and Algernon Product are Yukimura and Sasuke as previously announced. The preorders went up last week at stores like Ami Ami (Yukimura, Sasuke) and Animate (Yukimura, Sasuke). The previous two plushies sold out quite quickly so it's recommended to place your order swiftly. You may need to use a proxy service since Ami Ami's initial preorder allocation disappeared very quickly.

Bonus illustrated pamphlet for the Sengoku Basara 4 manga

Yoshihara Motoki's Sengoku Basara 4 manga adaptation has now been released and fans who buy their copies through Animate will be treated to an illustrated sheet with a special message. Yoshihara-sensei has been posting beautiful ads on Twitter to help promote the release as well!

Additional pictures of the Ishida Mitsunari Chara-Forme figure

If you're impatient waiting for Empty's new Mitsunari figure due later this year, retailer Hobby Search has posted an extensive collection of pictures showing it off from almost all angles.

e-Capcom celebrates a 'Setouchi Festival'

Motochika and Motonari are the stars of the latest week-long site takeover at e-Capcom with special bundles available for their loyal fans. It's due to end later this week - will there be any more 'festival' events? And if so, who will feature next?


  1. Fans making use of Mitsunari's rage so they can get revenge against things like telegraph poles? Oh dear.

    Hmm I wonder what's going to happen in the first ep. If H&H are going to die and Ieyasu leaving the Toyotomi in the very first ep or if they're going to show off the characters a bit more. Too bad I'm not French. (Why show it there first...?)

    1. Maybe if Mitsunari channels all that anger into productive activities he'll learn to relax and enjoy himself. I don't believe it, though.

      If H&H are killed off in the first episode, as I suspect they will be, I hope they'll at least pop up in flashbacks from time to time later on to keep them in the background of Mitsunari's story. Perhaps we'll hear a few new anecdotes about them if they do it that way?

      It's a mystery to me (and to my Japanese buddies) why the first episode is debuting in France - I know the event is colossal but did the anime sell really well there or something? Still, I'm not displeased with the decision... :3

  2. Ahaha, that radio show sounds awesome. They got the Kings of Screams together, and finally they're putting Mitsunari's RAAAAGE to good use. :D I hope the show won't be region blocked so I can listen to it... :D

    1. If I recall correctly the last batch of radio shows on A&G+ were region locked so it's a possibility, even though it's not as though there's a huge potential audience of people outside Japan wanting to listen to audio-only content...

      I hope they put them all on CD eventually (I'm sure the region lock will be swiftly circumvented but I want nice two-disc sets with the full length shows on again for as much Hoshi and Seki silliness as possible).


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