Thursday 17 July 2014

News roundup: even more Gakuen Basara goodies!

I'm sorry for posting so much Sengoku Basara news lately; it just won't stop!

The Sengoku Basara 4 Special Package is to be a limited edition

This isn't unexpected but it's worth mentioning in case anyone was planning to buy it later; next week's Sengoku Basara 4 Special Package rerelease is only going to be available for a limited time. I'm sure there'll be a Best Price edition in future if you just want the game on its own, but if you're tempted by the special packaging, video DVD and DLC codes it might be wise to prioritise the game instead of waiting until it sells out!

In case people who don't usually import are reading this, here are some reliable stockists:

AmiAmi are currently sold out of their preorder allocation and CD Japan only have a few copies remaining; I'm keeping the links up in case they get more stock later.

Even more Gakuen Basara merchandise is announced

I'm not sure how much money the staff at Capcom think we all have but there's another batch of Gakuen Basara goodies on the way in late September courtesy of Cafe Reo!

A pair of mugs for ¥1,200 each, in Colourful and Soft designs.

A dog tag necklace like the one Masamune wears in the series for ¥3,000.

The Gakuen Basara version of Yukimura's signature rokumonsen necklace, also for ¥3,000.

A pair of folding fans for ¥1,800 each, in Colourful and Soft designs.

These items are supposed to be exclusive to Animate but import-friendly stores like Otaku Republic might be able to get hold of them again this time.


  1. Oh wow I didn't realize how cute Gakuen Katsuie was... Is he still really- I don't wanna say creepy but, clingy to Oichi in Gakuen, to like the extent that he thinks killing Nagamasa would be okay? If not I might actually be thinking about shipping him and Oichi in Gakuen AU...

    1. His infatuation with Oichi is played for laughs in Gakuen Basara (he's referred to as a stalker at least once, though Matabee probably takes the crown in that department). I don't think he'd ever go as far as hurting Nagamasa in that version, though; his one-sided affection seems to be a source of depression more than anything else ^^;

    2. Aww, I can't help but feel sorry for him then in such a case, unlike his normal self who just needs to get past Oichi 'cause that's unhealthy. Thank you very much for telling me!

      Stalker Matabee huh? Interestin'~


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