Wednesday 16 July 2014

News: the European Sengoku Basara Judge End simulcast has begun!

I'm grateful that Lumi has spread the word about this; the UK site doesn't show anything other than a trailer but it looks as though the official Sengoku Basara Judge End simulcast has now begun!

If you're in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark or Norway - or elsewhere and really lucky - you can check out the official Viewster simulcast page here to start watching for free.

Now that the episodes are finally available somewhere outside Japan, it should only be a matter of time before the simulcasts in France and the US appear too. In the meantime, it might be good if fans from other countries visit the Viewster page and leave feedback with the 'Help Us Improve' form to demonstrate that there's interest worldwide.

Perhaps Viewster will consider obtaining the streaming rights for additional regions if we all support the simulcast?

According to the synopsis, the official English titles for the first three episodes will be FAREWELL, CIVIL WARS and ALLIANCE.

For those of us still waiting for more announcements, here's a clip of the new Sengoku Basara 3 slot machine in action with its 'Descent of the Demon King'. While it's not quite as good as a Judge End broadcast, it's probably the most intense slot machine footage I've ever seen.

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