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Sengoku Basara 4 Reference Materials

If I have time, I'll gather my Sengoku Basara 4 information here as a reference guide. News and article translations will remain on my main blog; this summary is just for the main menus and system details for the game itself. More detailed explanations of everything in the list can be found on the main blog.

This is currently a work in progress. Unlike my usual posts this one will be updated periodically. Please note that as this blog entry became too long for Blogger I have moved the later chapters to a second post.

The Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi additions are in a separate guide here.


Levelling Up
The Basara-ya Shop
DLC (Downloadable Content)
Weapon Enhancement
Weapon Fusion
Play Books
Character Profiles: Playable Characters
Character Profiles: Non-Playable Characters
Fugitive Bingo
Enemy Formations

Sengoku Basara 4 (release date 23rd January 2014) is a PS3 game, billed as allowing the player to assist in the creation of a brand new Sengoku period Japan. The setting can be considered a parallel world to the earlier games in the series; it's designed to go right back to the beginning so newcomers can play without any prior knowledge, while the characters retain some of the development from their earlier adventures. It is not a prequel. At the start of the game, boss Ashikaga Yoshiteru starts the Sengoku period by deciding to relinquish his power as shogun; the rest of the story is down to the player. No English-language version has been announced at this time.


The very first time you start the game, you'll be shown a screen which explains auto-save (now on by default) and, if you have any saves from Sengoku Basara 3, Sengoku Basara 3 Utage or Sengoku Basara HD Collection on your PS3, a screen which presents you with some consumable items as a gift. Thereafter the game will ask you whether you want to check for updates to the Online Basara-ya shop each time you play; it doesn't matter which option you pick.

After pressing Start to begin the game, you'll reach the Mode Select screen. It includes Manual, the Online Basara-ya Shop, Sengoku Creation mode (the interactive story mode which contains the main gameplay), Free Battle mode, Gallery and Settings. I have annotated the picture to show the order in which the modes appear.

Sengoku Creation is the main gameplay mode this time, available for single players and two people playing cooperatively. After choosing your character from the list, you'll be asked whether you want to begin a new game or continue from your previous progress in Sengoku Creation mode. If you have previously cleared Sengoku Creation mode as the character you picked, you may see another option at the bottom. This lets you jump straight to the point in the game where you can pick your route: Creation, Drama or Anime. Only three characters have Anime routes, and some characters only have a Creation route.

You'll also be offered a choice of difficulties with the easier ones on top. There are four options: Normal, Hard, Extreme and Basara. The Extreme and Basara difficulties will not appear until you have cleared the final stage of Sengoku Creation mode in Hard and Extreme difficulties respectively.

Next, the main 'march' screen will come up. This is where you pick your next battle and also configure your gameplay.

I've noted that there's a sale running in the Basara-ya shop (indicated by the red ticket over its name). If there's a 'special deal' instead of a sale, the shop icon will look like this:

The main menu is on the left of the screen, with your stage selection at the top. Most of the rest is self-explanatory, so I'll go through the less obvious parts in detail.

Pressing Square takes you to the rewards area where you can see what the prizes are for victory on your chosen stage. The different ranks depend on your actions in the battle; please see the separate section of this guide for more details. The ranks are shown on the left side.

Some stages have a fugitive (otazunemono) icon above their name. This means that one of the fugitives for the 'fugitive bingo' books is hidden there somewhere.

Next, here's the mid-battle pause screen.

If you pick Controller Settings, these are your options.

Unfortunately I don't have any screenshots available for the main Settings page from the Mode Select screen when you launch the game. Here's a text-only translation of all of the options by popular demand.
  • Environment Configuration
    • BGM Volume
    • Effects Volume
    • Voice Volume
    • HP Gauge Display
    • Automatic Guide Skip (the help screens which pop up telling you about the missions on certain stages)
  • Controller Configuration
    • Exactly like the screenshot above. The options for Guard Button are Guard Priority (the default) or Dodge Priority.
  • Shortcut Configuration
  • Here you can assign shortcuts to the D-pad. By default, nothing is assigned and you can use the D-pad for movement. The list of shortcuts is:
    • Switch your ultimate technique (R2) - forwards in the list
    • Switch your ultimate technique (R2) - backwards in the list
    • Battle comrade orders
    • Tag to your partner
    • Activate Maximum Style mode
Note: When you leave the menu, pick the leftmost option to save your changes otherwise they'll revert.

The next screen is what you're shown after each battle. You can see that the top rank is greyed out; the player didn't do well enough to earn that prize this time.

Levelling Up

Note: An inrou is a traditional box, shown as a floating gold object in the screenshots.

It's possible to pick up an item called an 'Inrou of Enhancement' during battle which adds experience points to a stock that you keep with you as you play. You can split this stored experience between characters however you like.

To spend your stored experience points, select Character Levelling from the Battle Preparation screen. Here's an annotated version.

Next, here's a screenshot of the Character Levelling interface.

Once a character has reached level 50, tag mode will be unlocked and a special red/blue tag icon will be visible. You can tag to your partner by pressing the R3 button (pushing down on the right joypad stick) during battle.

The Basara-ya Shop

You can go to the Basara-ya shop from the march screen and purchase items with the money you've obtained in-game. Some weapons come with enhancements already applied; others can be enhanced with the weapon system. The shop sells enhancement items and Play Books as well as equipment.

At times, there are special sales in the shop. Sales marked in red are discounts, while those marked in green are rare 'special deal' items which are only available at certain times.

The shop has various sections you can browse, so this is what the next menu apparently looks like.

Next, the shop itself. I merged two different pictures together to show how the sale items and special deals appear.

DLC (Downloadable Content)

The Online Basara-ya shop links you to the Japanese PSN store. You can also go to the store and search for the items outside the game; it's just a shortcut. Please note that there are two stores with content from Sengoku Basara 4 - the Japanese PSN and Hong Kong - so it may be worthwhile checking both to see where the DLC is cheapest. You don't need to play the game on the account which originally downloaded the DLC to your PS3, but if you have a DLC code you have to redeem it on an account from the correct region.

Although I've used the same naming system as in the rest of this guide for consistency, it seems that the Hong Kong PSN store has official English names for each of the DLC packs too. AdawgDaFAB has checked and posted a list. Items with a cost of "Free*" are currently limited to fans who purchased a first press edition of the game or through a particular store; they'll be offered on PSN for a fee later on for everyone else.

NameDescriptionTypeReleasedCost (JP ¥)
武将アバターPSN avatars for all 32 playable characters (individual)PSN avatar09/01/2014100 each
武将アバターパック(32武将セット)PSN avatars for all 32 playable characters (complete set)PSN avatar09/01/2014800
戦国BASARA 4Sengoku Basara 4 (the full game)Game23/01/20146,990
伊達政宗 特別衣装 DMCダンテ Ver.Date Masamune (DMC Dante version)Costume23/01/2014300
戦国BASARAシリーズ名曲集【 全70曲セット 】コンプリートパックClassic Sengoku Basara series music collection complete set (70 tracks)Music pack23/01/20141,500
プレイヤー武将全解放Unlock all playable charactersBoost23/01/2014200
戦国スターターパックSengoku Starter Pack (100 pieces of tamahagane steel, 10,000 whetstones, 750,000 ryou in cash and 450,000 xp for your Inrou box)Boost23/01/2014300
創世スターターパックCreation Starter Pack (30 pieces of tamahagane steel, 3,000 whetstones, 250,000 ryou in cash and 150,000 xp for your Inrou box)Boost23/01/2014100
小判(甲)パック・1Money Pack (A) 1-6 (each contains 500,000 ryou in cash)Boost23/01/2014300
小判(乙)パック・1Money Pack (B) 1-6 (each contains 100,000 ryou in cash)Boost23/01/2014100
小判お試しパック《無料配信》Money Sample Pack (contains 6,000 ryou in cash)Boost23/01/2014Free
強化印籠(甲)パック・1Inrou of Enhancement Pack (A) 1-6 (each contains 300,000 xp for your Inrou box)Boost23/01/2014300
強化印籠(乙)パック・1Inrou of Enhancement Pack (B) 1-6 (each contains 60,000 xp for your Inrou box)Boost23/01/2014100
強化印籠お試しパック《無料配信》Inrou of Enhancement Sample Pack (contains 6,000 xp for your Inrou box)Boost23/01/2014Free
「極」銘付き&高レアリティ武器(全32種)Weapons with high Rarity and Extreme Inscriptions for all 32 playable characters (individual)Boost30/01/2014150 each
「極」銘付き&高レアリティ武器パック(32武将セット)Weapons with high Rarity and Extreme Inscriptions for all 32 playable characters (complete set)Boost30/01/20141,600
戦国BASARA4 カスタムテーマ(全32種)Sengoku Basara 4 custom themes for all 32 playable characters (individual)PS3 theme06/02/2014100 each
戦国BASARA4 カスタムテーマパック(32武将セット)Sengoku Basara 4 custom themes for all 32 playable characters (complete set)PS3 theme06/02/2014800
戦国BASARA -名曲集- 【厳選10曲セット】Classic Sengoku Basara music collection (10 tracks)Music pack06/02/2014400
戦国BASARA2 -名曲集- 【厳選10曲セット】Classic Sengoku Basara 2 music collection (10 tracks)Music pack06/02/2014400
戦国BASARA2 英雄外伝 -名曲集- 【厳選10曲セット】Classic Sengoku Basara 2 Eiyuu Gaiden (Heroes) music collection (10 tracks)Music pack06/02/2014400
戦国BASARA X -名曲集- 【厳選10曲セット】Classic Sengoku Basara X music collection (10 tracks)Music pack13/02/2014 400
戦国BASARA BH&CH -名曲集- 【厳選10曲セット】Classic Sengoku Basara Battle Heroes/Chronicle Heroes music collection (10 tracks)Music pack13/02/2014 400
戦国BASARA3 -名曲集- 【厳選10曲セット】Classic Sengoku Basara 3 music collection (10 tracks)Music pack20/02/2014400
戦国BASARA3 宴 -名曲集- 【厳選10曲セット】Classic Sengoku Basara 3 Utage music collection (10 tracks)Music pack20/02/2014400
伊達政宗 特別衣装 袴&木刀Ver.Date Masamune (hakama/wooden sword version)Costume27/02/2014300
徳川家康 特別衣装 学園バサラ Ver.Tokugawa Ieyasu (Gakuen Basara version)Costume27/02/2014300
井伊直虎 特別衣装 ウエディングVer.Ii Naotora (wedding version)Costume27/02/2014300
島左近 特別衣装 双刀功夫Ver.Shima Sakon (twin sword kung fu version)Costume27/02/2014300
真田幸村 特別衣装 蒼竜Ver.Sanada Yukimura (azure dragon version)Costume27/02/2014300
柴田勝家 特別衣装 絶対正義Ver.Shibata Katsuie (absolute justice version)Costume27/02/2014300
石田三成 特別衣装 DMCバージルVer.Ishida Mitsunari (DMC Vergil version)Costume27/02/2014300
立花宗茂 特別衣装 ジャンボザビーくんVer.Tachibana Muneshige (Jumbo Xavi-kun version)Costume27/02/2014Free
武将追加衣装 7武将セットSet of 7 'former preorder DLC' costumesCostume27/02/20141,500

Sengoku Basara fan Gakupo has provided a full list of the music tracks in the first collection. It's very likely that the sets of 10 tracks being released in February 2014 will contain the same music.

If you purchase all of the DLC costumes, you'll be able to download and use the スペシャルカスタムテーマ, a free custom theme for your PS3 with twelve different monthly pictures.

Weapon Enhancement

This game introduces three new consumable items which can be used to upgrade your weapons in different ways.

Whetstones are a basic upgrade which raises one of the weapon's five core stats: attack, defence, Basara gauge, hit points or fighting spirit (your resistance to being staggered and having your guard broken). First you pick the stat you want to raise, then you choose the number of whetstones you want to use. Whetstones can be purchased in the Basara-ya Shop for 50 ryou.

Fortune hammers increase one of a weapon's stats at random. There are three tiers: a blessing (equivalent to 10 whetstones or 2 pieces of tamahagane steel), a middle blessing (equivalent to 50 whetstones or 5 pieces of tamahagane steel) or a great blessing (equivalent to 150 whetstones or 15 pieces of tamahagane steel). According to a simple test in Weekly Famitsu magazine, the chances of receiving each tier are approximately 71% for a blessing, 26% for a middle blessing and 3% for a great blessing. Fortune hammers can be purchased in the Basara-ya Shop for 2,000 ryou.

Tamahagane steel is used to level weapons up by increasing their 'Rarity' rating, shown by the number of stars underneath each weapon. When a weapon reaches a new level, you'll be able to increase its stats farther than before and it may be possible to attach additional Inscriptions.

Rarity level (stars)Maximum statsInscription slotsSteel required

Tamahagane steel can be purchased in the Basara-ya Shop for 3,000 ryou during a 'special deal'.

You can access Weapon Enhancement through the Basara-ya Shop using the menu screens above, or by going to Battle Preparation → Equip Weapon then pressing R1 once to switch screens. You can see which screen you're in by checking the navigation in the top left corner.

This next one looks intimidating but it's just a matter of learning the layout. Square controls the weapon's Rarity level, which affects its maximum stats. Triangle boosts stats by random amounts using your stock of fortune hammers, while the Circle button lets you increase individual stats with your stock of whetstones.

Weapon Fusion

To add Inscriptions to your weapons, you need to use the Weapon Fusion system. It can be found in the same menu as Weapon Enhancement above. First, choose your weapon from the list as usual. The blue label means the weapon is equipped, the yellow label means you're performing the synthesis on that weapon (I'm calling it the 'base weapon'), and the red label is used for the weapon you're using as raw materials for the upgrade. Here's the first Weapon Fusion screen from the video with text annotations in English.

When you've picked the weapon you want to use as your 'raw material', you're taken to the main Weapon Fusion screen. You can move Inscriptions from the 'raw material' weapon to the one you're upgrading.

Selecting a slot which already has an Inscription gives the message 'Discard'. Be careful you don't do this unless you want to reclaim that slot!

Once you're done, you can press Triangle to complete the fusion, destroying the 'raw material' weapon in the process. Each upgrade has a cost, and you have to pay the total price when the button is pressed.


You can view the table of Inscriptions by pressing R2 when you're in the shop or on the main battle preparation screen, or straight from the Weapon Enhancement menu above.

Update: Tumblr user letterblade has kindly compiled all of the key information into a spreadsheet which might be useful to people who can't read Japanese. Meanwhile, Daviziu in the comments section put together a clickable chart for people who just want to quickly check what each Inscription does.

I've given each individual Inscription a number in this diagram:

To accompany it, here's the list. The Types are:
  • Normal (Grey/Black): Obtained as a battle reward.
  • Enhanced (Grey/Blue): Obtained as a battle reward or by enhancing a Normal inscription with Extreme.
  • Fusion (Gold/Black): Obtained as a battle reward or by fusing two inscriptions (see additional table below).
  • Enhanced Fusion (Gold/Red): Obtained as a battle reward, or by enhancing/fusing two inscriptions (see additional table below).
  • Special (Green): These are obtained at random by using the Change inscription on any other. Treasured Sword is the one exception as it can be found on weapons received as battle rewards.
  • Special (Brown): There's only one inscription in this category, Rust. It's randomly obtained by using the Change inscription on any other.
  • Extreme (Blue): Used to enhance basic inscriptions. Obtained as a battle reward.
  • Change (Light Blue): Used for creating the Special inscriptions. Obtained as a battle reward.
Fan AdawgDaFAB noticed that opening the R2 screen during weapon enhancement makes it very easy to check you have selected the correct Inscriptions as they'll be highlighted with red and yellow markers. Here's the list:

1Normal体力StaminaGrants +100 HPYes
2Normal打力Striking ForceGrants +150 attack powerYes
3Normal守力ProtectionGrants +150 defenseYes
4Normal根性WillpowerMakes attacks less likely to stagger youYes
5Normal堅固SolidMakes it harder for enemies to break your guardYes
6Normal反能Counter-skilledMakes it easier to parry attacksYes
7Normal防崩Break DefenseMakes it easier to break the enemy's guardYes
8Normal達人ExpertIncreases your critical hit chanceYes
9Normal痛打Crushing BlowIncreases the damage dealt by critical hitsYes
10Normal小粋StylishExtends the duration of your Maximum Style effectYes
11Normal生粋GenuineIncreases your attack power during Maximum Style by +250Yes
12Normal道出SourceYour attacks have a chance of producing an elemental effectYes
13Normal道力DynamicIncreases the attack power of your elemental effectsYes
14Normal鬼刃Demon BladeFor each of these inscriptions equipped, your attack power increases by +1 for each enemy you defeat; the maximum increase is +1000Yes
15Normal必力Assured PowerIncreases the attack power of your Basara and Giga Basara techniquesYes
16Normal必重WeightyGrants +1 hit count for Basara and Giga Basara techniquesYes
17Normal美味TastyIncreases the potency of healing itemsYes
18Normal盗食Food ThiefYou recover HP when you perform a 'desertion' dodgeYes
19Normal吸血BloodsuckingYou recover HP when you defeat an enemyYes
20Normal休息RestYour HP gradually recovers when guardingYes
21Normal活性ActiveYour Basara gauge will fill partly when you recover from incapacitationYes
22Normal早起Early RiserIncreases the speed at which you recover from incapacitationYes
23Normal悪童Naughty BratIncreases the amount by which your Basara gauge refills when you perform a tauntYes
24Normal純粋Pure StyleIncreases the rate at which your Style gauge refillsYes
25Normal無粋No StyleYour Style gauge will refill when you receive damage from enemiesYes
26Normal粋狂EccentricYour Style gauge will automatically refill when you are in near-death statusYes
27Normal砕石Stone BreakerGrants a chance that whetstones will appear upon breaking an enemy's armourYes
28Normal収金CollectionYou receive 3 ryou (money) for each enemy you defeatYes
29Normal経験ExperienceYou receive 20% more experience points when you defeat an enemyYes
30Normal稽古TrainingYou receive 200 experience points in your Inrou for each successful parryYes
31Normal拾得FindIncreases the chance that an item will appear when you break an objectYes
32Enhanced体力(極)Stamina (Extreme)Grants +200 HPYes
33Enhanced打力(極)Striking Force (Extreme)Grants +300 attack powerYes
34Enhanced守力(極)Protection (Extreme)Grants +300 defenseYes
35Enhanced根性(極)Willpower (Extreme)Makes attacks less likely to stagger you (greater effect)Yes
36Enhanced堅固(極)Solid (Extreme)Makes it harder for enemies to break your guard (greater effect)Yes
37Enhanced反能(極)Counter-skilled (Extreme)Makes it easier to parry attacks (greater effect)Yes
38Enhanced防崩(極)Break Defense (Extreme)Makes it easier to break the enemy's guard (greater effect)Yes
39Enhanced達人(極)Expert (Extreme)Increases your critical hit chance (greater effect)Yes
40Enhanced痛打(極)Crushing Blow (Extreme)Increases the damage dealt by critical hits (greater effect)Yes
41Enhanced小粋(極)Stylish (Extreme)Extends the duration of your Maximum Style effect (greater effect)Yes
42Enhanced生粋(極)Genuine (Extreme)Increases your attack power during Maximum Style by +500Yes
43Enhanced道出(極)Source (Extreme)Increases the chance of your attacks having an elemental effect (greater effect)Yes
44Enhanced道力(極)Dynamic (Extreme)Increases the attack power of your elemental effects (greater effect)Yes
45Enhanced鬼刃(極)Demon Blade (Extreme)For each of these inscriptions equipped, your attack power increases by +2 for each enemy you defeat; the maximum increase is +1000Yes
46Enhanced必力(極)Assured Power (Extreme)Increases the attack power of your Basara and Giga Basara techniques (greater effect)Yes
47Enhanced必重(極)Weighty (Extreme)Grants +2 hit count for Basara and Giga Basara techniquesYes
48Enhanced美味(極)Tasty (Extreme)Increases the potency of healing items (greater effect)Yes
49Enhanced盗食(極)Food Thief (Extreme)You recover HP when you perform a 'desertion' dodge (greater effect)Yes
50Enhanced吸血(極)Bloodsucking (Extreme)You recover HP when you defeat an enemy (greater effect)Yes
51Enhanced休息(極)Rest (Extreme)Your HP gradually recovers when guarding (greater effect)Yes
52Enhanced活性(極)Active (Extreme)Your Basara gauge will fill partly after recovery from incapactiation (greater effect)Yes
53Enhanced早起(極)Early Riser (Extreme)Increases the speed at which you recover from incapacitation (greater effect)Yes
54Enhanced悪童(極)Naughty Brat (Extreme)Increases the amount by which your Basara gauge refills when you perform a taunt (greater effect)Yes
55Enhanced純粋(極)Pure Style (Extreme)Increases the rate at which your Style gauge refills (greater effect)Yes
56Enhanced無粋(極)No Style (Extreme)Your Style gauge will refill when you receive damage from enemies (greater effect)Yes
57Enhanced粋狂(極)Eccentric (Extreme)Your Style gauge will automatically refill when you are in near-death status (greater effect)Yes
58Enhanced砕石(極)Stone Breaker (Extreme)Grants a chance that whetstones will appear upon breaking an enemy's armour (greater effect)Yes
59Enhanced収金(極)Collection (Extreme)You receive 6 ryou (money) for each enemy you defeatYes
60Enhanced経験(極)Experience (Extreme)You receive 40% more experience points when you defeat an enemyYes
61Enhanced稽古(極)Training (Extreme)You receive 400 experience points in your Inrou for each successful parryYes
62Enhanced拾得(極)Find (Extreme)Increases the chance that an item will appear when you break an object (greater effect)Yes
63ExtremeExtremeEnhances Inscriptions-
64Fusion剛力Tremendous StrengthGrants +150 attack power and makes it easier to break the enemy's guardYes
65Fusion頑丈SturdyGrants +100 HP and +150 defenseYes
66Fusion会心CriticalIncreases your critical hit chance and the damage dealt by critical hitsYes
67Fusion鉄身Iron BodyGrants +150 defense and makes attacks less likely to stagger youYes
68Fusion六道Six RealmsYour attacks have a chance of producing an elemental effect and the attack power of your elemental effects is increasedYes
69Fusion粋華Stylish EleganceExtends the duration of your Maximum Style effect and increases your attack power during Maximum Style by +250Yes
70Fusion妖刃Bewitched BladeFor each of these inscriptions equipped, your attack power increases by +1 for each enemy you defeat; the maximum increase is +1000. In addition, you recover HP when you defeat an enemyYes
71Fusion必殺DeathblowIncreases the attack power of your Basara and Giga Basara techniques and grants them +1 hit countYes
72Fusion剣劇Sword PlayMakes it easier to trigger and win Sword Clashes with enemy commanders, and victories deal more damage to the enemyYes
73Fusion特訓Intensive TrainingYou receive 20% more experience points and 10% of the experience points are put in your Inrou of Enhancement when you defeat an enemyYes
74Fusion怪盗Phantom ThiefThe prize for defeating 100 enemies becomes either a small Ebisu barrel (HP + Basara) or a treasure box. Stacking this inscription improves the item in the treasure boxYes
75Fusion食歴CareerPicking up rice balls or holy water also grants +250 experience points, while Ebisu barrels grant +500 experience pointsYes
76Fusion天恵Heavenly BlessingWhetstones and dangerous items appear when you reach Fever. Stacking this inscription makes more items appearYes
77Fusion無頼ThugEnemy attacks no longer stagger you when taunting, and the amount by which your Basara gauge refills when you perform a taunt is increased. In addition, your Style gauge will fill slightlyYes
78Fusion生命LifeYour HP gradually recovers over timeYes
79Fusion奇跡MiracleGrants a chance that damage received from enemies will be nullified, and that you will recover from incapacitationYes
80Fusion逆上FrenzyGrants +250 attack power when near death, and your Style gauge will fill slightly each time you go into near-death statusYes
81Enhanced Fusion剛力(極)Tremendous Strength (Extreme)Grants +300 attack power and makes it easier to break the enemy's guardYes
82Enhanced Fusion頑丈(極)Sturdy (Extreme)Grants +200 HP and +300 defenseYes
83Enhanced Fusion会心(極)Critical (Extreme)Increases your critical hit chance and the damage dealt by critical hits (greater effect)Yes
84Enhanced Fusion鉄身(極)Iron Body (Extreme)Grants +300 defense and makes attacks less likely to stagger youYes
85Enhanced Fusion六道(極)Six Realms (Extreme)Your attacks have a chance of producing an elemental effect and the attack power of your elemental effects is increased (greater effect)Yes
86Enhanced Fusion粋華(極)Stylish Elegance (Extreme)Extends the duration of your Maximum Style effect and increases your attack power during Maximum Style by +500Yes
87Enhanced Fusion妖刃(極)Bewitched Blade (Extreme)For each of these inscriptions equipped, your attack power increases by +2 for each enemy you defeat; the maximum increase is +1000. In addition, you recover HP when you defeat an enemyYes
88Enhanced Fusion必殺(極)Deathblow (Extreme)Increases the attack power of your Basara and Giga Basara techniques and grants them +2 hit countYes
89Enhanced Fusion特訓(極)Intensive Training (Extreme)You receive 40% more experience points and 10% of the experience points are put in your Inrou of Enhancement when you defeat an enemyYes
90Enhanced Fusion怪盗(極)Phantom Thief (Extreme)The prize for defeating 100 enemies becomes either a large Ebisu barrel (HP + Basara) or a deluxe treasure box. Stacking this inscription improves the item in the treasure boxYes
91Enhanced Fusion食歴(極)Career (Extreme)Picking up rice balls or holy water also grants +500 experience points, while Ebisu barrels grant +1000 experience pointsYes
92Enhanced Fusion天恵(極)Heavenly Blessing (Extreme)Tamahagane steel, whetstones and dangerous items appear when you reach Fever. Stacking this inscription makes more items appearYes
93Enhanced Fusion無頼(極)Thug (Extreme)Enemy attacks no longer stagger you when taunting, and the amount by which your Basara gauge refills when you perform a taunt is increased. In addition, your Style gauge will fill slightly (greater effect)Yes
94Enhanced Fusion生命(極)Life (Extreme)Your HP gradually recovers over time (greater effect)Yes
95Enhanced Fusion奇跡(極)Miracle (Extreme)Grants a chance that damage received from enemies will be nullified, and that you will recover from incapacitation (greater effect)Yes
96Enhanced Fusion逆上(極)Frenzy (Extreme)Grants +500 attack power when near death, and your Style gauge will fill slightly each time you go into near-death statusYes
97Special重々Over and OverGrants +1 hit count and extends the time before resetting your combo countYes
98Special空舞Sky DanceGrants +1 hit count when attacking in the airYes
99Special陣取EncampmentIncreases damage dealt to camp commanders and grants +1 hit count upon destroying an enemy baseYes
100Special俊速Superbly QuickIncreases movement speedYes
101Special軽技AcrobaticsReduces damage taken and you automatically recover when knocked away by an attackYes
102Special宝刀Treasured SwordReceive an additional 10,000 ryou when weapon disassembly is performedYes
103Special忍耐EnduranceWhen you take damage, you will receive a proportional amount of experience pointsYes
104Special必死Certain DeathYour Basara Gauge will fill more than usual when attacking enemiesYes
105Special同体As One BodyHealing items you pick up will also restore a set amount of your battle comrade's hit pointsYes
106Special打札A Card PlayedIncreases damage dealt to enemies by 1.5xYes
107Special (Brown)さびRustReduces damage dealt to enemiesYes
108ChangeChangeChanges a weapon's inscription randomly during weapon fusion, though the weapon may Rust afterwards-

Certain types of Inscription can be placed on top of others to boost them when you're performing Weapon Fusion. The video shows the 'Extreme' Inscription being added to a basic type, making it stronger. The game divides these combinations into 'Enhanced' and 'Fusion' categories depending on whether you use the Extreme inscription to create them or fuse two others.

Some Inscriptions can be created in more than one way but none require combining more than two others. Here's a table with the combinations shown so far.

#NameTranslationCreated WithCombines With
1体力Stamina-Protection (3), Extreme (63)
2打力Striking Force-Break Defense (7), Extreme (63)
3守力Protection-Stamina (1), Willpower (4), Extreme (63)
4根性Willpower-Protection (3), Extreme (63)
5堅固Solid-Rest (20), Extreme (63)
6反能Counter-skilled-Extreme (63)
7防崩Break Defense-Striking Force (2), Extreme (63)
8達人Expert-Crushing Blow (9), Weighty (16), Extreme (63)
9痛打Crushing Blow-Expert (8), Extreme (63)
10小粋Stylish-Genuine (11), Extreme (63)
11生粋Genuine-Stylish (10), Extreme (63)
12道出Source-Dynamic (13), Extreme (63)
13道力Dynamic-Source (12), Extreme (63)
14鬼刃Demon Blade-Bloodsucking (19), Extreme (63)
15必力Assured Power-Weighty (16), Extreme (63)
16必重Weighty-Expert (8), Assured Power (15), Extreme (63)
17美味Tasty-Food Thief (18), Extreme (63)
18盗食Food Thief-Tasty (17), Extreme (63)
19吸血Bloodsucking-Demon Blade (14), Extreme (63)
20休息Rest-Solid (5), Extreme (63)
21活性Active-Early Riser (22), Extreme (63)
22早起Early Riser-Active (21), Extreme (63)
23悪童Naughty Brat-No Style (25), Extreme (63)
24純粋Pure Style-Extreme (63)
25無粋No Style-Naughty Brat (23), Eccentric (26), Extreme (63)
26粋狂Eccentric-No Style (25), Extreme (63)
27砕石Stone Breaker-Collection (28), Extreme (63)
28収金Collection-Stone Breaker (27), Extreme (63)
29経験Experience-Training (30), Find (31), Extreme (63)
30稽古Training-Experience (29), Extreme (63)
31拾得Find-Experience (29), Extreme (63)
32体力(極)Stamina (Extreme)Stamina (1) + Extreme (63)Protection (Extreme) (34)
33打力(極)Striking Force (Extreme)Striking Force (2) + Extreme (63)Break Defense (Extreme) (38)
34守力(極)Protection (Extreme)Protection (3) + Extreme (63)Stamina (Extreme) (32), Willpower (Extreme) (35)
35根性(極)Willpower (Extreme)Willpower (4) + Extreme (63)Protection (Extreme) (34)
36堅固(極)Solid (Extreme)Solid (5) + Extreme (63)Rest (Extreme) (51)
37反能(極)Counter-skilled (Extreme)Counter-skilled (6) + Extreme (63)-
38防崩(極)Break Defense (Extreme)Break Defense (7) + Extreme (63)Striking Force (Extreme) (33)
39達人(極)Expert (Extreme)Expert (8) + Extreme (63)Crushing Blow (Extreme) (40)
40痛打(極)Crushing Blow (Extreme)Crushing Blow (9) + Extreme (63)Expert (Extreme) (39)
41小粋(極)Stylish (Extreme)Stylish (10) + Extreme (63)Genuine (Extreme) (42)
42生粋(極)Genuine (Extreme)Genuine (11) + Extreme (63)Stylish (Extreme) (41)
43道出(極)Source (Extreme)Source (12) + Extreme (63)Dynamic (Extreme) (44)
44道力(極)Dynamic (Extreme)Dynamic (13) + Extreme (63)Source (Extreme) (43)
45鬼刃(極)Demon Blade (Extreme)Demon Blade (14) + Extreme (63)Bloodsucking (Extreme) (50)
46必力(極)Assured Power (Extreme)Assured Power (15) + Extreme (63)Weighty (Extreme) (47)
47必重(極)Weighty (Extreme)Weighty (16) + Extreme (63)Assured Power (Extreme) (46)
48美味(極)Tasty (Extreme)Tasty (17) + Extreme (63)Food Thief (Extreme) (49)
49盗食(極)Food Thief (Extreme)Food Thief (18) + Extreme (63)Tasty (Extreme) (48)
50吸血(極)Bloodsucking (Extreme)Bloodsucking (19) + Extreme (63)Demon Blade (Extreme) (45)
51休息(極)Rest (Extreme)Rest (20) + Extreme (63)Solid (Extreme) (36)
52活性(極)Active (Extreme)Active (21) + Extreme (63)Early Riser (Extreme) (53)
53早起(極)Early Riser (Extreme)Early Riser (22) + Extreme (63)Active (Extreme) (52)
54悪童(極)Naughty Brat (Extreme)Naughty Brat (23) + Extreme (63)No Style (Extreme) (56)
55純粋(極)Pure Style (Extreme)Pure Style (24) + Extreme (63)-
56無粋(極)No Style (Extreme)No Style (25) + Extreme (63)Naughty Brat (Extreme) (54), Eccentric (Extreme) (57)
57粋狂(極)Eccentric (Extreme)Eccentric (26) + Extreme (63)No Style (Extreme) (56)
58砕石(極)Stone Breaker (Extreme)Stone Breaker (27) + Extreme (63)Collection (Extreme) (59)
59収金(極)Collection (Extreme)Collection (28) + Extreme (63)Stone Breaker (Extreme) (58)
60経験(極)Experience (Extreme)Experience (29) + Extreme (63)Training (Extreme) (61), Find (Extreme) (62)
61稽古(極)Training (Extreme)Training (30) + Extreme (63)Experience (Extreme) (60)
62拾得(極)Find (Extreme)Find (31) + Extreme (63)Experience (Extreme) (60)
63Extreme-Can be combined with many other Inscriptions
64剛力Tremendous StrengthStriking Force (2) + Break Defense (7)Extreme (63)
65頑丈SturdyStamina (1) + Protection (3)Extreme (63)
66会心CriticalExpert (8) + Crushing Blow (9)Extreme (63)
67鉄身Iron BodyProtection (3) + Willpower (4)Extreme (63)
68六道Six RealmsSource (12) + Dynamic (13)Extreme (63)
69粋華Stylish EleganceStylish (10) + Genuine (11)Extreme (63)
70妖刃Bewitched BladeDemon Blade (14) + Bloodsucking (19)Extreme (63)
71必殺DeathblowAssured Power (15) + Weighty (16)Extreme (63)
72剣劇Sword PlayExpert (8) + Weighty (16)-
73特訓Intensive TrainingExperience (29) + Training (30)Extreme (63)
74怪盗Phantom ThiefStone Breaker (27) + Collection (28)Extreme (63)
75食歴CareerTasty (17) + Food Thief (18)Extreme (63)
76天恵Heavenly BlessingExperience (29) + Find (31)Extreme (63)
77無頼ThugNaughty Brat (23) + No Style (25)Extreme (63)
78生命LifeSolid (5) + Rest (20)Extreme (63)
79奇跡MiracleActive (21) + Early Riser (22)Extreme (63)
80逆上FrenzyNo Style (25) + Eccentric (26)Extreme (63)
81剛力(極)Tremendous Strength (Extreme)Tremendous Strength (64) + Extreme (63) OR Striking Force (Extreme) (33) + Break Defense (Extreme) (38)-
82頑丈(極)Sturdy (Extreme)Sturdy (65) + Extreme (63) OR Stamina (Extreme) (32) + Protection (Extreme) (34)-
83会心(極)Critical (Extreme)Critical (66) + Extreme (63) OR Expert (Extreme) (39) + Crushing Blow (Extreme) (40)-
84鉄身(極)Iron Body (Extreme)Iron Body (67) + Extreme (63) OR Protection (Extreme) (34) + Willpower (Extreme) (35)-
85六道(極)Six Realms (Extreme)Six Realms (68) + Extreme (63) OR Source (Extreme) (43) + Dynamic (Extreme) (44)-
86粋華(極)Stylish Elegance (Extreme)Stylish Elegance (69) + Extreme (63) OR Stylish (Extreme) (41) + Genuine (Extreme) (42)-
87妖刃(極)Bewitched Blade (Extreme)Bewitched Blade (70) + Extreme (63) OR Demon Blade (Extreme) (45) + Bloodsucking (Extreme) (50)-
88必殺(極)Deathblow (Extreme)Deathblow (71) + Extreme (63) OR Assured Power (Extreme) (46) + Weighty (Extreme) (47)-
89特訓(極)Intensive Training (Extreme)Intensive Training (73) + Extreme (63) OR Experience (Extreme) (60) + Training (Extreme) (61)-
90怪盗(極)Phantom Thief (Extreme)Phantom Thief (74) + Extreme (63) OR Stone Breaker (Extreme) (58) + Collection (Extreme) (59)-
91食歴(極)Career (Extreme)Career (75) + Extreme (63) OR Tasty (Extreme) (48) + Food Thief (Extreme) (49)-
92天恵(極)Heavenly Blessing (Extreme)Heavenly Blessing (76) + Extreme (63) OR Experience (Extreme) (60) + Find (Extreme) (62)-
93無頼(極)Thug (Extreme)Thug (77) + Extreme (63) OR Naughty Brat (Extreme) (54) + No Style (Extreme) (56)-
94生命(極)Life (Extreme)Life (78) + Extreme (63) OR Solid (Extreme) (36) + Rest (Extreme) (51)-
95奇跡(極)Miracle (Extreme)Miracle (79) + Extreme (63) OR Active (Extreme) (52) + Early Riser (Extreme) (53)-
96逆上(極)Frenzy (Extreme)Frenzy (80) + Extreme (63) OR No Style (Extreme) (56) + Eccentric (Extreme) (57)-
97重々Over and OverChange (108) + any other-
98空舞Sky DanceChange (108) + any other-
99陣取EncampmentChange (108) + any other-
100俊速Superbly QuickChange (108) + any other-
101軽技AcrobaticsChange (108) + any other-
102宝刀Treasured SwordChange (108) + any other-
103忍耐EnduranceChange (108) + any other-
104必死Certain DeathChange (108) + any other-
105同体As One BodyChange (108) + any other-
106打札A Card PlayedChange (108) + any other-
107さびRustChange (108) + any other-
108Change-Can be combined with any other Inscription

Play Books

I've mentioned the flat, rectangular items you can receive as rewards or buy from the in-game shop a few times now and they appear to be called Play Books or Game Books. In this case I'm going with the former for my translations since the word 'game' is used a lot elsewhere.

In the bottom left of the main march screen is a section labelled Play Settings which you can access by pressing L1. This will take you to your Play Books, allowing you to set up to three of them in the slots below. It looks as though they'll work like the accessories did in the previous games and you can build up a stock of them from the shop and battle rewards.

Here's a list of the regular, consumable play books and their effects. The icon column refers to the marker to the left of each Book's name on the screen.

Update: Someone has now created a much better list with pictures at the Sengoku Basara fan wiki. I recommend checking it out.

敵兵治癒Enemy Soldier Recovery Enemies gradually regain their hit points, but if victorious you receive a 200% bonus to money earned.8,000!
敵体力倍増Double Enemy Hit PointsEnemy hit points are doubled, but you receive a 50% increase to your performance evaluation.8,000!
ばくち打ちGamble Grants a +4 bonus to money acquisition, but your funds halve whenever you take damage.8,000!
捨て身の覚悟Resolve to Risk Your LifeP1 and your battle comrade (P2) gain 4x attack power, but take 4x more damage from enemies.8,000!
五分五分Fifty-FiftyDamage received from enemies is halved, but you only receive half of the rewards after the battle.5,000!
小判転化Money ConversionAll experience points and Inrou boxes from defeated enemies become money, but you will be unable to gain experience or add it to your Inrou during the battle.10,000!
印籠あつめGather InrouThe rice balls you receive during battle become Inrou experience instead.10,000!
手数重視Emphasis on HassleThe attack power of P1 and your battle comrade (P2) is halved, but attacking enemies grants +2 hit count.8,000!
背水の導きBackwater GuidanceYou start the battle in near-death status and gain 3x attack power when you're near death.8,000!
初陣のときFirst CampaignP1 and your battle comrade (P2) start the battle at level 1, and experience earned goes into your Inrou. You also receive a 50% increase to your performance evaluation.8,000!
大将殺しSlayer of GeneralsDoubles your attack power when fighting an enemy commander.10,000Helmet
体力倍増Double Hit Points Grants double hit points to P1 and your battle comrade (P2).3,000Helmet
会心乱発Random CriticalsTriples the chance that P1 and your battle comrade (P2) will score critical hits.8,000Helmet
粋早々Quick StyleYour Style gauge fills twice as quickly, but the duration of your Maximum Style mode is halved.10,000Helmet
お尋ね者探しFugitive HuntingDisplays the position of fugitives on the map. If there are no fugitives, this book has no effect.5,000Helmet
気力満々Full of EnergyYou start battle with MAX Style and Basara gauges.10,000Helmet
砲台名手Turret ExpertThe attack power of weapon systems is increased and it becomes harder for them to overheat. In addition, the time taken to recover from overheating is reduced.3,000Helmet
鋼のからだSteel BodyEnemy attacks will not stagger you.8,000Helmet
免許皆伝Complete MasteryYou start the battle with access to all of your special moves and unique abilities. In addition, they'll all be at maximum level and have slightly raised attack power.10,000Helmet
一度だけの復活One-time ResurrectionWhen either P1 or your battle comrade (P2) is incapacitated, they'll instantly be brought back to life once.15,000Helmet

Different types of Play Book allow you to pick your music and dialogue options. You can equip up to three different music books and three different dialogue books at a time to affect the background music and the way that soldiers speak to you mid-game. This annotated screenshot shows the interface.

The music Play Books are red and look like this:

Here's the list (not including DLC):

NameDescriptionUnlock RequirementsCost
伊達政宗のテーマDate Masamune's themeClear a stage after defeating Date Masamune10,000
石田三成のテーマIshida Mitsunari's themeClear a stage after defeating Ishida Mitsunari10,000
島左近のテーマShima Sakon's themeClear a stage after defeating Shima Sakon10,000
柴田勝家のテーマShibata Katsuie's themeClear a stage after defeating Shibata Katsuie10,000
真田幸村のテーマSanada Yukimura's themeClear a stage after defeating Sanada Yukimura10,000
徳川家康のテーマTokugawa Ieyasu's themeClear a stage after defeating Tokugawa Ieyasu10,000
井伊直虎のテーマIi Naotora's themeClear a stage after defeating Ii Naotora10,000
山中鹿之介のテーマYamanaka Shikanosuke's themeClear a stage after defeating Yamanaka Shikanosuke10,000
後藤又兵衛のテーマGotou Matabee's themeClear a stage after defeating Gotou Matabee10,000
前田慶次のテーマMaeda Keiji's themeClear a stage after defeating Maeda Keiji10,000
右目の誓いKatakura Kojuurou's themeClear a stage after defeating Katakura Kojuurou10,000
The Abyss 織田信長のテーマOda Nobunaga's themeClear a stage after defeating Oda Nobunaga10,000
松永久秀のテーマMatsunaga Hisahide's themeClear a stage after defeating Matsunaga Hisahide10,000
豊臣秀吉のテーマToyotomi Hideyoshi's themeClear a stage after defeating Toyotomi Hideyoshi10,000
竹中半兵衛のテーマTakenaka Hanbee's themeClear a stage after defeating Takenaka Hanbee10,000
浅井長政のテーマAzai Nagamasa's themeClear a stage after defeating Azai Nagamasa10,000
天より降る魔Oichi's themeClear a stage after defeating Oichi10,000
長宗我部元親のテーマChousokabe Motochika's themeClear a stage after defeating Chousokabe Motochika10,000
毛利元就のテーマMouri Motonari's themeClear a stage after defeating Mouri Motonari10,000
武田信玄のテーマTakeda Shingen's themeClear a stage after defeating Takeda Shingen10,000
猿飛佐助のテーマSarutobi Sasuke's themeClear a stage after defeating Sarutobi Sasuke10,000
上杉謙信のテーマUesugi Kenshin's themeClear a stage after defeating Uesugi Kenshin10,000
かすがのテーマKasuga's themeClear a stage after defeating Kasuga10,000
前田利家のテーマMaeda Toshiie's themeClear a stage after defeating Maeda Toshiie10,000
花鳥風月Matsu's themeClear a stage after defeating Matsu10,000
大谷吉継のテーマOotani Yoshitsugu's themeClear a stage after defeating Ootani Yoshitsugu10,000
最上義光のテーマMogami Yoshiaki's themeClear a stage after defeating Mogami Yoshiaki10,000
本多忠勝のテーマHonda Tadakatsu's themeClear a stage after defeating Honda Tadakatsu10,000
雑賀孫市のテーマSaika Magoichi's themeClear a stage after defeating Saika Magoichi10,000
鶴姫のテーマTsuruhime's themeClear a stage after defeating Tsuruhime10,000
小早川秀秋のテーマKobayakawa Hideaki's themeClear a stage after defeating Kobayakawa Hideaki10,000
天海のテーマTenkai's themeClear a stage after defeating Tenkai10,000
黒田官兵衛のテーマKuroda Kanbee's themeClear a stage after defeating Kuroda Kanbee10,000
大友宗麟のテーマOotomo Sourin's themeClear a stage after defeating Ootomo Sourin10,000
立花宗茂のテーマTachibana Muneshige's themeClear a stage after defeating Tachibana Muneshige10,000
島津義弘のテーマShimazu Yoshihiro's themeClear a stage after defeating Shimazu Yoshihiro10,000
風魔小太郎のテーマFuuma Kotarou's themeClear a stage after defeating Fuuma Kotarou10,000
京極マリアのテーマKyougoku Maria's themeClear a stage after defeating Kyougoku Maria10,000
足利義輝のテーマAshikaga Yoshiteru's themeClear a stage after defeating Ashikaga Yoshiteru10,000
Count ZEROThe game's opening song Clear Sengoku Creation mode with a male character100,000
Runners highThe game's ending song Clear Sengoku Creation mode with a female character100,000

In contrast, the dialogue Books are green and look like this:

Here's a list of the dialogue books spotted so far (the final two cannot both be equipped at the same time):

ごますり棒Flattery RodAllied soldiers flatter you.20,000
ハゲましかつらWig of EncouragementAllied soldiers gently cheer you on to raise your spirits.40,000
直江無敵状Naoe InvincibilityNaoe Kanetsugu boasts about his own invincibility.60,000
奥州特攻目安箱"Oushuu Special Attack" Suggestion BoxListen to the popular Sengoku radio show during battle.100,000
戦国BAR 乱世Sengoku Bar: Turbulent TimesA Sengoku-era oasis frequented by soldiers exhausted from war.200,000


Here's a list of every confirmed stage in Sengoku Basara 4 so far. To see the bonus objectives which reward extra rank points, please check the Rank section of this guide. The final game was described as having more than 40 stages (the V Jump guide lists 39 stages with 3 additional variants and 24 one-on-one battles).

StageJapanese NameBattlefieldEnemy CommanderSub-Bosses
Aki: Itsukushima安芸・厳島AkiMouri MotonariTsuruhime
Azuchi-Shiten Gathering安土四天結集Azuchi CastleAshikaga Yoshiteru, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Oda Nobunaga-
Battle of Sekigahara: Eastern Sun関ヶ原の戦い 東陽SekigaharaTokugawa IeyasuHonda Tadakatsu, Date Masamune, Shibata Katsuie
Battle of Sekigahara: Western Shadow関ヶ原の戦い 西陰SekigaharaIshida MitsunariOotani Yoshitsugu, Sanada Yukimura, Shima Sakon
Bizen: Ujou (Okayama Castle)備前・烏城Bizen: Ujou (Okayama Castle)Kobayakawa HideakiTenkai
Dewa: Mogamigawa出羽・最上川DewaMogami Yoshiaki-
Echizen: Kitanoshou Castle越前・北ノ庄城Echizen: Kitanoshou CastleShima Sakon, Shibata KatsuieDate Masamune, Ishida Mitsunari
Eiroku Palace: Resolution永禄の宮 英断Eiroku PalaceAshikaga YoshiteruMatsunaga Hisahide, Fuuma Kotarou
Eiroku Palace: Samsara永禄の宮 輪廻Eiroku PalaceAshikaga YoshiteruShimazu Yoshihiro, Ootomo Sourin, Tachibana Muneshige
Floating Fortress: Tenkuu Nichirin浮遊要塞・天空日輪FugakuMouri Motonari-
Hinomoto Tunnels: Josui Line日ノ本穴道・如水線 Hinomoto TunnelsKuroda Kanbee-
Incident at Honnouji本能寺の変HonnoujiOda Nobunaga, Akechi Mitsuhide-
Iyokouno Ship: Tsurunomaru伊予河野船 鶴の丸Iyokouno ShipTsuruhimeSaika Magoichi
Izumo: Shiraga Castle出雲・白鹿城Izumo: Shiraga CastleYamanaka Shikanosuke-
Kaga Border: Shizugatake加賀国境・賤ヶ岳ShizugatakeMaeda Keiji, Maeda Toshiie, Matsu-
Kaga Onsen: Gathering Of Maidens加賀温泉・乙女の集いKagaIi Naotora, Kyougoku MariaTsuruhime, Saika Magoichi
Kaga: Maeda Kabuki-Matsuri加賀・前田花吹祭KagaMaeda KeijiMaeda Toshiie, Matsu
Kai Takeda Grudge Time甲斐武田恨み節KaiSanada Yukimura, Ii NaotoraSarutobi Sasuke
Kai: Tsutsujigasaki Yakata甲斐・躑躅ヶ崎館KaiTakeda ShingenSanada Yukimura, Sarutobi Sasuke
Kawanakajima: Takeda Battle Formation川中島・武田布陣KawanakajimaTakeda ShingenSanada Yukimura, Sarutobi Sasuke
Kawanakajima: Uesugi Battle Formation川中島・上杉布陣KawanakajimaUesugi KenshinKasuga, Naoe Kanetsugu
Kawanakajima: Uesugi Battle Formation (Matabee Intrusion)川中島・上杉布陣(又兵衛乱入)KawanakajimaUesugi Kenshin, Gotou MatabeeKasuga, Naoe Kanetsugu
Mikawa: Komaki-Nagakute三河・小牧長久手MikawaTokugawa IeyasuHonda Tadakatsu
Mikawa: Komaki-Nagakute (Matabee Intrusion)三河・小牧長久手(又兵衛乱入)MikawaTokugawa Ieyasu, Gotou MatabeeHonda Tadakatsu
Oda: Azuchi Castle織田・安土城Azuchi CastleOda NobunagaShibata Katsuie
Ootomo Xavi Land: Closed大友ザビーランド 閉園中Ootomo Xavi LandOotomo Sourin, Sunday MouriGallop Tachibana, Chesuto Shimazu, Joe C Kuroda, Bambi Shikanosuke
Ootomo Xavi Land: Grand Opening大友ザビーランド 開園Ootomo Xavi LandOotomo SourinTachibana Muneshige
Osaka: Dragon-Tiger Formation大阪・竜虎の陣OsakaDate Masamune, Sanada YukimuraKatakura Kojuurou, Sarutobi Sasuke
Osaka: Toyotomi Hajou大阪・豊臣覇城OsakaToyotomi HideyoshiTakenaka Hanbee, Ishida Mitsunari, Ootani Yoshitsugu, Shima Sakon
Oumi: Sawayama Castle近江・佐和山城Sawayama CastleIshida MitsunariOotani Yoshitsugu, Shima Sakon
Oushuu: Aoba Castle奥州・青葉城OushuuDate MasamuneKatakura Kojuurou
Oushuu: Aoba Castle (Matabee Intrusion)奥州・青葉城(又兵衛乱入)OushuuDate Masamune, Gotou MatabeeKatakura Kojuurou
Pirate Fortress: Hyakki Fugaku海賊要塞・百鬼富嶽FugakuChousokabe MotochikaSaika Magoichi
Remains of Ounin: Ginga応仁の跡 吟芽Remains of OuninAshikaga YoshiteruKyougoku Maria, Azai Nagamasa, Oichi, Yamanaka Shikanosuke
Remains of Ounin: Souden応仁の跡 走伝Remains of OuninAshikaga YoshiteruUesugi Kenshin, Mouri Motonari, Tsuruhime
Satsuma: Inner Castle薩摩・内城Satsuma: Inner CastleShimazu Yoshihiro-
Shizugatake: Advance of the Oda Vanguard賤ヶ岳・織田尖兵進行ShizugatakeShibata KatsuieAkechi Mitsuhide
Takeda Otoko Dojo武田漢道場Takeda DojoTakeda Shingen-
Tango: Sengenji 丹後・泉源寺TangoKyougoku MariaAzai Nagamasa, Oichi
The Emperor: Granting An Audience帝 謁見ノ儀Remains of OuninAshikaga Yoshiteru-
Tootoumi: Iinoya Castle遠江・井伊谷城TootoumiIi NaotoraHonda Tadakatsu
Toyotomi Reminiscence Struggle豊臣回顧闘争TangoToyotomi Hideyoshi, Matsunaga HisahideTakenaka Hanbee, Fuuma Kotarou, Maeda Keiji

If you're wondering about the 'Type' column, stage types are a new mechanic introduced in this title. I'm not sure whether all stages are available in all five variations, so I thought it would be interesting to make a note of this information too.

Normal stages are the same as usual; fulfil the objectives and win the battle. I think most of the battles you'll fight in the first round of Sengoku Creation Mode will be like this. The newest video shows the rewards for a normal battle as the standard mix of weapons, money and enhancement materials.

Outbreaks have red backgrounds behind their names and suddenly appear depending on the actions taken by the armies in the game. They seem to be just like the special stages which traditionally appear mid-game depending on your performance. The rewards shown in the video looked similar to the normal ones only with some nicer enhancements on the weapons.

Omen battles appear on the map just like Outbreaks, except they have an ominous purple background. Going by the newest video, they reward the player with books and experience points. If you ignore an Omen battle it could change into another type.

The final type is a Derivation stage. These have a blue background, and a mixture of rewards.

The fifth and final type of encounter is a One-on-one match; a quick boss fight which is touted as being a good source of weapons. It appears that every single reward tier offers weapons, even the lowest rank.

The list of One-on-one stages is as follows (according to the V Jump strategy guide):

One-on-One BattleJapanese NameStageAppearsEnemy Commander
Abrasion: The Beauty of Insufficiency研磨 不足の美Izumo: Shiraga Castle-Matsunaga Hisahide, Fuuma Kotarou
Abrasion: The Beauty of Insufficiency研磨 不足の美Echizen: Kitanoshou Castle-Matsunaga Hisahide, Fuuma Kotarou
Abrasion: The Beauty of Insufficiency研磨 不足の美Oda: Azuchi Castle-Matsunaga Hisahide, Fuuma Kotarou
Apparition King: Time of the Demon King's Subjugation怪王 魔王討伐の刻Oda: Azuchi CastleShibata Katsuie (Drama Route)Oda Nobunaga
Awakening of the King of Misfortune凶王の目覚めOumi: Sawayama CastleShima Sakon (Anime Route)Ishida Mitsunari
Fate: One-Eyed Dragon宿命 独眼竜Kai Takeda Grudge Time-Date Masamune
Fate: One-Eyed Dragon宿命 独眼竜Osaka: Dragon-Tiger Formation-Date Masamune
Fate: One-Eyed Dragon宿命 独眼竜Shizugatake: Advance of the Oda Vanguard-Date Masamune
Investigation: Shikanosuke探索 鹿之介Satsuma: Inner Castle-Yamanaka Shikanosuke
Investigation: Shikanosuke探索 鹿之介Kaga: Maeda Kabuki-Matsuri-Yamanaka Shikanosuke
Investigation: Shikanosuke探索 鹿之介Ootomo Xavi Land: Closed-Yamanaka Shikanosuke
Investigation: Shikanosuke探索 鹿之介Aki: ItsukushimaMouri Motonari (Drama Route)Yamanaka Shikanosuke
Jigen: Oni Shimazu示現 鬼島津Mikawa: Komaki-Nagakute-Shimazu Yoshihiro
Jigen: Oni Shimazu示現 鬼島津Battle of Sekigahara: Western Shadow-Shimazu Yoshihiro
Jigen: Oni Shimazu示現 鬼島津Aki: Itsukushima-Shimazu Yoshihiro
Minstrel: Pale Blue Bellflower吟遊 水色桔梗Shizugatake: Advance of the Oda Vanguard-Akechi Mitsuhide
Minstrel: Pale Blue Bellflower吟遊 水色桔梗Oumi: Sawayama Castle-Akechi Mitsuhide
Minstrel: Pale Blue Bellflower吟遊 水色桔梗Dewa: Mogamigawa-Akechi Mitsuhide
Minstrel: Pale Blue Bellflower吟遊 水色桔梗Oda: Azuchi CastleOda Nobunaga (Drama Route)Akechi Mitsuhide
Revenge: The Sword of the God of War復習 軍神の剣Oumi: Sawayama Castle-Kasuga
Revenge: The Sword of the God of War復習 軍神の剣Battle of Sekigahara: Western Shadow-Kasuga
Revenge: The Sword of the God of War復習 軍神の剣Echizen: Kitanoshou Castle-Kasuga
Revenge: The Sword of the God of War復習 軍神の剣Kaga Onsen: Gathering Of MaidensMaeda Keiji (Drama Route)Kasuga
Shima Sakon: Time of Creation島左近 誕生の刻Oumi: Sawayama CastleShima Sakon (Drama Route)Ishida Mitsunari

At certain points during a character's story, you might also see Drama Route or Anime Route encounters. They look very similar; Drama Routes are marked with a blue-edged scroll while Anime Routes use red.

This guide continues in part two!


  1. So amazingly useful, seriously Raindrops, can't thank you enough for how critical you have been to us western fans!


  2. this will really help when playing the game, instead of second guessing :S

    1. I hope so! Please let me know if anything is confusing and I'll try to make it clearer (if I can).

  3. OMG! This is a very useful thing! Your translation work is impressive and certainly will help many people who do not speak Japanese and to take full advantage of the game! Thank you very much!! :D


    1. Thank you for your kind words. I hope it's helpful to some of the importers!

  4. Thank you so much for the translations! I'd honestly be lost without them. I love these games the anime and anything to do with the basara world. Keep up the great work and please know there are people who are very greatful for people like you who help us enjoy these games we all love so much!!!

    1. Thank you for the kind message! It's always a pleasure to hear from a fellow fan :)

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  6. Ok...if you keep this up and translate the rest of the stuff after the game has come out (like for example the item/book etc. description) then I will officially love you. Already preordered the game...since I am planning to make alot of videos about it like I did with Utage, I was hoping that I could use the material that you have provided us with...of course giving you credit for explaining and/or translating all of this. You're awesome, keep it up!

    1. Haha, thank you, I'm so glad it's useful!

      Feel free to use any of the information you see here. A credit as a source is always greatly appreciated but the information itself is yours to use :)

      Let me know if you make some new videos and I can put them in a news update too for other fans to see.

  7. Hey raindrops are you also going to do a translation of all the playable characters personal items too.

    1. I am pretty sure that any PIs will be a type of Play Book this time (I can't see anywhere else to neatly add them to the interface...), so I'll add them to the table as soon as I have the full list.

  8. I preordered this ages ago, and I was beginning to second guess myself since I have zero Japanese knowledge but I think I'll manage with the help of this guide. Love the series and I'm extremely excited for the 4th entry, thank you so much for this!

    1. Thank you for the comment! I'll try to keep the guide up to date once I get the game, and I'm sure the rest of the community will also be publishing information as it's discovered. I hope you enjoy the game too!

  9. Thought I was gonna have trouble when i got my game in today but not any longer.
    Thank you soooooooooooo much!

    1. Glad it's useful, I hope you enjoy the game! I can't wait until I get home to my PS3 so that I can finally get started :D

  10. Thank you for this. My gaming experience just got a lot better and I was going to enjoy this even without having a clue about the language. :)

    1. Good to hear! I hope you have a brilliant time with the game :)

  11. Thanks for all this info Raindrops! Glad to see Kenshin and Kasuga get plenty of stages in spite of being NPCs. ... but, wait a second. Is Tadakatsu really on Naotora's Iinoya Castle stage!?

    1. You're very welcome! According to the guide, it seems that you'll encounter Tadakatsu if you get to the end of the stage within five minutes...

    2. I can now 100% confirm this as I just fought him for myself on that stage! Killing him isn't necessary to clear the battle.

  12. Hey man, i just received the game and i've been playing it for a few hours; done about 3 missions; but i can't seem to figure out how to switch character... he's also just standing there unless i spam L2, then my ingame "collegue" attacks the zone i assign him to... i put it on "automatic" following your translation but he doesn't do shit and i can't seem to switch characters in-game. Got any help or tips???

  13. Your guide is amazing and easy to navigate which makes everything so much better. I know it's a work in progress but can you explain how to use partners? Like how to switch to them in battle or give them directions? Thanks for the guide and all your hard work!

    1. Thanks! I'm mostly playing co-op at the start as my partner wants to play as well so this is just a very rough introduction.

      L2 issues commands to your battle buddy. Pressing it makes a ring appear which you makes them focus their attacks on a particular area; you can move the ring by holding L2 down. L2 + Circle will let you perform a Giga Basara attack with your partner so long as they have a full gauge too (in co-op mode it seems to require both people being in range and possibly both holding down L2 as well, not sure yet as real players wander off a lot farther!).

      To tag, you need to have a partner capable of tag (with the red/blue tag icon showing up on the screen). If your partner doesn't, you might need to level them up more - supposedly to level 50. You can give them some stored experience from your Inrou if it helps. Then, press the R3 button (pushing down on the right stick on the pad) to switch mid-battle.

      (Also, L1+R1 is the combination to activate your Limits of Style mode, which replaces the old Hero Time/Sengoku Boost/Sengoku Drive mechanics.)

    2. Thanks a bunch! Also i wondered why my "partner" doesn't really do much... is the game just made like that? For example with boss battles i have to use L2 to let him join the fight, otherwise he just stands there..

      One more question, is it worth also getting Sengoku Basara 3 (Samurai Heroes) PAL version or do you believe this game is far more superior? (i'm new to these series ;))


    3. Yes, I think you have to use L2 to make your partner do things at the start. They're meant to get smarter as they level up though, and learn to attack better :)

      If you don't speak much Japanese, I'd recommend getting Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes as well if you get the chance just so that you can see the character relationships playing out and become fully familiar with the setting. You'll also realise what some parts of the interface means more easily if you've seen the previous game in English already. However, if you can understand Japanese confidently, this game is a better starting point.

  14. Hello, and thank you for the guide. I collected a bunch of info regarding the inscriptions and threw together a translation for almost everything.

    It doesn't cover the Extreme versions, but everything else is translated as well as I could try.

    1. Thanks! I sneakily finished my list while on the plane home yesterday but it took me a while to get it formatted, so your guide will definitely have helped people out :)

  15. I must admit I did not know the existence of this blog before Sengoku Basara 4 was announced, I've looked at news regularly since then. I still haven't got my copy yet (can't wait to finally play this), but I know that your guide is and will be tremendously helpful for this game. Especially because they changed a lot of stuff in this game.

    I just cannot thank you enough for taking the time to do all of this!

    Just a question by the way, are you planning on translating the rest of the menus soon or something else first?

    1. I've just finished most of the things I was planning on adding at the start, so I'm free to translate more. The problem now is that I can't take pictures easily myself; perhaps if there are any options or menus which are particularly confusing people can post the picture and I'll add them to the list?

      I'm thinking that stage information (the gimmicks and hidden bonus conditions) might be interesting next, or perhaps the list of bonuses you need to gain extra rank points?

      I hope you enjoy the game when yours arrives. I've been having a blast with it today!

    2. Sure I can take pictures of particular things that would be nice to have translated! My phone should do the trick, I should have my game tomorrow hopefully. Off the top of my head though there is one thing in the options menu, the third choice where it seems like you can change shortcuts with the d-pad? I wasn't too sure so I did not touch it when I played with the free trial.

      I must say the weapon system seems quite overwhelming haha, they really changed a lot big and small things in that sequel.

      And man I wish I could've gone to Japan to see all that stuff, it looked like it was a lot of fun! Someday perhaps...

    3. I haven't used the D-pad shortcuts myself yet but here you go :)

      By default, nothing is assigned and you can use the D-pad for movement (you can't once you have assigned a direction to a command instead).

      The list of shortcuts on the right side of the screen is:

      Switch your ultimate technique (R2) - forwards in the list
      Switch your ultimate technique (R2) - backwards in the list
      Battle comrade orders
      Tag to your partner
      Activate Extreme Style mode

      You can adjust the order of the R2 moves on the skills screen, which is in Battle Preparation then the second option. The area at the bottom shows your R2s and lets you pick which should be the default with that character.

      I'm happy to help with anything else, so just feed me with screenshots (hehe).

      The weapons look really complex at first but after my co-op partner spent a few minutes trying things out he found it manageable and managed to fuse and upgrade a better weapon. He can't read the text and hasn't been studying the pre-release info at all so I'm sure you'll be fine once you've played around with it a few times :)

    4. I don't mind providing you some screens if that can help.

      And yeah I guess I will catch on when I play and experiment a bit more with.
      The 30 minutes trial was not even enough for me to complete a stage lol.

  16. I'm glad that there are guys like you that help western fans appreciate their dedication this will help me a lot worth friend

    1. Thank you, I hope everyone else enjoys the game as much as I do!

  17. This is the most helpful guide ever! Thank you!

    Could you possibly do a translation of the system settings? I like to turn off the health above all the enemies heads. I don't like seeing a sea of red lol. Can you help me locate where that would be? Thank you!

    1. Sure, you want the main Settings from the top menu then the top option, then the fourth option (default is ON). The full menu is like this:

      - Environment Configuration
      --- BGM Volume
      --- Effects Volume
      --- Voice Volume
      --- HP Gauge Display
      --- Automatic Guide Skip (the help screens which pop up telling you about the missions on certain stages)
      - Controller Configuration
      --- Exactly like this screenshot. The options for Guard Button are Guard Priority (the default) or Dodge Priority.
      - Shortcut Configuration
      Here you can assign shortcuts to the D-pad. By default, nothing is assigned and you can use the D-pad for movement. The list of shortcuts is:
      --- Switch your ultimate technique (R2) - forwards in the list
      --- Switch your ultimate technique (R2) - backwards in the list
      --- Battle comrade orders
      --- Tag to your partner
      --- Activate Extreme Style mode

      When you leave the menu, pick the leftmost option to save your changes otherwise they'll revert.

      If anyone has a screen grab of the menus I'll add labels and pop it up in the guide.

      Thank you for the kind words♪

  18. Merci beaucoup, je suis français et grâce à toi je peux jouer à ce super jeu^^
    Oui si tu peux nous traduire les menu d'options tu serais génial^^
    Bon travail

    1. De rien! Thank you ^^

      I will add a text-only translation of the settings to the guide now (unfortunately I don't have a good screenshot available).

  19. Do you know if there are any sort of "personal items" like in utage? for example, can i somehow use kanbe and dodge roll so that bombs come out still? or use chosakabe's metal spike net?

    1. So far there's no sign of anything like that. They might add them in later as DLC, or they might be hidden effects on something else like a particular Inscription or weapon. Otherwise, it seems that they've been completely removed!

    2. They might have removed them for the sake of balance in a way. On some characters in Utage it was quite overpowered *cough*Tenkai*cough*. But then they were quite a lot of fun to have around though, they gave each character a unique ability to their traits so yeah not sure why they got rid of them....

      I guess DLC is a good possibility now since with this sequel they are going DLC all the way.

    3. Yeah, I'm a lazy player and enjoyed the ones which kept super modes permanently activated even though some weren't all that creative and Tenkai became an immortal killing machine :)

      It's still possible there are hidden effects we haven't found yet, so that or a special future DLC Play Book seem most likely to me...

    4. I'll just cross my fingers then, but I'd prefer new playable characters if I had to choose.

  20. Salut dit moi pourrais tu traduire les choix que l'on à une fois que l'on a déjà terminé l'histoire avec un personnage.
    Car quand je recommence avec un autre personnage je ne comprends pas pourquoi on a 3 choix au lieu de deux avant de choisir la difficulté.
    Merci pour ton aide en tout cas.

    1. Hello, thank you for your comment (I'm sorry that I can't reply in French ^^).

      The extra choice at the bottom is for characters who have more than one route (Creation route, Drama route, Anime route). You can use it to jump straight to the moment where the routes split, so you don't need to play through the whole story again just to finish the Drama or Anime story.

      I don't have a screenshot at the moment to annotate, but look for these words to choose the right one:

      ドラマ (Drama)
      アニメ (Anime)

      Of course, you can just ignore the option and start at the beginning if you want to play a few extra stages.

  21. Thank you very much you kind sir, this surely helped me and my little brother A LOT

    1. I'm delighted to hear that! Please keep enjoying the game with your brother :)

  22. Thank you very much,that's help me so much..

  23. Thank you for the guide.. it really help a lot!!

    1. I'm glad to hear it, thank you for taking the time to comment! :)

  24. Disappointed to see there's no special item for each character anymore (Permanent 6-blade style for Date) but thks for translation!

  25. hi thanks again for the guide. the translations have made the game for me. I was wondering, on the takeda dojo stage: what is the difference in the 4 posts that you can hit before enemies start coming out? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!!

    1. The posts determine which of Shingen's 'exams' you'll take: white belt, black belt or tiger belt (red). You can pick whichever you want, however you get a huge amount of bonus rank points if you can clear the hardest one (tiger belt).

      I've only had the stage come up once so far (need more time to play!) and I think those were the only options. Did you see a fourth post? I'll have to check again...

    2. I have seen the 4th belt when I was going through the genesis mode. I havent seen it yet when i was just playing free battles but I think it's random. I havent found a way to get the tiger belt to pop up consistently.

    3. The fourth belt is actually tiger striped when you start the level and it's all the way on the right. Sorry for any confusion.

    4. Oh! Thank you, I just remembered. The red one is the 'master' belt, so the tiger is the best one. I must not have noticed the tiger one the one time I played that stage (probably for the best as I was level 1 and I'm not that great :D).

    5. You're right. Btw the tiger striped one will appear after you beat the black one. In the tiger belt phase a counter starts at 500k gold and counts down. The enemies are the same as the black belt stage just a little tougher. And the counter build up a little after each enemy killed. At the end of the level how ever much Ryo is on the counter is how much you get. Great way to earn ryo! Just got myself over 400k in one run.

    6. Thanks, sounds really interesting. I'm going to try it next time I'm playing as someone I don't suck with!

  26. That may be interesting so I thought I should let you know.
    Went through a set of one-on-one battles with Kanbee just yesterday (Sengoku Creation mode). It started with Yoshiteru whom I managed to beat with my lv1 guy (if you lose to him it'll still continue with the story (which I did with Matabee earlier on) but I was only interested in kicking his arse this time around). So I defeated him and had to continue on one-on-one since the game kept giving me no choice but another mano-o-mano. One after another till the end. Sorry I didn't put much thinking into paying attention to the name of the stages but the order was:
    1. Yoshiteru (short version of Remains of Ounin still with a corridor of guards that you can ignore if you like),
    2. Yoshihiro (not sure about the stage but there was an intro of him slamming Oda's forces so it was probably Mikawa: Komaki-Nagakute),
    3. Masamune (not sure about the name of the stage but it has flags with Sanada mon. Matabee has an intro on this one where he jumps on Date from behind),
    4. Mitsuhide (again there was an intro of him slowly walking through some desolated place. I beleive it was Shizugatake),
    5. Hisahide & Kotarou (Izumo: Shiraga Castle)
    6. Shingen (Takeda Otoko Dojo I beleive. This one is not one-on-one but rather equal to Utage's 決戦 mode. You can choose the difficulty by breaking one of the signs at the beginning and the outcome will differ. On easiest you must defeat a bunch of Takeda troops and the man himself. Second one start with a couple of ninjas imitating Kojuurou and Masamune following by a couple of random bosses, then Yukimura, then another couple of random bosses... and I died. Third one is the harder version of the second. Starts with Masamune&Kojuurou, then 2 random bosses, then another 2 random bosses, Sasuke, 2 random bosses again, and 2 random bosses more... and I died). I spend like 4 hours tring to beat this but with my lv.4 Kanbee (on hard difficulty) it only made me frustrated as hell, lol. Would've beat it with more moves I guess (man, I need my Spinning Pile Driver pronto). So I ended up finishing the easiest one and now I had a Takeda grudge (as well as one for Date) to chew on. One day, man one day... )))

    Sorry for this mess of a post and thanks a lot for your work!


    1. Thanks, I got a kick out of reading about your low level Kanbee challenge on my journey home :)

      A couple of people seem to have had the chain of one-on-one matches pop up. It hasn't happened yet in my game, though it sounds pretty funny. Perhaps soon...

  27. Hi! thank you so much for the hard work! Been playing the game on all my free time. (always the op or ending song in the head) I would like to know how to unlock the extreme mode ? I did several story with my friend and never got to unlock it... Do I need to play alone?
    Thank you!

    1. I think you just have to beat the final stage of your Sengoku Creation game in the hardest difficulty to unlock the next one up. So you can play in any difficulty right up to the end, but if you switch to the hardest before starting the last battle you'll unlock the even-harder mode once you're done. I've had no problems unlocking things in co-op mode so your friend should be able to play too :D

  28. Good guy Raindrops and Daydreams, thank you so much for this detailed translation. I've received my SB4 from a friend from Tokyo today but it was pretty confusing. With this information it will be absolutely different.
    Does anyone have an idea why my DLC codes do not work? I have codes for Masamune's Hakama & Wooden Sword Costume and Katsuie's Nagamasa Costume but neither of them is working.

    1. Hello! You need to redeem your codes on a PSN account that's the same region as the code, so if they aren't working perhaps you're using a non-JP account? I'm guessing the codes are for the JP version since you have Katsuie's outfit (nice ^^) and your friend picked it up in Tokyo.

      The best thing to do is to add a second account on your PS3, set it up with a Japanese address, then download the DLC. After that you can switch back to your normal account and the DLC will still work as your JP account downloaded it to the PS3 already.

    2. Thank you so much! I thought this might be the reason but did not know for sure! The game is JP only, so i will make a new account in order to download them. I will definately do this as both costumes are looking great. Please add me on PSN, my account name is the same KokoTenzen. I did not have time to read everything carefully but the game does not support online multiplayer for 2, right?

    3. That's right, the cooperative play is offline-only. I don't usually go online on PSN aside from the store because I'm old fashioned, but I'll remember you the next time I add people. I hope you enjoy your new costumes!

    4. A new problem occurred. I can not log in via PS3 with my JP account. I did it via my PC with all the details - address, cc data, etc. I can log in via Sonyentertainmentnetwork but not via PS3. It says that i can not login with someone else's e-mail. Any suggestions?

    5. I managed to log in, to redeem the codes and to download both costumes but how do i equip them?

    6. You should be able to find them on the preparation screen here. Mine had weird numbers, like I think Masamune's alt was his fourth costume so it was quite far to the right.

    7. Thank you! Both costumes look amazing :-)

  29. Salut.
    Je voulais savoir si tout les personnages avaient deux fin différentes ou seulement quelque un.
    Pour l'instant j'en ai eu que deux qui on eu deux fin différentes une en cinématique et l'autre en dessin animé.

    1. Salut♪

      I'm sorry that I can only reply in English.

      You can check which characters have extra endings here under 'Routes available'. 3 characters have anime endings, 22 characters have extra drama stories and everyone has a standard 'creation route'.

      I hope that helps!

  30. thanks a lot for the guide my friend I just have one small question about the characters personal items how do you unlock them for example Ieyasu hoodie on and mitsunari demonic power

    1. Unfortunately the abilities which used to be personal items seem to be missing in this game; nobody's found a way to use them. It's down to Capcom. They might release them later on in an update (or as DLC with a special playbook or weapon) but for now, we have to get used to playing without any personal items :(

  31. just like to say, thanks for all the effort you have put into this guide to help others inc me. Been a fan since devil kings! Now, back to working out timings on hideyoshi's grabs. :D

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment~♪ I'm always glad to hear that the stuff I write is useful to fellow fans :)

      I was playing Hideyoshi last night too - I haven't mastered him yet but it's still very satisfying to pull out one of his chains at a critical moment, isn't it? Really love the way they've updated him for the new game!

    2. Input your next throw while he slams the opponent to the ground. Just remember that you can't do the same throw more than twice in a row. So you had to switch between square, triangle, forward+triangle and L1+triangle. He can chain up to 5 throws with the one you inputing in the end will go deavastating massive slam. The chain can be initiated with any slam he has.


    3. Thanks hehe, I have to practice more (it's hard with my partner playing Katsuie and whisking all the bosses away as I make a grab, grrr!).

  32. A big THX from a french fan.
    I really wished to thank you for all that, i thought i would never be able to play this one and thanks to you i've ordered my copy. May Bishamonten bless you
    Merci beaucoup et prions pour un western release, ça sera quand même plus simple ;)

    1. Thank you! There seem to be a lot of French fans, I'm glad :)

      I really hope you enjoy the game! Let's all keep hoping for a proper western release one day.

  33. I Got Question...Can Masamune use Infinity War Dance Just like Sengoku Basara 3
    answer please...

    1. Unfortunately, he cannot! I'm hoping someone finds a way (or they add it as DLC later), but you have to activate it manually at the moment.

  34. Hi Raindrops,

    Please, I've a question about the DLC: "Weapons with high Rarity and Extreme Inscriptions for all 32 playable characters (complete set)"

    Is this a "easy" way to get great weapons for everyone, for those who doesn't want to bother to find weapons inscriptions and make good weapons?

    Thanks. :3

    1. Hello!

      I haven't bought that set myself, but I believe it's a set of random skins and you get the basic 'Extreme' Inscription on all of them so you can quickly make a weapon with six 'Extreme' abilities of your choosing. It will certainly save a lot of time, though I've found that I accumulate weapons quickly enough that I don't need any assistance in that department.

      If you have some credit on your PSN account and want to make cool starting weapons for the whole cast without worrying about collecting the best rewards, it's certainly a time-saver :)

  35. How to get Trophy "Restoration Of Heavenly Rule" (The length of your reign becomes 'Eternity' for the first time)?



    1. Hello! I don't have the guide which lists the trophy information in detail yet (it's coming out this month) and I have yet to achieve that trophy, but this person said that they managed to get it by accumulating a large number of rank points. It might be that you can't jump straight into a route and have to start a run right from the beginning then get as many points as you can?

  36. Hi Raindrops,

    Please, could you tell me what is the inscription in order to have the elemental effect on your weapon? It is the 12th one or 13th one?

    Thank you

    1. Hello! It's the 12th one - the more of them you stack, the greater the chance that each attack will also trigger the elemental effect.

  37. Thank you :)

    Seems like the 13th one is a good inscription that compliments the 12th one well?

    1. Yep! You can combine them too to save space, if you have them both :)

  38. Does all of the characters have the anime route of just Sakon, Katsuie and Shikanosuke?

    1. Just those three characters. I hope we get more anime footage of some kind soon with the new series they have planned!

  39. Hi,

    How I'm supposed to know which one of the serious weapons is the second weapon element for the new characters?

    1. It's difficult to tell which weapons would have had elements in the old system because none of them come with elements now and there's no real 'order'. The only weapons you'll find with elements are those with the 12th Inscription attached, so anything can be an elemental weapon.

      If you want to use the same tier of weapon for everyone, the official guides put the weapons in order, as does the weapon list in the Gallery screen (and you can also see on the rewards page, for example if you get Masamune's joke weapon as a reward then you usually get the same 'tier' of weapon for your buddy).

      If there are any you aren't sure about I can check the guide and confirm the name you need to look for.

  40. Oh, ok. Thanks for the answer :3

    Still seems a bit confusing though... There's a Gallery in the game, so if I go there, I can take a look at all the weapons, and they'll be in a proper order? Thus I can see which one of the weapons is the second element one? Or maybe we can find them on the Internet? I'd like to have the name, please. Written first in Japanese, then English. Thanks Raindrops :)

    1. Ok, here you go. You can check the models in your gallery (the fifth option コレクション then the first option 武器. The SB3-era order was:

      1. Basic weapon
      2. 5% elemental weapon
      3. Variant weapon
      4. 10% elemental weapon
      5. Joke weapon
      6. Unsigned weapon
      7. Gold weapon

      They're in the same order here so you can figure out which of the new characters' weapons are meant to be equivalent to the old types. The joke weapon names are (terrible) kanji puns so I just went with simple English renderings instead of trying to explain the dual meanings ^^;


      1. 逆刃薙 旋風 Reverse Naginata: Whirlwind
      2. 逆刃薙 疾風 Reverse Naginata: Gale
      3. 逆刃薙 翠嵐 Reverse Naginata: Suiran
      4. 逆刃薙 颶風 Reverse Naginata: Hurricane
      5. 漫我道 The Path Of Manga
      6. 逆刃薙 旋風・無銘 Reverse Naginata: Whirlwind (Unsigned)
      7. 逆刃薙 旋風・山吹 Reverse Naginata: Whirlwind (Gold)


      1. 「丁」・「半」 Evens/Odds
      2. 「白」・「黒」 White/Black
      3. 「吉」・「凶」 Luck/Misfortune
      4. 「天」・「地」 Heaven/Earth
      5. 「六」・「四」 Six/Four
      6. 「丁」・「半」無銘 Evens/Odds (Unsigned)
      7. 「丁」・「半」山吹 Evens/Odds (Gold)


      1. 懐剣“白無垢” Kaiken 'Wedding Kimono'
      2. 懐剣“鐘三献” Kaiken 'A Bell and Three Cups'
      3. 懐剣“聖六輝” Kaiken 'Six Holy Days'
      4. 懐剣“花高砂” Kaiken 'Ceremonial Flowers'
      5. 寿一膳 Congratulatory Chopsticks
      6. 懐剣“白無垢”・無銘 Kaiken 'Wedding Kimono' (Unsigned)
      7. 懐剣“白無垢”・山吹 Kaiken 'Wedding Kimono' (Gold)


      1. キンカン Kumquat
      2. ザクロ Pomegranate
      3. アオカズラ Green Vine
      4. イチジク Fig
      5. タコ山カニ山 Mr. Octopus & Mr. Crab
      6. キンカン・無銘 Kumquat (Unsigned)
      7. キンカン・山吹 Kumquat (Gold)


      1. 執行刃 Enforcement Blade
      2. 血祭刃 Bloodbath Blade
      3. 断末刃 Severing Agony Blade
      4. 粉骨刃 Bone Powder Blade
      5. 円鬼刃 Compass Blade
      6. 執行刃・無銘 Enforcement Blade (Unsigned)
      7. 執行刃・山吹 Enforcement Blade (Gold)

      I hope that helps!

  41. Thank you so much Raindrops!

    You're the best <3

  42. Hi Raindrops,

    Any ideas about how to get the 15000 Reward on Normal Difficulty concerning the One VS One map? The max I can get is 3000 :/


  43. How can I defeat Maria in the special part of the Onsen map? She always appear after I defeat Naotora :/

    1. According to reports this is a speed trial; you have to open the door by defeating the other girls very quickly. It might be worth testing it on an easy difficulty with a character with a one-hit-kill move to see how fast you have to be...

  44. Hi Raindrops! I can't say how thankful I am for the guide, especially the stage bonuses. I'd be browsing for a list for hours with my game paused if yours wasn't available.

    Also, would you happen to know how to switch out the regular weapons to the DLC alt outfit weapons? Looking at Masamune wielding his six swords instead of his bokken when in the hakama outfit is jarring...and hilarious.

    1. Thank you for the comment!

      I believe the only way to use the proper 'weapons' with the DLC costumes is to pick the character's basic weapon, which should show the special visuals properly. I guess they might fix this in a patch later on (hehe).

  45. Hi,

    I don't understand how to unlock the Extreme and Basara Difficulty. Can you help me, please?

    "There are four options: Normal, Hard, Extreme and Basara. The Extreme and Basara difficulties will not appear until you have cleared the final stage of Sengoku Creation mode in Hard and Extreme difficulties respectively."

    This is quite confusing. :/

  46. Sorry for the confusion! You can change difficulties at any time in Sengoku Creation mode, so to unlock Extreme you have to make sure you beat the final stage on Hard difficulty.

    To unlock Basara difficulty, you have to beat the final stage on Extreme difficulty.

    It will still work if you play through the entire mode without changing difficulty. In my game I unlocked Extreme after playing an entire story on Hard, and I unlocked Basara after playing an entire story on Extreme.

  47. Hi thanks again for all the help. Do you know or can you explain Sakons 3rd R2 move for me. I get that its a dice roll bonus type but I can't figure out the bonuses. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!

    1. Sure, the bonuses are as follows for each matched pair of numbers:

      Matched 1s: Experience points, money, attack power and hit count up (the Japanese wiki says there's a large explosion for four consecutive successes, but I've never done that...).
      Matched 2s: Experience points up (grey) and a small explosion.
      Matched 3s: Money up (gold) and a small explosion.
      Matched 4s: Attack power up (red) and a small explosion.
      Matched 5s: Hit count up (blue) and a small explosion.
      Matched 6s: You explode and go to 1HP, along with all nearby enemies.
      No match: A small explosion.

  48. Hi Raindrops,

    Please, can you tell me what is the role of the Fugitives? I think it's different from SB3.

    Thank you.

    1. This time around they're just a mini-game. You can get a trophy if you can find all 25 fugitives on each difficulty level but it's pretty easy if you play long enough, especially as you can equip a Play Book to show their positions instead of having to use a special partner.

  49. Um do you have a word version of this if it is okay to ask that is? I just hope that me and my friend can use this guide as we play through with it your guide is so helpful by the way :)

    1. Hello! I'm glad it's useful. I don't have a Word version, unfortunately, but you can probably create one if you'd like (or it might be easier to save it as a PDF if your computer has the ability to save websites that way).

      Anyway, I'll keep the guide online so you can hopefully access it whenever you and your friend need anything. I'm sure you'll memorise most of the important things very quickly once you've been playing the game for a while :)

  50. Has anyone unlocked Tenkai's weapons syringe and scalpel instead of Dual Scythes? They look sick! Thank you again for the detailed translation.
    What is the meaning of the blue sign on some battles/levels - it is different than the omen, outbreaks, etc battles and appears on the top of the stage in a blue and white sign. It seems to give you the chance to advance faster to the final battle and it also changes my ally every time.

    1. Hello :)

      The blue/white scroll means that you can access the 'drama route' for that character (some also have a red/white scroll for the 'anime route'). According to the creators, the regular route is the main one, the drama routes are side stories and the anime routes (there are only three in the game) are an occasional bonus, like a 'dessert'.

      The different routes have different endings as the storylines diverge when you make the choice.

      I hope that helps!

    2. Great, thank you for the reply.

  51. I just finished every Storyline with every Chara, got every weapon and every Symbol so far.

    I think that the weapons in the itemshop are more cheaper when you finishe the game with all charas but it is just my thought.

    The only thing left is grinding to lvl 99(?) and every fugitve on extreme and basara.Till now I have already 60 Hours on my score.

    1. Very nice! I read somewhere that the item shop weapons change in price depending on your current amount of money, though I haven't noticed. It's possible that your progress affects the pricing too, then - I'm going to have to add a lot of new information to the guide when the new strategy guides confirm how everything works.

  52. 1. The weapons prices are realy changing depending of your current money. If you hav more you get better weapons with better slots. But also the weapons will not go beyond 140.000 Gold.
    2. I was mistaken. There is no pricedrop for finishing the storymode with every chara. It was just point 1 above.

  53. I have a question but also by the way amazing job on the translation but I want to know can game saves be used for this game ? tried using one off gamefaqs and it brought me somewhere where I CANT play the game unless i delete the game save and start a fresh new game I don't know what this problem is but if you can give a solution or any help it's much apperciated !

    1. PS3 game saves are tied to the system and the account. You can load someone else's game save only if you have their PSN account logged in on your system or if the game save was made on the system. There's a way to "trick" it, and you only need to do it once per game, but it could potentially corrupt your system if you aren't very computer savvy, so I don't recommend it at all.

    2. I'm afraid I've never tried playing with saves (the one time I lost mine for Sengoku Basara 3, I had an old backup I was able to restore successfully on the same account).

      A big thank you to Mewshuji for providing an answer, as I would have had no idea about the options and risks!

  54. Also if you can please email me any advice on game saves with this game.( thanks so much LOVE THIS GAME ALOT.

  55. Best Basara 4 guide! thx so much

    btw...I have some problem, I just got "Dante" DLC costume it looks so cool but I don't know how to change my sword to "Alastor" skin PLS help!!! T---T

    1. Thank you for your comment!

      I believe that Masamune's Alastor sword will be shown if you pick one of his basic weapons; the ones called 景秀 (not the gold or unsigned version, just the basic 景秀). I hope that helps!

  56. Hi Raindrops man you give us wonderful guide.
    Mr.Raindrops can you give us explanation to add elements to weapon in sengoku basara 4 please.

    1. Hello, thank you for the comment!

      To add an element all you need to do is look out for an elemental Inscription and fuse it to the weapon you like. Using the numbers in the table above, the basic Inscription which adds an element is 12 道出 but you can also use the stronger versions: 43 道出(極), 68 六道 or 85 六道(極). You will see your character's elemental icon appear on your chosen weapon after the fusion is complete.

      Let me know if that explanation wasn't clear!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. thank you for the answer
      so you mean we need to combine weapon that have elements to the weapon we like most

    4. That's right; if you find a weapon with an element you can move the effect to your favourite weapon by moving the Inscriptions. I made a light-elemental joke weapon for Ieyasu :)

    5. Thank you Raindrops. I have one more question how to remove RUST from a weapon we have?

    6. You should be able to put a different inscription on top to remove the Rust. It's a little inconvenient, but it won't ruin your best weapon forever.

  57. Thank you for the guide, now I can finally use it too :)

    But can I ask you Raindrops are you a Mr and not a Ms which I thought before, don't want to get it wrong!

    1. Congratulations, at last!

      You were correct with your original guess about the Mr/Ms thing :)

      (I don't mind being called a Mr though, haha.)

  58. Phew finally got the platin trophy after 180 Hours of power grind leveling. ^^

  59. hey raindrops, how many GB is sengoku basara 4 have? because i'm downloading right now

    1. Hello!

      According to the PSN website it's around 17GB (the sidebar says 16.5GB so perhaps they rounded the number up). I have the disc edition so I am not entirely sure about the download version!

    2. It is around 17GB indeed but you need twice the free space on your HDD to be able to download and install it.

  60. Quite amazing, I've decided to import it because of this, lets hope maybe we won't need it though, and it'll get an English release. I like most of the English voices better.

    1. Thank you very much, I'm glad it's helpful! Hopefully the new anime will be a success and increase the series' visibility in the west to give the games a better chance of localisation.

  61. You work hard and give us knowledge about this game, thank you very much, sorry my english is not good

    1. Your English is fine! Thank you very much for the kind words. Please enjoy the game :)

  62. Hey,
    Thanks a lot for this guide, without it I probably wouldn't have bought SB4

    Btw I made this simple website with all the inscriptions and their effects. Its a clickable screenshot from the game. I find this more convenient than printing out several pieces of paper.

    If someone's interested:

    1. Thanks for your comment. It makes me so happy to hear about lots of people playing the game.

      Your chart might help more people who want a quick reference so I'll pop a link to it in the guide, if that's ok :)

    2. Of course it's not a problem, that's why I made this comment in the first place.

      Oh and now I even added a nice Fugitive Bingo Table including pictures of all stages. Hope this will help some people as well ;)

    3. Thanks, I've added the link in the second part of the guide too!

  63. Raindrops thank you for this guide, it's really useful and easy to understand. I love Basara world since I was a child. Regards from Peru :)

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a kind comment. I hope you continue to enjoy the Sengoku Basara world!

  64. Hi, I have a question, I need a trophy, '' Unlock all stages' 42-42 but I have not given me the trophy, it should also play one vs. one battles?

  65. I believe that you have to clear all of the 'named' one-on-one battles at least once, so while you don't have to do every version of Fate: One-Eyed Dragon, you have to clear all of them once including the rare ones like Oda Nobunaga: Awakening of the King of Misfortune which only appear on specific routes. I hope that helps!

  66. Hey, I was fusing weapons and something unexpected happened. The main weapon lost the element even though I haven't added any of the inscription to the main weapon. Do you have any explanation to this?

    1. The element will only exist on a weapon if one of the elemental inscriptions is present: #12 (道出 Source), #43 (道出(極)Source (Extreme)), #68 (六道 Six Realms) or #85 (六道(極) Six Realms (Extreme)). If an elemental effect disappears, you might have accidentally placed a new inscription on top of the elemental one when you were fusing weapons together.

      If you're sure you didn't copy over any of the inscriptions when it happened, I'm not sure how the elemental one was overwritten. Perhaps there's some kind of shortcut which copies the inscriptions over?

  67. Thnx for the awesome post
    This will be extremely helpful

  68. Only just got my SB4 game now (and hoping to get the Sumeragi version later in the year). Thank you so much for your SB4 articles, translations and links. They're super useful :D

    1. Thank you for the comment. I hope you are having lots of fun, and I can't wait for more news about Sumeragi! It will be time to make an updated guide for that soon :)

  69. hey raindrops, can you help me to full screen the game. i can't read kanji. so please help me

    1. Thank you for your comment! I'm not sure I understand, isn't the game full screen by default?

    2. my game screen is at ratio 16:9 which is 1280x600. other gae are at fullscreen though. can you translate the option?

    3. I'm sorry, maybe I'm missing something but I don't think the game itself has any options for this. Surely it would be in the PS3 options? If you have any screenshots or photographs I'm happy to translate any kanji you need!

  70. I am very confuse on what the Inscriptions is and what it does?! Please explain how to do it Please! Thank You very much!

    1. The 108 basic inscriptions are special upgrades which come attached to your weapons and allow you to strengthen them in whichever way you prefer. It's a bit like the slots on the weapons in Sengoku Basara 3 and some of the other games, except this time the bonuses cannot be removed and swapped between different weapons as easily.

      For example, if you find a weapon with the inscription 'A Card Played', it increases your damage dealt by 1.5x. You can add up to six inscriptions on each upgraded weapon so if you add 6x 'A Card Played' that weapon will do 9x damage - which is a lot!

      The Weapon Fusion instructions will walk you through adding/combining inscriptions but I think the easiest way is just to try it - play through story mode once then check your weapons; you should have gathered several with inscriptions attached. You can then experiment with weapon fusion until you understand what's going on. It seems complicated at first but after a few tries you'll understand how it works just fine.

  71. when i finished the sengoku creation mode, why do i only get one new coustume? eventhough i played in hard, or basara mode, still no new costumes unlocked.

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