Saturday 23 November 2013

News roundup: Gossip from the Fukuoka Sengoku Basara 4 in-store preorder event and more translations

Rumours from today's Sengoku Basara 4 in-store preorder event

It's Saturday once again, which means that the third of the five weekly Sengoku Basara 4 preorder events has now taken place in Yodobashi Camera, Hakata. There was a presentation by game producer Kobayashi 'KobaP' Hiroyuki and another video was unveiled.

Here is the usual collection of rumours from Twitter, 2ch and other sources. As Hakata is located less centrally it sounds as though there were fewer fans in attendance than there were last week - or fewer fans who use social media networks. It's really tough to separate the rumours from the facts with so few reliable sources.
  • The main thing everyone is talking about is Amago Haruhisa. There are a lot of rumours about him being in the game as an enemy, though nobody seems to know for sure whether he's a full enemy NPC, a cutscene character or some kind of minor boss again.
  • The source seems to be that the name 'Amago' appeared in a timeline shown somewhere in the new video, so it could be a mistake and something to do with Shikanosuke's story. One person thought they saw the phrase 'a world of sand'.
  • The vagueness of the rumour hasn't stopped everyone from speculating wildly about the old regional warlords again...
  • Someone asked whether there would be regional warlords or cutscene-only characters. KobaP couldn't reveal that yet.
  • The fan theory that Shikanosuke's deer is actually Amago was rejected at the event.
  • There's still no news about Motonari even though people asked.
  • KobaP said that Oichi is really cute in Nagamasa's story.
  • It seems that Matabee was in the Toyotomi army at first but departed along with Kanbee. He then became thoroughly disgusted with Kanbee and left him, but it's touching when they reunite in the game. KobaP wouldn't say whether Matabee rejoins the Kuroda army.
  • There aren't many anime endings at all.
  • The new video features Sengoku Creation Mode and the march screen. There was a lot of text again so people can't really describe it.
  • There was some discussion about the way characters move on the march screen (Ieyasu riding on Tadakatsu, Mitsunari running and other characters riding horses as we've seen already).
  • KobaP said something about Aniki (Motochika) moving in a very 'Aniki-like' way on the march screen. One fan speculated that he might be depicted riding on some kind of vehicle.
  • You can apparently rotate the camera to view your character from the front on the march screen.
  • The new video supposedly includes footage of Magoichi as a playable character with Tsuruhime as support.
  • There's a shot of Katsuie and Sakon standing back to back in the new Echizen: Kitanoshou Castle intrusion stage.
  • I've only found a handful of pictures of the event venue so far courtesy of @ito_bsr (2, 3) and @rekkuza96. It was an all-girl crowd when everyone was queueing at the start.
I'll add to the list if I find anything else of interest.

Even though the event information was weak, while I was searching I stumbled upon this new post on the Sony Playstation blog. There's the first in a series of weird videos with KobaP at the bottom.

The Bushou Matsuri 2013 DVD cover art is revealed

The cover artwork for the upcoming Butai Sengoku Basara Bushou Matsuri 2013 event DVD is now available. I still have no idea whether the Dais Shop version is sticking to its 'late November' date now that a general release is on the way. I can't wait to see Ikeda Shuuichi's appearance at last!

With the news out of the way, I'm going to delve back into the most recent gameplay video and translate more of the menu system. You can click on the pictures to see them at full size.

Translations of some more Sengoku Basara 4 content: Character Levelling

We discovered that you could level characters up out of battle a few days ago and the latest video revealed exactly how it works. First, you need to select it from the menu in the Battle Preparation screen. Here's an annotated version.

Next, here's a screenshot of the Character Levelling interface. For an explanation of how the Inrou of Enhancement stores experience, please consult the first of this week's translation posts. I think everything else is self-explanatory.

Translations of some more Sengoku Basara 4 content: Weapon Enhancement

You can access Weapon Enhancement through the Basara-ya Shop using the menu screens I translated in my previous post, or by going to Battle Preparation → Equip Weapon then pressing R1 once to switch screens. You can see which screen you're in by checking the navigation in the top left corner.

This next one looks intimidating but it's just a matter of learning the layout. Square controls the weapon's Rarity level, which affects its maximum stats. Triangle boosts stats by random amounts using your stock of fortune hammers, while the Circle button lets you increase individual stats with your stock of whetstones.

Translations of some more Sengoku Basara 4 content: Play Books

I've mentioned the flat, rectangular items you can receive as rewards or buy from the in-game shop a few times now and they appear to be called Play Books or Game Books. In this case I'm going with the former for my translations since the word 'game' is used a lot elsewhere. I've adjusted the annotations on the march screen in my previous translation post to take this decision into account.

In the bottom left of the main march screen is a section labelled Play Settings which you can access by pressing L1. I believe that this will take you to your Play Books, allowing you to set up to three of them in the slots below. It looks as though they'll work like the accessories did in the previous games.

Here's a list of the books and their effects that I've seen so far. Since the icons all seem to look the same anyway, I'm going to present the translations as a list instead of a picture to make it easier to update over time.

体力倍増Double hit points
敵体力倍増Double enemy hit points
敵兵治癒Enemy soldier recovery
捨て身の覚悟The resolve to risk your life
大将殺しSlayer of generals
会心乱発Random criticals
鋼のからだSteel body
粋早々Quick Style
手数重視Emphasis on hassle
The effect and bonus reward for 'Enemy soldier recovery' is also shown: enemies gradually regain their hit points, and if you win you get a 200% bonus to the money you earned.

Translations of some more Sengoku Basara 4 content: Weapon Fusion

To add Inscriptions to your weapons, you need to use the Weapon Fusion system. It can be found in the same menu as Weapon Enhancement above. First, choose your weapon from the list as usual. The blue label means the weapon is equipped, the yellow label means you're performing the synthesis on that weapon (I'm calling it the 'base weapon'), and the red label is used for the weapon you're using as raw materials for the upgrade. Here's the first Weapon Fusion screen from the video with text annotations in English.

When you've picked the weapon you want to use as your 'raw material', you're taken to the main Weapon Fusion screen. You can move Inscriptions from the 'raw material' weapon to the one you're upgrading.

Selecting a slot which already has an Inscription gives the message 'Discard'. Be careful you don't do this unless you want to reclaim that slot!

Certain types of Inscription can be placed on top of others to boost them. The video shows the 'Extreme' Inscription being added to a basic type, making it stronger.

Once you're done, you can press Triangle to complete the fusion, destroying the 'raw material' weapon in the process. Each upgrade has a cost, and you have to pay the total price when the button is pressed.

Translations of some more Sengoku Basara 4 content: Inscriptions

You can view the table of Inscriptions by pressing R2 when you're in the shop or on the main battle preparation screen, or straight from the Weapon Enhancement menu above.

I've given each individual Inscription a number in this diagram:

To accompany it, here's the full list of Inscriptions with gaps where the effects weren't shown. As better screenshots and descriptions of the effects become available, I'll revise this and fix any errors:

1Grey/Black体力StaminaGrants +100 hit points
2Grey/Black打力Striking Force-
7Grey/Black防崩Break Defence-
9Grey/Black痛打Crushing Blow-
13Grey/Black道力Moral Power-
14Grey/Black鬼刃Demon Blade-
15Grey/Black必力Assured Power-
16Grey/Black必重WeightyGrants +2 hit count for Basara and Giga Basara techniques
18Grey/Black盗食Food Theft-
22Grey/Black早起Early Riser-
23Grey/Black悪童Naughty Brat-
25Grey/Black無粋No Style-
27Grey/Black砕石Broken Stone-
32Grey/Blue体力(極)Stamina (Extreme)-
33Grey/Blue打力(極)Striking Force (Extreme)-
34Grey/Blue守力(極)Protection (Extreme)-
35Grey/Blue根性(極)Willpower (Extreme)-
36Grey/Blue堅固(極)Solid (Extreme)-
37Grey/Blue反能(極)Incapable (Extreme)-
38Grey/Blue防崩(極)Break Defence (Extreme)-
39Grey/Blue達人(極)Expert (Extreme)-
40Grey/Blue痛打(極)Crushing Blow (Extreme)-
41Grey/Blue小粋(極)Stylish (Extreme)-
42Grey/Blue生粋(極)Genuine (Extreme)-
43Grey/Blue道出(極)Journey (Extreme)Additional effects from your attacks will occur regularly (major effect)
44Grey/Blue道力(極)Moral Power (Extreme)-
45Grey/Blue鬼刃(極)Demon Blade (Extreme)-
46Grey/Blue必力(極)Assured Power (Extreme)-
47Grey/Blue必重(極)Weighty (Extreme)-
48Grey/Blue美味(極)Tasty (Extreme)-
49Grey/Blue盗食(極)Food Thief (Extreme)-
50Grey/Blue吸血(極)Bloodsucking (Extreme)-
51Grey/Blue休息(極)Rest (Extreme)-
52Grey/Blue活性(極)Active (Extreme)-
53Grey/Blue早起(極)Early Riser (Extreme)-
54Grey/Blue悪童(極)Naughty Brat (Extreme)-
55Grey/Blue純粋(極)Pure (Extreme)-
56Grey/Blue無粋(極)No Style (Extreme)-
57Grey/Blue粋狂(極)Eccentric (Extreme)-
58Grey/Blue砕石(極)Broken Stone (Extreme)-
59Grey/Blue収金(極)Collection (Extreme)-
60Grey/Blue経験(極)Experience (Extreme)-
61Grey/Blue稽古(極)Training (Extreme)-
62Grey/Blue拾得(極)Find (Extreme)-
63BlueExtremeEnhances Inscriptions
64Gold/Black剛力Tremendous Strength-
67Gold/Black鉄身Iron Body-
68Gold/Black六道Six Realms-
69Gold/Black粋華Stylish Elegance-
70Gold/Black妖刃Bewitched Blade-
71Gold/Black必殺DeathblowIncreases the attack power of Basara and Giga Basara techniques and grants +1 hit count
72Gold/Black剣劇Sword Play-
73Gold/Black特訓Intensive Training-
74Gold/Black怪盗Phantom Thief-
76Gold/Black天恵Heavenly Blessing-
80Gold/Black逆上FrenzyGrants +250 attack power when near death, and your Style gauge will fill
81Gold/Red剛力(極)Tremendous Strength (Extreme)-
82Gold/Red頑丈(極)Sturdy (Extreme)-
83Gold/Red会心(極)Critical (Extreme)-
84Gold/Red鉄身(極)Iron Body (Extreme)-
85Gold/Red六道(極)Six Realms (Extreme)-
86Gold/Red粋華(極)Stylish Elegance (Extreme)-
87Gold/Red妖刃(極)Bewitched Blade (Extreme)-
88Gold/Red必殺(極)Deathblow (Extreme)Greatly increases the attack power of Basara and Giga Basara techniques and grants +2 hit count
89Gold/Red特訓(極)Intensive Training (Extreme)-
90Gold/Red怪盗(極)Phantom Thief (Extreme)-
91Gold/Red食歴(極)Career (Extreme)-
92Gold/Red天恵(極)Heavenly Blessing (Extreme)-
93Gold/Red無頼(極)Thug (Extreme)-
94Gold/Red生命(極)Life (Extreme)-
95Gold/Red奇跡(極)Miracle (Extreme)-
96Gold/Red逆上(極)Frenzy (Extreme)-
98Green空舞Sky Dance-
100Green俊速Superbly Quick-
102Green宝刀Treasured SwordReceive an additional 10,000 ryou when weapon disassembly is performed
104Green必死Certain Death-
105Green同体As One Body-
106Green打札A Card Played-
108Light BlueChange-


  1. A million thanks RD. This will be immensely helpful for English players who can't read Japanese. Especially when the game comes out and the inscriptions list is complete. :D

  2. And for those who are not English but can manage to read it at least :P. I have no words to express my gratitude towards your great work in translating. I'm still a bit afraid about being able to play with this completely different SB4, which, to my point of view seems quite for not to say extremely difficult to get used to it. Specially when you cannot read Japanese xD. Again, Thanks a lot for your work and sharing with us :)

    1. I'm always humbled by how many international fans of the series there are who speak excellent English as a second (or third...or fourth) language :)

      The game seems a lot more text-heavy this time with fewer helpful icons but I'm sure you'll be able to get used to it quickly once you've become familiar with all of the menus. Hopefully as many people can play and enjoy Sengoku Basara 4 as possible!

  3. Raindrops! New video!!!

    1. Why is it always just after I go to bed?! :D

      That's great, a new video to sift through tonight then the rumors from the new magazine will start appearing. Endless news!

  4. And Mouri got announced too on the Basara Magazine!

    1. It's not really important but Yoshihara Motoki uploaded two more sketches of the Basara manga. Since I noticed you haven't retweeted them:
      The characters look really good! I'm really looking forward to them ^^

    2. Thanks, they're in my next post which is waiting to go (letting some Basara Magazine news accumulate, hopefully!).

      I really like Yoshihara's style, it's so classic and manly.

  5. Yeah I don't really like when the characters are portrayed too femininely ;;

    The magazine news are going to come up soon! The photos are starting to pop up on my feed!! I guess I'm not going to get enough sleep again orz


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