Saturday 30 November 2013

News roundup: Gossip from the Osaka Sengoku Basara 4 preorder event

Today was the fourth consecutive weekly in-store Sengoku Basara 4 preorder event with a new video and talk from series producer KobaP. This time, the event was held in Osaka at the Nipponbashi branch of Joshin Denki's Disc Pier.

I'm afraid it's difficult to look things up properly while away from home but here are the comments I've seen on Twitter so far. Please forgive more typos than usual.
  • There were a lot of people at the event this time.
  • For the demo sessions, a lot of people were picking Sakon and Katsuie (Note: there are only six characters in this demo build).
  • KobaP was asked a lot of things about Katsuie which he was unable to answer at this time. He said there would be scenes from Katsuie's past.
  • The video introduces the new enemy warriors (NPCs) this time.
  • Yoshiteru seems to be the strongest.
  • He loves battle and compliments his opponent during his taunt.
  • His strength and fighting style varies depending on the roulette colour of his stage. Red increases the power of his hits, black gives him a homing missile while gold traps the opponent in a force field.
  • Someone said his movement was 'Matsunaga-like'.
  • Maria's normal attacks resemble Spiderman's moves, according to one fan.
  • Maria was shown wrapping Masamune in her cloth and using her kiss attack like in the pictures from her introduction article.
  • She apparently uses the kiss attack on whomever she wants. People were joking about which of the game characters Maria would want to kiss.
  • All of the game's characters should be announced by the end of the year.
  • The total of 32 playable characters was confirmed once again (it was also explicitly stated in the magazine a few days ago).
I hope we will get to see the new video on Monday!

Update 01/12/2013 23:30: Just rounding up a few more rumours from blogs and forums before the video comes out, now that I'm back home...
  • Yoshiteru wasn't seen using any weapon styles other than the previously-mentioned katana, spear and bow attacks.
  • Someone mentioned that when in 'red mode' from the roulette on his stage, Yoshiteru launched his opponent into the air and shot them repeatedly with the bow.
  • (Note: Since we know that Capcom call Yoshiteru's weapon change skill 'Roulette', could it be that when he uses this it spins the colours on his stage at the same time? Could each weapon type be linked to a particular colour and special boss technique?)
  • What I described as his taunt above was referenced by someone else, who thought it might actually be his victory pose. Yoshiteru walks forward and claps while saying "Fantastic!".
  • It seems that the new video has a shot of Hideyoshi being impaled with a spear.
  • Maria can release three or four cloth 'curtains' and hide within them.
  • She can use the long range of her cloth to close distance between herself and the enemy by using it to hold onto them and lift them up.
The fans only got to see the video played once at what sounds as though it was a very crowded event, so it's understandable that they weren't able to pick up every detail. I'll probably be posting again in a few hours with the video link when we can see for ourselves (unless Capcom decide to delay it to Thursday again).


  1. I really, Really, REALLY hope that Kobayashi-sama would announce an English translation sub for free DLC by redeeming the code! *keeps praying*

    1. That would be wonderful. Heck, paid DLC would still be fine if they want to be cautious about it ^^;


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