Wednesday 6 February 2013

News: Sengoku Basara door knob plates?!

It seems that announcing things directly is no longer in fashion, as online store AmiAmi has revealed the details of yet another wave of strange Sengoku Basara merchandise due to become available in late April 2013.

I think that 'Sengoku Basara Door Knob Plates' are the most ridiculously titled tie-in items yet this year. There will be four packs available, each costing ¥525, with the options being Masamune/KojuurouMotonari/MotochikaIeyasu/Mitsunari or Yukimura/Sasuke.

 Sadly the pictures of the Setouchi and Sekigahara pairs aren't available yet, but I think it's reasonably easy to guess how they'll look after seeing the Takeda and Date designs.

The other new items are Sengoku Basara Acrylic Pass Cases costing ¥1,260 each. Again, there are four available. You can choose between Masamune and KojuurouMotonari and MotochikaIeyasu and Mitsunari or Yukimura and Sasuke. Each has a chain attached so that it can be attached to your handbag or wallet.

The design of the pass cases is significantly more tasteful than the ostentatious door knob plates above. For some reason that makes them less attractive to me, which is a blessing as they aren't cheap!

The final piece of BSR news today is the only one actually from Capcom themselves: the third Eiyuu No Kai fan club newsletter will be shipping around the end of February. The newsletters don't tend to contain announcements, and I don't reproduce their exclusive articles on my blog anyway. Still, fingers crossed that there'll be some juicy information soon!

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