Wednesday 3 June 2015

News roundup: Kenshin, Kasuga and Street Fighter IV headline today's Weekly Famitsu article

Here's all of the new Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi information from the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine, which just went on sale in Japan. Like before, I'm using the same numbering system as the magazine to break the announcements into categories.

29. Presenting the pair's 'speedy action'!

They were unplayable in the previous game but Uesugi Kenshin and Kasuga have been confirmed this time, and they even have some new moves. The R2 specials are numbered in the article so they're presented in the same order in my list.

Uesugi Kenshin
  • R2 #1: Shinran ('Divine Storm') - A new addition since the previous game. A freezing blizzard appears around the enemy soldiers in front of the player. The enemies can be frozen to the ground and prevented from moving as Kenshin continues to attack.
  • R2 #2: Shinkyoku ('Divine Thorns') - A new special technique which combines a high-speed unsheathing of the katana with a slash. If you time the button press correctly, you can create a huge rose made of ice which blasts the enemies away then slows everything down in the area, putting it into the 'Divine Region' state.
There's a note that Kenshin still has his Shin Iki ('Divine Region') slowdown trait on other moves, in case anyone was wondering.

  • R2 #1: Mitsugi: Maitsubomi ('Secret Rite: Dancing Flower Bud') - Kasuga climbs a pole and performs a seductive dance technique. It can be used to charm the surrounding enemy soldiers into handing over koban coins.
  • R2 #2: Mitsugi: Nijikage ('Secret Rite: Rainbow Silhouette') - A new special technique involving clones created from threads. The threads add a binding effect to all of Kasuga's attacks. Furthermore, by using a particular move it's possible to make the clones add follow-up attacks.
For some reason Kenshin is wearing the Echigozuka costume previously shown as a Tenka Medal reward in all of the screenshots, and Kasuga is wearing her Tenka Medal spectacles (see below). The enemy soldiers in the pictures of Kenshin are the Kyougoku-Azai troops accompanied by Nagamasa.

The Weekly Famitsu writers comment that seeing these nostalgic old characters returning with the new gameplay system is one of the game's charms. There's no explanation for the story which led to the picture of the pair entangled in 'rose-hued Sengoku drama' at the top of the page so I expect that will be part of the next official website update in a few hours.

30. Strike 'Poem Amago' to receive Tenka Medals!

When certain conditions are met, the Battle Roulette begins to spin. The roulette's outcome can change the battlefield in a variety of ways. For example, if you achieve the 'Tenka' (red) result, the mysterious warrior 'Poem Amago' might appear. Poem Amago moves around the stage submerged below ground. If you're able to attack him when he appears above the surface, you'll receive Tenka Medals which you can trade in for fantastic rewards.

There's a special pink icon with Poem Amago's name and face which indicates the place where he will appear.

(Poem Amago is Amago Haruhisa from Sengoku Basara 3 with a pink veil partially covering his face, in case that wasn't obvious.)

31. Check out the next batch of Tenka Medal rewards.

There's another batch of reward descriptions, as usual. Some have already been shown at events.
  • 24 of 167: Date Masamune's Fake 'Date Megane' Glasses Ver. costume.
  • 25 of 167: Katsuie's red/white/blue costume is called the Tricolor Ver. - however it's written with the ateji for 'capture', 'kill' and 'yield' which makes the name quite strange.
  • 26 of 167: A new blue/white costume for Keiji, the Clear Skies Striped Ver.
  • 27 of 167: Kasuga also has a pair of glasses to wear; the Crimson Spectacles Ver.
  • 28 of 167: A skill enhancement for Matsunaga Hisahide. It's a move where Hisahide sprinkles the enemy in front of him with gunpowder, then wraps a fuse around them so that they explode. The gunpowder can be sprinkled over a wider area by holding down the button.
  • 29 of 167: A skill enhancement for Fuuma Kotarou. He instantly teleports from the ground to the air, or vice versa. After moving, it's possible to follow up quickly with a kick if he's on the ground, or a shuriken attack if he's in the air.
  • 30 of 167: A skill enhancement for Uesugi Kenshin. If used on the ground, it launches the surrounding enemies upwards and acts as a combo opener. If used in the air, it changes into a lunging attack which can be used to pursue enemies.
  • 31 of 167: A skill enhancement for Kasuga. Kasuga lands after an aerial spin, blasting the surrounding enemies away. The move can also be triggered while using other techniques in order to work as a follow-up, or to end a combo.
32. The Street Fighter IV crossover costumes are unveiled!

There's a little more detail on the outfits which were revealed on the Famitsu website yesterday.
  • The screenshots show that his fans are emblazoned with the words 'Shouryuuken' and 'Hadouken' when Rikyuu is dressed up as Ken. The outfit is called the Street Fighter IV Ken Ver.
  • Maria's outfit is called the Street Fighter IV Rose Ver. and all that the notes say is that fans can look forward to seeing Rose wielding cloth rather than 'soul power' this time.
  • Ieyasu is described as being the perfect fit for the white gi of the Street Fighter IV Ryu Ver. outfit since he's the martial arts type. He also has a move which resembles the Shouryuuken.
  • Kasuga's costume is the Street Fighter IV Chun-Li Ver. and the writers remark that it will be fun to use lots of stylish kick moves while dressed as Chun-Li. Another screenshot sets up Kasuga blasting an enemy with a move the staff compare to Chun-Li's Kikoushou.
The best part of this feature is probably the screenshot where they've lined the characters up as though it's a 2D fighting game and made Ieyasu uppercut Kojuurou while both characters' partners look on from the sidelines.


The PS3 version of Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi is back up to 22nd place in the magazine's list of upcoming games while the PS4 version has vanished.


That's all of the Weekly Famitsu content, but another piece of news came up today which I think is worth mentioning!

The game's opening theme DOUBLE-DEAL will be released as a single

The official T.M.Revolution website has announced that DOUBLE-DEAL will be released as a single - and the details will be of interest to Sengoku Basara fans. There will be two variants available.

The 2CD version of the single (ESCL-4490~4491) will cost ¥1,500 before tax and include a 'T.M.Revolution x Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi' trading card. To go with the CD with DOUBLE-DEAL, the second disc will include newly recorded, rearranged 'Re:boot' versions of Count ZERO, crosswise, FLAGS, SWORD SUMMIT, UTAGE, Naked arms and The party must go on. The bonus disc is being called Sengoku Basara Re:boot Tracks.

The CD+DVD version (ESCL-4492~4493) will be priced at ¥1,800 and include a different 'T.M.Revolution x Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi' trading card. It will include the DOUBLE-DEAL CD and a DVD with special video footage.

Both versions of the single will go on sale on 5th August 2015.


  1. Let me get this out of the way: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH <3 Yesyeysyeywasydauydaesf--

    Ahem! Pardon me. Anyway--

    I'm not so sure how to feel about Kasuga poledancing as a move for /money/, as that doesn't seem like her at all... but I suppose I should see it in action before I judge. They probably just mentioned the medals because that seems a major focus this time right? So I hope there's more to it- as a distraction like when she did it in at the matsuri in Utage or an explosion or something.

    Other than that I can't help but feel this update was directed at me, as ridiculously entitled that sounds. I LOVE Kasuga's other super move and both of Kenshin's sound amazing. I don't really care at this point exactly what the story is, but seeing them like that in-game after SO LONG is just.... It's so reassuring for me. ;_; "Rose-hued Sengoku drama" is certainly well received.

    I love Kasuga with glasses, but in thinking of Shingen and Kenshin too, it does make me hope that the "accessory" costumes aren't the only costumes that the 5 returning characters get. They don't need a tenka medal costume, but an alt like the others have would be nice.

    On that note, the SF costumes- Kasuga looks great in-game in Chun-Li, which is wonderful, as do all the others. I wonder why the collab costume renders past TMR Ieyasu have looked so awkward...

    Also, "Poem Amago".... ah, looks like the Xavists got him! Wonder if anything happens if you get him while playing as Shikanosuke...~

    1. The money thing made my eyebrows raise too but if she could pull off the sexy poledancing in Utage without losing her classiness I'm sure she'll be ok. From a gameplay perspective I hope it will blast the sleazy soldiers afterwards too!

      Kasuga's Chun-Li render even appeared separately on another page introducing the issue's crossovers, so it seems to be the one they're pushing most heavily. I agree about the renders being on the weak side after the first two batches of crossovers. The Sengoku Basara 4 renders haven't been that great in general; some are really good but the majority can't live up to the ones from the previous game for me. It's saving me a lot of cash on Kojuurou merchandise, at least ^^;

      Anyway, I'm glad they finally rewarded your patience! KobaP obviously got the message that people wanted them back this time, and I think the fact that they've bothered updating them properly and making them the focus of a dedicated news release means that they'll get decent second costumes and weapon skins too. And once they've gone to the trouble of doing all of that for PS4, there's no reason to cut them again in future!

      It will be fun if Ujimasa and some other familiar faces can pop up like 'Poem' in some minor role. Just so they aren't completely left out of the party. I guess there's always the in-game radio show but it's not the same as seeing everyone there.

    2. Yeah, I definitely think I just had some quick judgement on the move given how little was described about it. A lot of supers have more to it than they seem, so focusing on one aspect I guess could be expected.

      It's good to hear they realized how much these characters have been "missed", so to speak. ;w; I'm sure there are many Japanese fans just as excited as I am, and I'm happy for them, as I know there are a few foreign fans as well who are excited too. I really hope they don't cut them in the next one, that'd be an awful tease! I hope they do stick to this system otherwise, as it's pretty good.

      Yeah, I'd like to see some of the other character show up too! Perhaps pre-emptively for SB5 they could make models for some of the absent characters and have them show up as part of some story cutscenes. It's certainly wishful thinking, but Nobunaga being heroic for once and going to rescue Nouhime and Ranmaru from Mitsuhide's prison, Xavi showing up at the end of the completion of a Xaviland, Kotarou finding Hojo alive and well and not burned to a crisp as Hisahide claimed to do, etc., etc.

    3. Even if it's just a dream, I hope your idea about the others popping up can come true ;_;

      I feel Xavi has almost no chance at all now. In the most recent Gakuen Basara (which I still have to review - need more hours in the day!) he was mentioned in one story when Maria asks who is he, since they still haven't met. Sourin kept bragging about him anyway and it's only Gakuen Basara rather than anything canon, but it got me thinking; Xavi has pretty much completely disappeared at this point and if anything his absence gives Sourin more of a spotlight, whereas at least Nouhime, Ranmaru and the others are still getting mentioned on a regular basis and showing up from time to time. It's a pity because I liked Xavi's playstyle :s

    4. I'm glad to see a not super happy reaction to soldiers throwing money on poledancing Kasuga because it disturbs me to have a blatant sex industry reference. Not very fun IRL.

      Pretty sure Xavi is gone as a playable character. I wonder what would happen if he came back now that Sorin has taken over Xaviism. He could possibly get a cameo sometime, Hojo too.
      I would rather have a story from Nouhime & Ranmaru's POV (instead of Nobunaga's) now that they have been gone for a while but it ain't gonna happen in Sumeragi.

      It was interesting to read the latest post - always interesting to see what the creators say about the characters.
      Lol at "Shingen liked flushing toilets" OK, Shingen

    5. While that is a legit concern, and I agree, I'm less bothered by the sex industry reference and more the fact that it just doesn't... suit her to poledance for cash. :I In spite of her sexual appeal she's really not the kind to do that kinda work, too naive and concerned with Kenshin. I really hope that's not the extent of the move or I think I'll never end up using it.

      Yeah, Xavi I think is just gone now. Maybe it's from my lack of experience playing Xavi, but I think Sorin does a good job of being "Xavi Jr." anyway, in terms of moveset. Quicker but with a similar style, I think? Especially when the head goes into walker mode. It's sad though, for the people who really liked Xavi.

    6. From the later comments by YamamotoD it almost sounds as though she's just dancing on her own because she's carried away by her affection for Kenshin, and while she's in her dreamy state the enemy soldiers sort of blunder in and do their own thing. Hmm, I think we'll have to see it in motion to see how it plays out.

    7. So, essentially... she daydreams about Kenshin then starts dancing on a pole to express her love for Kenshin, and then the soldiers barge in and perv on her? That's a silly explanation but hey I'll take it. Especially if the end of the move really is a flowery explosion- if it's accompanied by "Kenshin-sama" all the better. xD

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, on top of the actual content I get the feeling that the cover artwork will be amazing too (or at least, the trading cards). Nishikawa dressing up as Sakai? The return of his King of UTAGE character? He never fails to entertain so I'm looking forward to his plans to commemorate the series' 10th anniversary :D

  3. Just imagine Mitsunari with the "Fatalis-set"(without Helmet of course) as a MH-costume.
    And the "Hellish Slasher" as his MH-weapon.
    google them if you don't know them. This has to happen!!!

    1. That weapon looks cool (and vicious!) :D

      The armour reminds me a little of Mitsunari's Sengoku Basara 4 P2 costume. I think it would suit Matabee too!

  4. I wonder if Kenshin's more balanced this time around. I didn't actually play as Kasuga much in Utage, so I'm sure she'll be nice to try, but a full-blown Kenshin might be too good.

    The hype's real right now for me. I ended up settling for the Hobby Box for all of the costumes at once (and still no digital release announcement, oh well), and we're only a month or so away from release. I really should finish up my SB4 save for importing soon. Speaking of Utage, though, has there been any confirmation of modes included in Sumeragi? I've looked but never found any confirmation, so I hope they have the same Utage modes with some added content. I'd be perfectly fine with that.

    1. Nothing at all about modes, though I'm guessing we'll hear more about that after Matsu/Toshiie/Shingen have their introductions and the final crossover costumes are revealed. Actually, if they're announcing them in pairs Shingen's article is going to be quite lonely so perhaps we'll get some extra details then. The same modes as Utage plus a few extra goodies would be perfect for me!


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