Saturday 4 May 2013

Today's acquisitions (4th May 2013)

Wow, my tiny little blog got a lot of hits overnight, from all over the world.

Today I went shopping in central London to pick up a couple of things I'd been waiting for. It turned out to be Free Comic Book Day, so when I went into Forbidden Planet I was given a goodie bag full of American comics. Most of them weren't the kind of thing I'd usually read (I'll be giving them to younger family members) but it made the day more interesting. All of the comic shops on my route were full of customers thanks to the event.

Anyway, I bought some manga while I was in the capital. Back at home, the Blu-ray edition of Evangelion 3.33 arrived in the post, along with my set of Sengoku Basara IC card stickers. I can't believe that I had to pay a £9.16 customs charge for the stickers - the actual charge was just £1.16, but the local postal service's fixed processing fee is cruel. At least the relatively expensive Blu-ray set made it through without any charge at all.

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