Thursday 4 April 2013

News round-up: Sengoku Basara jerseys and Basara Matsuri goods now available to order

In a surprise move, Capcom has made some of the goods which sold out completely at last weekend's Basara Matsuri 2013 ~Haru No Jin~ event available for purchase for a limited time through its e-Capcom website. You can buy the t-shirt, badges, 'big' uchiwa fans and festival happi. Since they sold out within minutes of going on sale at the event, I'm a little tempted by the happi even though they're really expensive...

They've also added two special jerseys for Date Masamune and Tokugawa Ieyasu fans to snap up, following on from last year's Yukimura/Mitsunari versions. As well as being designed to include as many of the characters' signature symbols as possible, the Ieyasu version comes with a hood (of course) while Masamune's has a lightning bolt charm on the zipper. Each comes with built-in 'gauntlet-like' gloves in the sleeves and costs ¥9,975. Preorders are being accepted until the end of May 2013, and the jerseys are due to be delivered in October. Buyers will also receive a bonus postcard of Mitsunari when preordering.

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