Friday 17 January 2014

News roundup: Even more videos and launch event details

Once again there's a lot of news to summarise from the last couple of days. I think Capcom is trying to exhaust me even before the game has been released...

As well as the karaoke contest (you can win signed SCANDAL or T.M.Revolution posters by scoring well on certain songs) and a skill-based contest in conjunction with Strider Hiryuu, there's a slew of new videos and event information to keep track of. The new commemorative magazine/book went on sale today as well, and I'll be posting a summary for it as soon as I can.

Starting lineup confirmed for Sengoku Basara 4's Sengoku Creation mode

A Gpara article has been posted which states that there will be nine playable characters available when you first start Sengoku Creation mode: Masamune, Mitsunari, Sakon, Katsuie, Yukimura, Ieyasu, Keiji, Hideyoshi and Naotora.

My Capcom's Tokusei Kawaraban shows Masamune on Shikanosuke's stage

You need a My Capcom account to see the report (it's free and I've posted instructions for setting one up in the past if needed). Shikanosuke looks very cute, and I want to see more about his position in the Amago forces.

This Sunday's Basara Matsuri event will include demos of Sengoku Basara 4

Attendees at this weekend's Sengoku Basara 4: Basara Matsuri 2014 ~Shinshun No Utage~ event will have limited access to a demo of the game at the venue. The event itself has been sold out since the tickets first went on sale, but it sounds as though some of the machines will be in a communal area for fans without tickets too. The demand for the demo is likely to be intense...

Capcom shop opens in Shinjuku for a limited time

The Marui Annexe building in Shinjuku, Tokyo will be hosting a special Capcom shop until 28th February 2014. Customers who spend more than ¥1,000 will be presented with a Capcom coaster as a reward - there are several options for Sengoku Basara fans amongst the coaster designs on offer!

Toyotomi Hideyoshi's gameplay video marks six days until Sengoku Basara 4

The next gameplay video was released earlier today and it shows Hideyoshi on Pirate Fortress: Hyakki Fugaku.

Yesterday's video showed off Hanbee on the Kaga: Maeda Kabuki Matsuri stage.

And the Basara-bu Otomegumi have posted another video too. Whew!

Reminder: There will be a number of live broadcasts next week

Monday 20th January (20:00): Hagi-Toko with Kadowaki Akihito (alternative link)
Wednesday 22nd January (20:00): Famitsu Live broadcast with KobaP
Thursday 23rd January (21:00): Hagi-Toko (not sure whether this will cover the game)
Thursday 23rd January (22:00): Capcom Sengoku Basara 4 special episode 4

All times are Japanese, so please adjust for your time zone.

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