Thursday 9 June 2016

News roundup: Two brief new videos and a few other updates

Not much today, but there's a pair of new videos which highlight the two bonus items that will be included with first press editions of Sengoku Basara: Sanada Yukimura-den.

First is the exclusive 'White Cross' costume for Yukimura:

And second is the 32-page Genpuku: Sanada Yukimura ('Coming Of Age: Sanada Yukimura') short story:

Cover artwork for the second reprinted Sengoku Basara 3 novel

Sengoku Basara 3: Date Masamune & Katakura Kojuurou No Shou is due for release on 15th June 2016 for ¥1,100 before tax, and we now have the cover artwork to enjoy.

It's almost time for the Sweets Paradise tie-in to draw to an end

The third and final phase of the Sengoku Basara: Sanada Yukimura-den x Sweets Paradise Sanada Cafe collaboration has now begun and it will run until 26th June 2016.

Coasters (third set):

Stickers (third set):

Fans looking for an excuse to return to the cafe will also be pleased to see there's a new menu item: Benmaru/Bontenmaru: Childhood Promise, a blend of red strawberry syrup and blue 'cider' (please note that Japanese cider isn't alcoholic and is in fact a completely different drink to what westerners might expect).


  1. "While branded as a "cider", the East Asian use of "cider" refers to a very different drink from that typically referred to in English: the basic flavor can be described as a cross between Sprite and Ginger Ale"

    ... that sounds utterly delicious. I love Sprite and Ginger Ale is pretty good too. Learn something new every day!

  2. Overanalysis of some damn stickers: 3 of those character haven't been announced to appear in Yukimura-den. The others have. Does it mean something hmmmmmmm
    Sakon is popular but Naotora and Shikanosuke are more surprising choices.

    1. Well, Maria was in the first batch of stickers iirc. And both Naotora and Shikanosuke ought to be dead for most of the game. Of course as Hanbei has proven that may mean nothing. Then again, Naotora aiding Ieyasu at Tenmokuzan and Ueda would be the best places FOR her and she's not there. Sakon however is a safe bet, I'd say.

    2. Yeah I don't think we need to consider "this person would be dead" and such any longer as the game creators obviously don't.
      I just think the characters in general were notable - Hideyoshi, Nobunaga and Mitsuhide can't be that popular to have on merchandise (AFAIK) but here they are and they're all in Yukimura-den. And Shikanosuke and Naotora aren't that popular either (again AFAIK)so it's just a bit odd. And it would be odd if they left out Sakon after adding so many Toyotomi dudes.

      ....this reminds me of those epic character towels they once sold. Should have bought that Demon King Towel while I had the chance, lol

  3. Not much to do with the post but i'd really like to see a different policy from Capcom for this games, now at the eve of E3 with DMC5 knocking on the door. I bought DMC4 years ago and no retail version here, we're missing SB4/SB4 Sumeragi and now Yukimura-Den, same for GGXrd. Here in Europe no retail versions and in general starting from SB4 no digital release. I know import is a solution and it could just be fine with menus and items but it would ruin all the quotes and dialogues. Sorry for the rant, good work i keep following you.


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