Tuesday 15 December 2015

News: A new game is coming! Sengoku Basara Sanada Yukimura Den has been announced

Hey, KobaP's hint was worthwhile after all. I was getting a little disappointed as the day went on with the only new announcement being the second story in this post, but then Weekly Famitsu published its preview and...

Sengoku Basara Sanada Yukimura Den has been announced for this summer

It's been a long time since we first heard the title back in July(!) but Thursday's Weekly Famitsu is going to formally reveal the latest game in the Sengoku Basara series. According to the official preview on the Famitsu website, Sengoku Basara: Sanada Yukimura Den (Sengoku Basara: Sanada Yukimura Legend) is going to be released in Japan in summer 2016 on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

The preview article describes it as being part of the Sengoku Basara Retsuden Series (a retsuden means a historical record of someone's achievements but they're spelling it slightly differently on purpose, so let's go with 'Sengoku Basara: Blazing Saga' or something for now). It says to expect a new 'Sengoku Drama' depicting Yukimura's life. Interesting.

The full details will be published in the magazine along with a staff interview so I'll grab a copy tomorrow night and take a look. It would seem to be a safe bet to assume that this is what KobaP will be talking about at the weekend's Jump Festa stage presentations.

Edit: BlackKite has already done some digging and it seems that we're going to be seeing Sanada Masayuki and Sanada Nobuyuki, and Date Masamune will be playable at some points in the game. Yukimura and Masamune will get things 'like new outfits and new attacks'. The leaks also cryptically mention that stages such as Osaka Castle will have new gimmicks they'll be different to before, which could imply that that they're using the same game engine.

I'm torn between being sad that I was working late today so I missed all of the initial excitement, and happy because it means my social media feeds are full of pages upon pages of delighted Yukimura illustrations already. I can't wait to read up on everything I missed!

Hey, I guess all of YamamotoD's relentless hinting about wanting to do something like Bontenmaru-hen for Yukimura someday was referring to this.

Capcom teams up with Panasonic for official Sengoku Basara headphones

The other big news today, which in retrospect is rather less exciting than a brand new game, is that leading electronics manufacturer Panasonic will be teaming up with Capcom to release Sengoku Basara headphones with both Date Masamune and Ishida Mitsunari designs.

BASARA CLUB fan club members with very quick decision-making skills can place their preorders between now and Sunday to qualify for the exclusive 'premium package' edition of the headphones, which is priced at ¥9,698. This edition comes with special packaging and a wooden tag proving that the owner is a foot soldier in the Date or Ishida forces.

Fans who just want the standard headphones without the premium package (¥8,618) will be able to preorder at a later date. Delivery is scheduled for March 2016.


  1. Awesome! The headphones are cool (although it's a shame there is not Sanada Yukimura design).

    A more historically accurated game about Sanada Yukimura! I can't believe it! I mean, Sanada Yukimura is my favorite Sengoku samurai, historically speaking. I even went to Yukimura's tomb in Osaka, and I got a Rokumonsen o-mamori. God, I even had two non-Sengoku-BASARA mangas about Yukimura. So, although I do not have Play Station (an probably I won't have one in... two or three years, I suppose T_T), I still be waiting for that game n_n It's an opportunity to see Sengoku BASARA's Sanada Yukimura in a new different way! ¡QuĂ© tan genial! *O*

    1. If the new game does well perhaps we'll see Yukimura and Ieyasu (or Sakon - poor Ieyasu) designs in a future batch!

      I'm glad you're so happy about the new game! Even if you don't get to play it for a little while, it should mean a lot of new Yukimura merchandise and tie-ins for the next year :)


    So stoked for this. Sanada's my fave character, and I felt like he was getting shafted gradually over time in the game stories, so to see such a dedicated project like this really thrills me.

    (although I'm more surprised they didn't make a spin-off game about Masamune, but I guess him being included fills that quota. Would love to see how they rationalize his inclusion, lol)

    I'm kind of going off tangent now since I hope we get some stuff on Sasuke too in this game. Takeda too. Then characters close to Masamune's side would be nice I guess...

    I am wondering what to expect in terms of game length. I could spend hundreds of hours in a SenBasa game because of the stages and various characters. But if papa and onii-chan Sanada aren't playable, I even wonder if they're gonna make an expansion of this game (or be lazy and include them in the hypothetical SB5 game release?)

    Wonder if they'll change anything for the gameplay. Keeping it musou would be the obvious thing, but a more free style action game could be interesting.

    Gahhhhh....I really need more info. Wonder what the new costumes will look like. Didn't like the alt. costume in SB3, but the SB4 one were alright.

    1. Yes! I'm glad I was only expecting a mobile game; when I saw it was coming for consoles instead I jumped for joy. This should be a big boost for Yukimura and his ever-patient fans. I hope today's reveals with the costumes haven't divided people too much (lol).

      I'm not sure how they're going to work Shingen in properly. It will be weird if his relationship with Yukimura changes, but it's presumably going to have to if they're making the game more historically accurate. Then again, they could have Masayuki borrow Yukimura's relationship with Shingen and young Yukimura could act the same way to follow in his father's footsteps; it might work.

      As big of a Kojuurou fan as I am, I'd be ok with him barely appearing or just being Masamune's retainer in the background until Osaka, where there's a big chance they'll decide to reference his ties with Yukimura to take advantage of the Date army fans (and give them an excuse to sign more merchandise deals in the Shiroishi area in Japan). There are so many characters who became entangled with the real Yukimura at some point that even focusing on him it's likely we'll see quite a large number of the regular characters in supporting roles...

    2. Just saw the costumes. I like both Masamune and Yukimura's costumes fine. Yukimura's has a more daimyo feel to it which I think is appropriate given his stature (reminds me of some fanart, heh~)

      TBH Shingen and Yukimura's relationship in SenBasa canon still confuses me, I always got that super manly father-son feel from them *anyways*, but I never understood how and why it came that way. I feel like this might have been explained in a drama CD or something though >3>

      I'm now even more convinced Masamune's in the game as a token aspect for the sake of fans then a super integral part, so Kojuurou just being in the background wouldn't surprise me, lol.

      But yes, cameos a plenty would be great. Though I should probably read up on the real man to get an idea of who to expect.

    3. The Shingen/Yukimura thing was briefly covered in a drama CD and the Takarazuka musical but many of the details were left vague, so it's still a little strange. YamamotoD once mentioned that they fused elements from Yukimura's real-life father into his character so the relation with Shingen was partly 'inherited' that way (similar to the way that the Sengoku Basara Kojuurou represents more than one 'Katakura Kojuurou' from real life). Hopefully things will be a little clearer with this game, though if Yukimura's family members are present then fans will have to pick which version of the canon story they prefer ^^;

  3. This sounds amazing

    Makes me wonder; if this is gonna be an ongoing series, what would people like Ieyasu - whose greatest achievement was becoming the Shogun after Sekigahara - bring to the table? It would almost be like SB3 with a set story, wouldn't it?

    1. I could see Ieyasu getting a game of his own someday since he's universally famous and it would be cute to see his old character design showing up again - but then again it might be best to leave Sengoku Basara 3 as his story for now and just feature him in other characters' spin-offs at the appropriate times. I'd prefer they picked one of the characters who were more relevant earlier in the period next if possible, to give us a balanced variety in the stories.

      On a similar note I was wondering about Mitsunari. He's insanely popular but it's likely (in my opinion) that this game will already cover some of his big moments in the course of its story. I wonder whether they'll try to incorporate his relationship with Yukimura from Judge End or do something different this time?


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