Tuesday 22 April 2014

News roundup: A wave of Mame Sengoku Basara merchandise

The popular Mame Sengoku Basara trading figures are back

The CafeReo website revealed today that the well-received Mame Sengoku Basara Trading Figures from January 2014 are making a comeback in July, this time with new versions of Masamune and Mitsunari clad in their alternate Sengoku Basara 3 costumes!

The new set of nine figures will cost ¥5,850 (or ¥650 per blind-boxed individual figure) and it will appear on hobby websites very soon. The new set is officially titled Sengoku Basara Trading Figures: Mame Sengoku Basara PLUS.

...this is a cruel way to make us want to buy the entire set a second time just for two alternate figures, isn't it? I wish they'd made alternate versions for the other characters in the set as well.

CafeReo have also announced a pair of purse/handkerchief sets for Masamune and Mitsunari in July 2014, priced at ¥1,500 each.

An additional bonus item will be included in the Sengoku Basara Complete Box

There's been an update about the Sengoku Basara Complete Box anime Blu-ray collection: a pocket-sized version of the standard movie pamphlet for Sengoku Basara -The Last Party- will be included in the pack as an extra bonus for buyers.

Listings appear for the first volume of the Sengoku Basara 4 manga

Fans without access to Dengeki Maoh magazine can finally look forward to reading Yoshihara Motoki's Sengoku Basara 4 official manga adaptation in a few months. The first volume has been scheduled for 27th June 2014 under ASCII Media Works' Dengeki Comic NEXT label.

Mame Sengoku Basara goodies - and more Sengoku Basara 4 plushies are planned?

The cruel people at Gift are going to be selling three amazing Mame Sengoku Basara tote bags at May's Super Comic City doujinshi sokubaikai event for ¥1,500 apiece.

That's not all that they have planned - bigger pictures of the new range of ¥200 Mame Sengoku Basara tin badges which are being sold in six selected Animate stores from 10th May 2014 are available too.

In addition, there were also a pair of cushions on display at the special Gift Plushie Festival (Gift Nuigurumi Festival 3rd) event running at the moment, and Nanahashi's recent tumblr post drew attention to artwork for six future plushies: Yukimura, Sasuke, Mitsunari, Sakon, Motonari and Motochika. The source is tenky77's Weibo account and comes via the same event. Poor Katsuie...


  1. I know you're a fan of the Date clan, so I'm happy for ya Raindrops but... Let me have a bit of disappointment!! Yet again more Sanada/Sekigahara pals/Date/Setouchi stuff, gah. I'm honestly shocked Gyoubu got something. It seems like I missed out on the right time to be a fan of the Uesugis, Maeda couple, or Oichi. Seems like they aren't even trying to market Naotora or Sorin either. :( Ah well.

    Sorry to be a negative nancy and if you want to delete the comment to keep your blog positive, by all means do so!

    1. Of course I won't delete the comment! I'm a little confused that Keiji isn't getting much love in this wave of Mame Sengoku Basara stuff since he's one of the main characters in it, but what we really need is for more of the 'missing' characters to start joining the figure collections instead of rereleases! Where's the fifth set of One Coin Grande figures with all of the Sengoku Basara 3 newcomers? :(

      In a way it's annoying being a Date fan as I end up with a million (duplicated) Masamune figures and have hardly anyone for him to battle with ^^;;

    2. While Keiji's a main character in Mame Basara, he just doesn't have a sort of pair or rival to match him with yet since he was made to be 'the third guy' of the poster boy batch. The Setouchi pair and the second-in-commands tend to get more stuff than him because they pretty much come in iconic pairs.

      Although I hope with Mame Basara 4 he finally gets Yoshiteru to hook him with. After all, Shogun-sama is really popular in Japan and him + Keiji have been getting paired artwork shafted out like woodwork these days.

    3. That's true, Yoshiteru needs a buddy too and they both have similarly 'luxurious' looking designs (I really like their detailed costumes). More official artwork of them both together would be great!


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