Wednesday 7 May 2014

Rumour: Creative staff revealed for upcoming Sengoku Basara: Judge End anime

I haven't been able to personally verify this but I think the latest Sengoku Basara: Judge End rumours coming out of Japan are worth mentioning. According to an anonymous poster on 2ch, the staff list for the upcoming anime is going to be as follows:

Director: Sano Takashi
Series composition: Takahashi Natsuko
Character design: Chiba Michinori
Lead animation director: Tokuda Yumenosuke/Kobayashi Toshimitsu
Art director: Jinba Daisuke
Colour design: Ootsuka Masumi
Animation production: Telecom Animation Film

Telecom had already been officially confirmed as the production studio and the rest of the list is certainly plausible.

Since I've seen a few people voicing concerns about the voice actors, I want to confirm that initial seiyuu cast is on the official website and unchanged from the original announcement:

Nakai Kazuya (Date Masamune)
Hoshi Souichirou (Sanada Yukimura)
Ookawa Tooru (Tokugawa Ieyasu)
Seki Tomokazu (Ishida Mitsunari)

There's still no date confirmed for the anime's debut other than '2014'. The story will be based on the Battle of Sekigahara from Sengoku Basara 3.

The next official media coverage will be on 10th May 2014 when the June issues of Monthly PASH! and Otomedia magazines hit store shelves in Japan. I'm not sure which of the two is the source of the rumoured staff list, but either way we should have conformation this weekend.

Edit 08/05/2014: This has all now been confirmed via an update to the anime's official website. In addition to the new key visual, character designs and confirmations, the site reveals that Sengoku Basara: Judge End's sound direction will be handled by Iwanami Yoshikazu. The newly-released character profiles show that this is going to be a much more faithful retelling of the Sengoku Basara 3 story than The Last Party was, with references to Masamune's defeat at Odawara, Shingen's illness and Mitsunari's seething hatred for Ieyasu.


  1. I saw on Tumblr that some people were displeased by the (uncomfirmed) staff for Judge End, why is that?
    If anything I'm a little worried about animation quality. The animation was really great in the previous series/movie. So I was looking forward to see the SB3 characters who had previously not been in an anime animated.

    Anyway, not much confirmed yet, not even any stills!

    1. The displeasure mainly seems to be coming from the usual grumpy 2ch demographic and centres around Takahashi-san, since she has a history of working on female-orientated titles and a lot of her previous series composition credits have been for series which weren't very well-regarded.

      I'm expecting this to be a much lower budget series than I.G.'s gorgeous adaptation, but I'm pretty excited seeing how closely the character backgrounds follow the game now they've added the details to the official site. It seems almost guaranteed that the missing SB3 characters will finally be making their long-overdue debuts.

      Unfortunately this also means that favourites from the earlier anime adaptation will probably fade further into the background (Shingen seems destined to spend the series lying on his deathbed like in the game). I will accept this if they appear in chibi bonus episodes or something and go on cute adventures instead :(

      I hope we get to see the Xavists appearing properly this time so that they can confuse a whole generation of anime viewers - in a good way.

    2. Oh so they put up a pic now! Forked eyebrows confirmed on Yukimura. Good. ;)

      It's a pity about the animation quality. I love detailed animation, and pretty scenery. (Mushishi has been delivering the latter very well now, btw. Wow!)
      It's going to be interesting to see what they do with the story.
      The Xavists must definitely appear! I imagine that anime Sorin would be pretty epic.

    3. Haha! Those eyebrows might have been the first thing I checked on the character design sheets too...

      (And yes, Mushishi has been an absolute joy each week - I loved Ginko's reactions towards the end of last week's episode :D)

  2. So no Sawano's soundrack then. Oh well, we'll see how it'll turn out.

    1. I believe that there's still a chance for them to bring Sawano on board as a composer, so don't lose hope! It's actually a pretty good chance as Iwanami worked with Sawano before on the first season of the anime :)

  3. It seems I'm one of few people who are actually happy with the redesigns; in particular Mitsunari looks much better, I also prefer Ieyasu and Yukimura is a lot more like his game self (and fluffy!)
    Anyhow, I'm gonna do what I usually do and wait to pass judgement until I see the final product, but gosh now it all seems real and I can barely contain my excitement! Thanks as always for the update~

    1. I rather like Yukimura's slightly longer-looking new hair too, he's become even more handsome somehow. Mitsunari looks scary in the colour artwork.

      It's so good to have the series back in the news on anime websites again!

    2. Yeah I think these character designs look promising, different from the other anime obviously but they look good. (In fact better than when Production IG have this thing going on sometimes with alarmingly sharp chins, lol.) I see no reason anyone would complain about these new designs.

  4. I have no problem with new character design, art director and story composition, so see the staff list calm down me a bit. Also Takahashi Natsuko's Gankutsuou also is one of my all-time favorite, so I will not complain before actually watching this. So, all I'm concerned now is how the (probably?) reduced budget will effected an animation quality?

    Ps.I'm maybe the only one in this world who not appreciated with IG's adaptation that much...aside from the gorgeous animation quality.


    1. Oooh, Gankutsuou! That is not exactly a bad anime (loved it too) so that is indeed promising.

      The plot and portrayal of characters weren't, um the strong point of the previous anime. Since I'm about 12 years old (not) I enjoyed all the action, explosions and jokes and some of the drama though.
      Since Judge End was called a "magnificent drama" (?!) I really wonder and look forward how this one will be written.

    2. My personal impression is that much of the hate is from the side of anime fandom which fears females 'taking over' the fandom by criticising people who work on that kind of show, so I'm definitely taking it with skepticism. Anime staff can only do so much with the quality of the material they're given so I'm hoping they'll put their hearts into this show and make it a big success.

      (Even if it's poorly animated I can close my eyes and have twelve episodes of glorious audio drama from the seiyuu, after all - and perhaps we'll get a cool new T.M.Revolution song as well?)


    3. "fears females 'taking over' the fandom" - well that is stupid and too late, aren't Japanese fangirls already the most devoted fans?
      Are those guys scared that there will be no Kasuga boobs in this or something.
      I hope there will be approx. 2 hours of male nudity and an episode devoted to Yukimura and Masmune making out for great justice (joking!!)

    4. Nah, don't need to joke! Have as many BL makeout scenes as you want, as long as I get plenty of my Kasuga and Ichi, I'm content. :3

      But with how they and my other faves (Kenshin, Naotora, etc.) have been treated lately solely from a marketing standpoint... Well, let's just say I'm concerned there will be loads of actual content AND fanservice for the side of the fandom who loves the poster boys +Setouchi duo, and no content at all beyond ten second cameos for those of us who like less popular characters. I mean I'll be happy for the people who like them, but I'm afraid there will be nothing of interest for me.

      Like, I mean, I like Yukimura and Masamune, but I'm not sure if I like them enough to sit through another series of just them, their subordinates, the Sekigahara duo, the Setouchi duo, and then with none of the characters I actually really, really enjoy- again, my favorites, and then Shingen, Magoichi, Tsuruhime, Sorin, Yoshiaki, Matsu, Katsuie, and so on.

      I know I'm being woefully pessimistic, but, I can't help it. I got my hopes up for Basara projects before only to have them horrifically dashed. The movie with the total lack of Uesugi presence outside of a singular scene, SB4 with the Uesugis not even being playable, all the merch for the most popular characters and absolutely none beyond those little OCG figures for the ones I like... I mean, yes, there's the Takarazuka show which is pretty much Yukimura, original characters, and Kenshin/Kasuga... but I have nowhere near enough money to justify flying to Japan to see it. I would if I could, though...

    5. It sounds as though we're all happy with equal opportunity fan service around here :D

      I do agree that it's not looking good for Kenshin right now, unless Kasuga can be given a bigger role to help appeal to the viewers who loved her in the earlier adaptation (which would at least require that Kenshin's feelings about Shingen's illness get a mention somewhere). There's certainly potential there for Kasuga to have a part to play so I'm hoping she'll get a chance - The Last Party was disappointing for both the amount of Uesugi screentime and the nature of it. Kasuga didn't really get to do anything at all ^^; I'd rather she had been used for something cool instead of being little more than a decoration.

      I would hope that Naotora will have a major role in any future Sengoku Basara 4 adaptation since she's the most significant new female (with my apologies to Maria). It's a pity that her biggest connection (to Shingen) and her entire army aren't likely to be involved in this series.

      Have you seen the Takarazuka musical on DVD? I found it pretty good, and though the DVD is quite pricey it's a lot cheaper than a plane ticket.

    6. Mewshuji - I personally don't desire to see those two make out I'm joking because I wonder if that's what the anti-fangirl people are worrying about. The type of fanservice that would please me is all my fave characters appearing and being badass or funny (it's ok if they wear clothes :D) good art, music and plot.
      It's nice to hear that you also like Naotora she is great and should be in an anime some day pls.

      And Kasuga really needs something interesting to do if she is going to be in this, I fully agree.

    7. Apologies Lumi, I wasn't sure! ^^; Yeah I adore Naotora, shame she's not doing so hot in the polls...

      @Rain: Haven't actually even seen the DVD floating around anywhere, sad to say. :< Not even ebay. I've seen some gifs of it on tumblr but that's about it! -sigh-

    8. Mewshuji: I believe Amazon Japan currently has a small quantity left in stock and they'll ship to the UK, at least, though Takarazuka DVDs in general command a very high asking price. CD Japan seems to think it can get stock too. Otherwise I think it would have to be through a forwarding service like Big In Japan or Tenso which makes it even more expensive :(

      In the meantime I'm really hoping some of your favourites make it into the new anime!

    9. Don't worry about it Mewshuji! I have nothing against BL but I'd rather see most of the screentime devoted to something else than Masa/Yuki's obsession with each other this time.

  5. Daaayuuuum! This is a great news indeed! I am so looking forward to this movie. I cannot wait to see all of the redesign art of Sengoku Basara 3 characters! In episode 11, I pretty sure that's when the Demon King, Nobunaga Oda revives and fighting with Masamune, Yukimura, Ieyasu, Mitsunari, Keiji, Motochika, Motonari, Kanbei, Muneshige, Magoichi, Tsuruhime, Shimazu, Kojuro, Sasuke as well as Yoshitsugu! I'm mot sure about Tenkai. Perhaps he could have a decent battle with Oichi at the same time! Hehe :D

    1. As much as I like Tenkai, Oichi and Nobunaga I kinda don't want them to do the same plot again as in the movie. The final battle could be Mitsunari vs Ieyasu instead, getting the drama between them that wasn't in the the Last Party. Also it would be nice if Oichi and Tenkai was in this and managed to stay alive this time but that's wishing for the impossible I guess.

      (sorry for all my comments getting hyped here)

    2. A3Nur QarltH: Hahaha, I love how you're so excited you already planned out a storyline :D

      Everyone commenting so happily is getting me even more fired up..

      Lumi S: To play devil's advocate, the movie wasn't so much a plot as a glorious parade of insanity - but yes, I definitely agree. After a strong start both of the protagonists sort of faded into the background in The Last Party and became observers. I want to see a proper version of the Battle of Sekigahara with everyone forced to make hard choices about loyalty!

  6. *is really late, but*

    I actually really like the "new" designs - they're very nice updates, I especially love Yukimura's hair and Ieyasu's smile (oh... am I awakening to something?) I also hope that Yukimura will at one point make that cocky smile, I really missed that part of him in the first two series. (And thank god he hasn't lost his forked eyebrows. ^^;; I miss seeing his hipbones, though.) Mitsunari, though... he looks like he's wearing a mini skirt. ^^;; I haven't had the chance to look at new fanworks, but if there's no Magical Girl Mitsunari fanart I'll be very disappointed.

    Has there been any news on the music? :/ I'm still holding out hope for Sawano...

    1. There's been nothing at all on the music yet that I've seen. I'm hoping for Sawano (and the obligatory Nishikawa Takanori opening theme too). The fact that Iwanami worked with Sawano before is probably a good sign so long as he isn't too busy with his ever-increasing fame recently. All of the soundtracks for Production I.G.'s adaptation were beautiful...

      The new art style looks as though it will be a good fit for the other characters, so I hope they show us some more designs soon!


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