Friday 30 October 2015

News roundup: A brand new Sengoku Basara tribute CD and more Basara Matsuri guests

They're not quite character songs - but Sengoku Basara is to inspire a full vocal album

This is pretty interesting and unexpected!

A press release went out today to reveal that the Sengoku Basara 10th Anniversary Warrior Themes Vocal Collection CD will be released on 20th January 2016 via the Avex Music Creative label. The price and product specifications have yet to be determined, but we do have a list of tracks that are planned for inclusion, composed from character themes that have been remixed and turned into vocal songs:

Date Masamune's Theme Song
Sanada Yukimura's Theme Song
Tokugawa Ieyasu's Theme Song
Ishida Mitsunari's Theme Song
Kasuga's Theme Song
Maeda Keiji's Theme Song
Oda Nobunaga's Theme Song
Tsuruhime's Theme Song
Takenaka Hanbee's Theme Song
Sen No Rikyuu's Theme Song
Kyougoku Maria's Theme Song
Ashikaga Yoshiteru's Theme Song

The artists who will be contributing to the album are as follows - it's really more of a tribute album than a traditional character vocal album:

m.c AT
Miyazaki Ayumi
YOFFY (from Psychic Lover)
Shin Min-Chul
Akita Chisato from KAMEN RIDER GIRLS
Ikio Ayaka

According to the announcement, the artists were carefully selected to match the motifs of each song.

As well as the twelve tracks listed above, SOLIDEMO's Sengoku Basara series anniversary song Toki Wo Koete ('Beyond Time') will be included for a total of thirteen songs. The CD will come with a DVD which is set to feature a tenth anniversary Sengoku Basara video clip (probably the one shown during the Nico Nico broadcast over the summer) and eleven additional clips made with footage from the games.

More musically-themed Basara Matsuri guests are announced

I knew it! This morning the following seiyuu guests were added to the list of those attending the Sengoku Basara 10th Anniversary Matsuri ~Feast of Ten Years, Ten Shades~ event in March 2016:

Morikawa Toshiyuki (Katakura Kojuurou)
Okamoto Nobuhiko (Shibata Katsuie)

The two actors will only be appearing for the Saturday performance. In addition, these recording artists will also be participating:

m.c AT
Miyazaki Ayumi
YOFFY (from Psychic Lover)
Akita Chisato from KAMEN RIDER GIRLS

Raychell and Akita Chisato will only be present for the Sunday show.

I'm curious about how this will work as part of the event; there are quite a few musical performers now and and it's looking as though this Basara Matsuri will have a unique atmosphere. It sounds fun!

Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi had 'solid' sales in Japan, according to Capcom

Fan OneSanitarium has found a few interesting statements in Capcom's latest English-language investor report. It looks as though Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi has been reasonably successful and even though we still don't have digital sales figures to allow us to speculate much more than that, they specifically mention that they were 'solid'. If their other series are struggling it would be lovely to imagine that they might eventually consider bringing the series west again, perhaps first as a digital-only title to minimise the risk...


  1. ... Kasuga song?
    I'm happy Hanbei and Tsuru were chosen too. It's nice seeing some characters that rarely get limelight still get attention. Interesting Kasuga was listed before Keiji and Nobunaga though... I wonder if I'm overthinking it or if they're going to try making her a "postergirl" for the series, or if it's just that Keiji has really just dropped that much in popularity they're not considering him a part of the "main lineup" as it were? Hope not the latter, he's cool...

    As I said before I will buy any SB game that comes out overseas.So if we do get another title here, I'll snatch it up!

    1. I think the characters were partly chosen depending how catchy their theme was, which is why Tsuruhime was included. Probably no posterguy/girl order going on.

      I love Ieyasu's theme so I wonder what they'll do with it. In a couple of months we'll know if those vocal remixes are super cringey or actually okay. I'm alarmed, lol. Anyway, Nobunaga's theme already has vocals in it, sort of.
      Yo ~

      Raindrops: "it would be lovely to imagine that they might eventually consider "- Your very cautious wishful statement is making me kinda hopeful again, stop it ;)

    2. I suspect Lumi is right; they were probably choosing some of the songs based on their musical qualities to provide a nice variety. Tsuruhime's theme will probably lend itself to a fantastic upbeat pop song with the right singer, and I'm already excited imagining Hanbee's since it's one of my favourites. Keiji's is the only one of those I don't particularly like (sorry Keiji, it's my personal taste ;_; ) but I think it would be a good match for the style of music popular with male idols in Japan right now.

      I hope that the lyrics and 'feel' of the song really does match each character and they don't end up generic. The rearrangements of Yukimura's theme worked very well in the Takarazuka musical so that's a good sign; if they can bring out each character's charms then they could be on to a winner.

      (Ah who am I kidding? I'll buy it even if it's terrible. I still enjoy Evangelion Vox.)

      Even if it technically already was one, it's difficult to imagine how Nobunaga's theme will work as a traditional vocal track, hehe. I'm sort of hoping they do something weird with that one as a surprise.

      One thing that I think is a fairly safe bet is that the three female singers will each be taking one of the three tracks based on a female character. While I'm not all that familiar with the performers, I can imagine seeing Akita singing for Tsuruhime, Raychell for Kasuga and Ikio for Maria. It's hard to know where to begin imagining what the guys' songs will end up sounding like.

    3. ... I feel silly, I think so much about marketing with this series I didn't even begin to consider they probably chose based on sound. Yeah, that makes sense! And I definitely agree that the songs should try to match the characters to an extent, would be kinda confusing if not.

    4. God I wonder what the lyrics will be like. I imagine the Masamune one will have some nice English in it.
      Tsuruhime's remix needs to be upbeat power metal and Nobunaga's needs to be smooth jazz. Nobunaga is definitely the smooth jazz type. Yup.

  2. Nesshou!! Sengoku BASARA lol.
    I can almost bet I know exactly how Nobunaga's theme song will sound ))).

    Anyway, I'm kinda interested with this album. Way to start 2016 ^___^


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