Thursday 21 May 2015

News roundup: Additional details from today's Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi website update

I thought there would only be a couple of new details in the website update, but actually there's enough for another mini news post.

The biggest news is the full move list for Kyougoku Maria. I still don't know why Weekly Famitsu only printed a partial list; here are the missing details.

There's a little more information about Maria's Furukuru♪ ('Swinging Spin♪'), the short ranged move where she makes enemies twirl like spinning tops. It's capable of hitting many enemies at the same time.

Maria can also bind enemies with the cloth, putting them in a 'bound' state. Bound enemies cannot move from their position, and after a while they'll explode and hit nearby soldiers.

There are several moves which take advantage of this. Midarauchi♪ ('Indecent Strike♪') is where three pieces of cloth fly out simultaneously and put anyone they hit into this 'bound' state. It's ideal for attacking enemies at long range since it has more reach than Maria's regular attacks.

Then there's Amai Wana♪ ('Sweet Trap♪'), where four pieces of cloth appear in the ground in front of Maria and the enemies within that area become 'bound', unable to move for a short time and visibly distressed. This move can be used to set 'bound' enemies up in specific locations.

Maria freely plays around on the battlefield, toying with her opponents as much as she likes. Iro Nawatobi♪ ('Sexy Skipping Rope♪') is a move where she dashes forwards using her cloth as a skipping rope, defeating any enemies who get caught up in her path.

Her Oshibeshimobe Kuruma♪ ('Stamen Servant Car♪') sleigh move detailed yesterday also unleashes a powerful attack if it hits a player character.

Main Story: While Maria cavorts around as she pleases, making enemies across the land, she pulls her brother Nagamasa and his wife Oichi into the struggle for Hinomoto. What could her most capricious plan be...?

Drama Route Story: Maria leaves Nagamasa and Oichi to go in search of a worthy marriage partner for herself. The self-indulgent hunt for a bridegroom begins. But in the end, the bridegroom Maria finds is really...?

Other minor observations:
  • Kojuurou's black medal costume will have the word Jin ('Humanity') on the back of his coat.
  • Oichi's leopard print costume is also said to incorporate stockings... The site insists that she's still the same familiar Oichi inside despite the outfit.
  • Maria's two-character Giga Basara title is Sengen ('Source of the Hot Spring'). In this case it's probably a reference to her ties to Sengenji.

The Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi soundtrack is on the way

The other big announcement today was that the Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi Original Soundtracks (sic) will be released on 29th July 2015, priced at ¥3,200 before tax. It will contain one CD with 26 tracks including Sen No Rikyuu's theme. First press copies will include a sticker of Rikyuu.

Incidentally, fans of Ishikawa Chiaki's ending theme Heavenly Blue can pick it up on her next album, Monogatari No Saisho To Saigo Ha Iranai. It's scheduled for release on 16th September 2015 and will include a DVD with videos of two live song performances.

T.M.Revolution's opening theme DOUBLE-DEAL is already available on his album TEN ('HEAVEN') which can be purchased worldwide on CD or through digital media outlets such as iTunes.


  1. As cool as Maria seems, I can't help but feel her cloth binding gimmick is lifted straight off of Kasuga's light wire binding gimick. They may be slightly different like with Ieyasu/Hideyoshi and Mitsunari/Kenshin in initial viewings of SB3 footage, but it's hard to tell without being able to play them both.

    Luckily unlike those other two cases where it takes deeper investigation to determine they're very different, her moveset DOES seem otherwise really unique, so I definitely look forward to playing as her. (And gosh pretty much everyone called Maria wife-ing Naotora; I guess Naotora will be getting a Kai Otome Dojo stage, based on the fact we see Maria fall into her arms there, eh?)

    1. That's a fair point; perhaps they'll play up some other aspect of Kasuga's repertoire for the new moves she's been patiently waiting for all this time? With the three newbies out of the way I imagine they'll start promoting the returning veterans properly soon (releasing the rumoured Shingen and Kenshin video from the in-store demo event would be a good way to start that off).

      I'm a little curious about what Maria's husband was like in the Basaraverse - he's presumably long dead now but that means that both she and Naotora have mysterious guys in their pasts. Hmm! And while I enjoy the sight of Maria pushing poor Naotora's buttons very much, the screenshot of her teasing Muneshige also made me giggle.

    2. "But in the end, the bridegroom Maria finds is really...?"
      That made me think, because of those previously shown scenes, that she would end up with Naotora. That would be awesome and would mean that a female couple beat all the bromance guys as the first official homo couple. Unfortunately, it's probably not what will happen and I'm pretty sure any interacton between those two will just be played for laughs :(

    3. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it will be a silly joke rather than anything serious. There's plenty of room for fans to add poignant interpretations though, I guess; both women might have over-the-top personalities now but it's possible there have been a lot of tears in both of their pasts. It would be nice to think that each of them might really have found someone they could rely on, even after the joking is over.

  2. Hello! A few moments ago I saw this video in the Sumeragi website:

    It looks cool, isn't it? (Sorry if my English is weird, it's not my native language).

    1. What a great treat first thing in the morning! I love Production I.G.'s anime scenes. Thanks :)

      (Your English is excellent, so there's no need to apologise.)

    2. An honor n_n Oh, and so glad that, at least written, it's not bad my English XD XD

    3. If I can understand what you mean then you're doing fine! I'm happy that so many people want to share Sumeragi info all over the world :)

  3. One CD soundtrack makes me an extremely sad panda since it's just about 30 tracks or so that went missing on SB4 OST already and it's obvious that most of those already falling out of Sumeragi OST. I don't have a full list with me at the moment but I can still recall some tracks that MUST be included.

    大友ザビーランド 閉園中

    I want these on CD dammit!

    Same thing happened with SB3-Utage with some of really bad-ass tracks from original game (personally I counted 10 if I remember correct) were absent and still in limbo somewhere. And that was 4 discs release spread over two games (with one being somewhat of addon to vanilla). And now it's happening again T_T

    1. There are so many CDs for the series that it's depressing when some tracks never show up! I am also a little sad that the opening/ending themes don't seem to get singles these days. It saves me a lot of money and the extra tracks aren't usually that great (if there are even any extra tracks at all), but the Utage singles were so impressive ;_;

    2. Someone updated Sumeragi OST tracklist on
      Looks like I got Josui Line and Mogamigawa tracks from SB4 at least. Can't wait till my CD arrives ^__^

    3. Mine is stuck waiting for the strategy guide ;_; at least it's DHL so it should arrive more quickly than my physical games. Can't wait to listen to the CD!

    4. Same here. Only it's DOUBLE DEAL in my case :) Well, an extra week of waiting won't gonna kill me anyway.
      I'll think about the guide later. Still not sure if I want it. Maybe close to Official Complete Works release.
      Can't they just release this stuff in one week (Game, OST, Artbook, Guide), dammit. But no you're not a fan enough if you not spending money on the series every single week and a few days after, lol. So now it's three different (even four in my particular case but that's not the point) shipments instead of one due to release dates.

    5. Yeah, it's so annoying hahaha. In the end they split my shipments and DHL delivered my soundtrack today (?!) which I wasn't expecting at all. I should get everything else on Wednesday so I can finally send KobaP a photo :)


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