Monday 2 February 2015

News: The first promotional video for Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi is now online

You can check it out on YouTube here via the official Capcom channel, or watch below.

There's also a version with the new T.M.Revolution music in the background on the official website if you're patient enough to wait for it to load.

About to board my flight so I'm frantically watching it in the airport with a horrible framerate (lol).
  • Ok, Rikyuu thrusts at Hideyoshi with a fan, not a tea whisk - that makes more sense!
  • Masamune's personal inscription is 'Six Claws'.
  • Masamune seems to have a fifth, sixth and seventh costume listed in the medal reward screen. The fifth one looks like his normal outfit but with lighter armour i.e. no helmet.
  • Yep, Shingen is definitely playable.
  • Kasuga and Toshiie are taggable, so playable too. The tag seems to be greyed out when the player is transformed.
  • I didn't see Hideyoshi balancing Ieyasu and Mitsunari on his hands before. Hahaha.
  • Kenshin and Matsu are visible near the end, which makes me think they're likely to be playable or at least involved in the story more prominently this time. That and it's pretty obvious they will be if Kasuga and Toshiie are in the roster.
  • Oh, and they are the characters shown transformed into the enemy bomber and Akatsukimaru. So the other playables are all pretty much confirmed: Toshiie, Matsu, Kenshin, Kasuga and Shingen. Yay! Now we have to pretend to be surprised when they're announced in a magazine later.
Evening edit: A few more observations now I can see the video at its intended resolution...
  • As many people have noticed, Masamune and Katsuie are shown with brand new weapon designs.
  • The observant folks at Koei Warriors have noticed that Shingen has at least two special moves (R2 moves) this time and Matsu has all three. It looks as though the five upgraded NPCs are finally being given the treatment they deserve; I hope they all have a full set of moves available in the final game.
  • The Akatsukimaru transformation lasts for 45 seconds, which is more than I thought it would.
  • Masamune's unlockable Tenka Medal costume names are Light Armour Ver. (fifth), Fake Glasses Ver. (sixth) and Pitch Black Dragon King Ver. (seventh).
  • In Japanese, fake glasses are called 'Date-megane' so the sixth one might be a silly costume...


  1. l watching the trailer then l saw akechi mitsuhide , when all characters bow down to yoshiteru , MAYBE!! akechi mistuhide is playable too..!!

  2. Here again XD I made this what character am i missing to replace Mitsuhide ? As usual we won't see the least of this in the west...

    1. Looks like Tenkai's missing. But he is Mitsuhide so, yeah.

      And by virtue of it not being an "expansion" and being on PS4 we may have a small chance to see it Westward but I wouldn't count on it, at all.

    2. I suppose Mitsuhide has more story potential than Tenkai right now, and he can still slip into his other identity at any time he chooses. If they start doing character reveals in the magazines I'm guessing we'll get a large batch at a time since KobaP loosely confirmed about a dozen of them already at Sunday's event and there's not much point in dragging out the suspense about the five who were shown in the trailer. I'm so glad that those five are finally being brought up to the same standard as the rest of the roster so they won't have to face being cut so readily in future games. Poor Ujimasa, though.

      If the lack of titles on PS4 leads to a surprise localisation for this game, it would be wonderful. An expansion is one of the few things they haven't tried! Though I'd hope they started small for any future localisations and only added a dub or other features if sales could support it, to let the series grow a fanbase gradually without killing its own chances due to the budget (again)...

      Another thing I was wondering was about Masamune's medal costumes. His are numbered five to seven, whereas Yoshiteru just has a third costume. Assuming that they aren't going to give us two extra new costumes for Masamune on top of the medal rewards, I wonder whether the old DLC (Dante/hakama) from the base game will be included in the expansion for free or upgraded to work with the new game (on PS4 too?) after purchase? Or perhaps all of the base game's DLC is gone and the third/fourth costumes are things like the ToZ DLC.

      I'm curious about how they'll handle DLC since there's so little precedent with this series!

  3. kenshin got 2 super skills
    kasuga got 3
    toshiee got 2
    matsu got 3
    shingen got 2

    that means character with 2 super skills will be NPC in future game and character with 3 super skills will be FULL PLAYABLE in the future gme thats THE FACT!!

    1. Indeed for now we know that Kenshin and Shingen does not have 3 super but maybe because they still need to be unlocked.

    2. Yeah, I hope we get more information about the five returning characters in an update soon now that they've teased them all in that video so that we can be sure they're all being giving full upgrades to the Sengoku Basara 3 (and 4) system. I personally think they'll all have a full set of supers - if they're going to the trouble of giving them extra costumes and move adjustments in the new system, it would be weird to hold back on the last few special moves, right?

    3. Yes, also they would be ready for the glorious SB 5 leaving room for more story and new characters. Also i'm still hoping to see in the future a double pack for the western release with SB4 and SB4 Sumeragi: i know chances are not so high but just look at J Stars Victory Vs. It seemed until the very last to be a Japan-only exclusive but now we will have it this summer along with double track audio, a ps4 HD porting and new features. Also a little bit off topic but i do really hope in the next Marvel vs Capcom crossover to see some characters from Sengoku Basara. Also i managed to get a brand new Revoltech (not the revol-mini) Mitsunari at a good price XD

    4. If they can use Sumeragi as an excuse to test the series on PS4 in the west when there's so little competition to distract gamers it would be great. A PS3 double pack is virtually guaranteed so it seems likely there will be a PS4 double pack of some kind eventually in Japan. Having said that, if they tried the expansion on its own as a test it might work out better at first since there tends to be much less dialogue and a lot more fighting in the expansions; it could appeal more to people who like pure action games that way. It would be weird releasing them in the wrong order, though.

      Congrats on your Mitsunari (my mini version is still in his box waiting angrily for me to figure out how to display him :D).

    5. Do you think there is an actual chance of Sumeragi getting a Western release?
      It looks bleak to me when the two latest games didn't get translated.

    6. Capcom as of late has seemed to be willing to take chances unlike back around Samurai Heroes' release, likely due to how they're hemorrhaging money from every actual game release (most of SB's profit is from the various adaptations and merch, I believe, rather than the games) except for Monster Hunter in Japan and Street Fighter in the West. If it turns out this is less a full on expansion and more a complete edition, at least for the PS4 version, I can definitely see them at least trying a western release again. Would give me reason to buy a PS4 before KH3's release too, hehe. I'd probably have to get the game first and then the system later down the line, but eh!

      ... besides, I would die of joy getting to hear Laura Bailey as Ichi and Stephanie Sheh as Kasuga again... But I wouldn't be surprised or too disappointed if it was sub only. (..Ideally they'd do a thing like in SF where you could choose English or Japanese voices...)

    7. You're waiting for KH3, i'm waiting for FFXV to get a ps4. Also since this summer there will be Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition i hope in return we'll see a Mitsunari skin for Vergil. About the revoltech, the only 2 cons i found are the lack of a free blade (the one you have is merged with the interchangeable hand to hold it) and the scabbard (it is plain purple without any motif that there should be in there). About the pose, mine looks exactly like the opening from SB3, before he jumps down to clash with Ieyasu.


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